The CEO’s Contract With The Thief Chapter 23

AFTER the dinner, Lisa invited her to an all-girls day out which was next week and though Cainan softly told her to turn the offer down, she nodded and smiled.

Cainan made his way towards the park where his car was and he told her to stand at the balcony and wait for him and while she waited for him, Ada took hold of her hands as she came to stand beside her.

“Mrs Abayomi,” she said with a light gasp as her action took her by surprise.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, child.” She apologised.

She bobbed her head in understanding, “It’s fine.”

“I need you to take good care of him, Jasmin, he has been through so much loss and sorrow and most people don’t survive from such loss, but he’s as strong as he is stubborn and I’m glad he’s got someone with a strong will as you in his life.”

“You think I am what he needs?” Her voice was hollow and confused at Ada’s imputations.

She just smiled, “You’re what we all need and I hope Cainan realise what he has with you and choose to hold on to you and you have to do the same.”

She didn’t know how to respond to her word so she just bobbed her head.

They will be holding on to each other for the next couple of months that was a guarantee.

Cainan drove the car came over to her and she bided goodbyes to Ada before walking away.

“What did she say?”

“She wants me to look after you.”

There was humour in his glittering eyes, “Did you tell her I wasn’t invalid?”

“I didn’t, that would have been rude and that was a side of me you said wasn’t needed at this dinner.”

“You’re very good at being corny,”

“And you’re good at being a temptation.” She mumbled and when she saw him smirk darkly, she knew he heard her.

“You should never start a game you can’t finish,” he told her in response.

She wanted to tell him she wasn’t playing games when she touched him, but she decided against her better self, “What would they have said of me if I had ended up reacting because you wouldn’t stop touching me?”

The corner of his eyes crinkled at the thought which he didn’t consider earlier but a smirk appeared on the corner of his lips in response, “They would have realised that we are very much attracted to each other and weren’t just saying it to make them happy.”

“I don’t understand, you mention that you were a very private person yet you were ready to make your girlfriend moan at the dinner table with your family.”

“You’re mad.” He pointed out.

Her cheeks flushed, “Yes! I am!”

“About what exactly,” his eyes flickered to hers before going back to the road, the smirk still curled at the corner of his lips, “that I touched you intimately while at the dining table with the rest of the family or that you were turned on by that act?”

She glared at him because she knew he was enjoying this, even though it was at her expenses. She turned away and stared out of the window, keeping her silence.

“If you didn’t feel comfortable with my touch, why didn’t you just push my hand off your thigh?” When she still kept silent he continued, “I’ll tell you why, because you liked it, you loved having my hand on you. It turned you on because you want me too.”

“I do not.” She lied and that didn’t help matters because they both knew it was a lie.

“That’s a lie and you don’t have to lie about how you feel, it’s natural to be attracted, we’ve been in each other’s company for a few weeks and it is bound to happen at this point, but I can promise no more surprises, is that better?”

She wordlessly nodded, knowing her voice was going to betray her if she tried to speak.

He drove her home and walked her over to her apartment door, “Thanks for tonight, Ms Whyte, you kept to your end even though you overdid it,” he said taking her hand and slowly running his thumb across the back of it.

She rolled her eyes at his compliment entwined with insult, but that didn’t stop the shivers that ran down her spine at his soft touch, “You’re welcome, Mr Inferno, you really suck at giving a compliment.”

He chuckled but didn’t let go of her hand and this caused her to narrow her gaze on their hands, “Did you mean what you said about me being understanding and considerate at the table?”

Her eyes finally lifted to lock in his and she grew weak on the inside at the genuine interest in his eyes, “Yeah, you’re alright, Mr Inferno.” She replied slowly.

His eyes drifted to her lips which were slightly red and swollen as she had chewed on them on their way home and she saw the desire that grew in his eyes and the butterflies she’d felt earlier in her room returned and her chest rose and fell involuntarily.

“Jasmin,” he called with his darkened green eyes, smouldering with emotions she couldn’t discern as they remained on her lips.

Before she could talk herself out of the action, she leaned in and their lips met in a slow but tender kiss. It was meant to be quick and short but Cainan pulled her closer and deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue into her mouth and letting her taste of his sweetness and she melted against him, wanting nothing more and she clung to the hem of his shirt.

He pushed against the already opened door and it widened, granting them both passage into the room. What she planned out as a small brief kiss turned into a breathtaking, mind dominating and sense destroying kiss. His lips were delicious and somehow she didn’t want to stop. How they survived the last three weeks without giving in to this form of intimacy considering the level of attraction they felt towards each other was still a mystery.

She abandoned all sense of reasoning and leaned in more, wrapping her arms around his neck and tiptoed to deepen the kiss when her throat irked and she became incredibly nauseous and she shoved him off and ran as fast as she could into the guest bathroom at the right side of the living room before burying her face in the toilet. She threw up until she was numb.

Her eyes were glassy from the pressure of nausea and she felt shaky and exhausted after throwing up all the dinner she just had. She had the feeling earlier while she had dinner but she shoved it down and didn’t want to make it a big deal and cause drama at the dining table.

She felt a tender hand on her back and she eased into the touch only to realise that the hand touching her belonged to Cainan, meaning he was in the bathroom with her.

“I’m sorry, Ms Whyte.” He cooed and kept rubbing her back and she was caught up with how to respond to him. “Should we see the doctor tomorrow?”

She shook her head in the toilet only to dash it against the hard toilet and it began to ache. She cussed and blindly tried to find the tissue hanging at the side of the toilet and she groaned in frustration when she couldn’t find it.

“Are you looking for this?” Cainan asked and in the next moment, she felt the tissue touch her hand.

“Yes, thank you,” she lifted her head and wiped the drool on her face away then flushed the toilet and got to her feet. Her face flushed with the embarrassment of having Cainan watch her intently all the way.

She walked to the basin and washed her hand, mouth and face before turning to look at him while leaning against it.

“Well, that wasn’t how I planned our first kiss to go.” She attempted to crack down the tension that had grown between them with her words but that didn’t go well.

His eyes flickered with an unknown emotion, “Is there something I don’t know?”

“What do you mean?” she tried to push it off and act casual, but his eyes didn’t look like one ready to let go.

He shrugged and stuffed his hands into his pocket. “I don’t know but is there something I need to know?” He could tell she was hiding something with her silence, something she didn’t want him to know about and he turned and made his way to the living room unwilling to compel it out of her.

There was no telling if this was the right time for the truth but there was no certainty that there would be another if she allowed him out of the door without telling him the truth.

“Yes, there is something.”

He turned to look at her, “Then let’s hear it, Ms Whyte. What is it?”

Her mouth opened, but no words came out and her eyes dropped from his in guilt. She shivered with anxiousness and scepticism of what telling the truth might mean for the both of them and her hands grew sweaty.

“What is it?!” He asked again, this time louder and there was a trace of anger in his tone and she flinched, startled by the vigour of his voice. His impatience was growing and there was no way she was going to escape it this time.

“I’m… Preg-nant.” she dragged the two words out as though they burnt her soul because they were about to.

The room became silent and she could hear the heavy pounding of her heart in her chest as well as the ticking on the clock on the wall. She wanted to know what was going through his head as he stood without uttering a word and the longer she waited, the more her fear and anxiety grew.

Her eyes finally lifted to stare in his and she winced at the cold that lingered in them and she was forced to avert her gaze immediately.

The silence still dominated the room and her skin began to crawl and the air around her became thinner and her vision through her glasses darker and she asked, “Are you going to say anything?”

His eyes were clouded with mixed emotions as he stared at her and this torment Jasmin even more as she wanted to hear at least a word from him. Denying her his response which was the very thing she wanted, he turned his back and walked out of her apartment.

She wanted to run after him and apologize and tell him she was stupid to have kept him in the dark for so long, she wanted to tell him she was sorry for not being honest from the beginning, but she knew she couldn’t.

All the times she’d imagined telling Cainan the truth she imagined him yelling, probably cussing and slamming things to the floor before leaving but that was the opposite of what he just did.

She was torn between emotions as she stood watching the door he walked out through with her eyes expedient for his return to say something but after a minute of Cainan not coming back, a tear rolled down her face.

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