The CEO’s Contract With The Thief Chapter 24

Jasmin was lost, trying to figure out where exactly Lisa and her friends were when she heard. “Over here.”

Lisa invited her to an all-girls day out last week at the dinner and though Cainan didn’t want her coming, she didn’t know if they were going to be a thing anymore. Since she came out to him with the truth about her pregnancy a week ago, he hadn’t called or even texted and she was sure that when he would finally call, it would be to terminate their agreement and he would have every right to do so.

Their relationship was based on an agreement, yet she felt the sting of his absence and every day she wanted to reach out to him but she was completely lost on what to say.

She couldn’t apologise for being pregnant but she could apologise for keeping it away for so long, nevertheless, she wouldn’t be able to apologise if Cainan was going to cut her off completely.

She was barely able to keep up at work and put on a brave face, anything and everything so that no one would suspect a thing.

Andrew took notice a few days ago after work closed and Cainan wasn’t around to pick her up. He asked if everything was okay and she nodded with a small smile that everything was indeed okay and then explained that they had a bit of an issue. He believed her and didn’t push to find out more and she was grateful for that.

When Lisa called earlier, she was going to give her an excuse and bail but Lisa was quite convincing and she reluctantly gave in. Hanging out with Lisa would make her stop thinking about the many ways she could have avoided the disaster that came along with the truth (even though there wasn’t) as well as the thought of what was going to happen to her now.

A few weeks ago, Cainan didn’t hold value in her life and she wouldn’t have cared if he stayed or left but now she didn’t want him leaving, at least not in that manner.

She had no idea what an all-girls day out meant, but she wanted to be part of it because it sounded like fun. Lisa sent her an address which she followed and came to the Maryland resort and when she got there, she called Lisa who asked her to come in and explain where they were seated to her.

“Lisa, hey!” she said walking over to the corner of the resort where Lisa and two other gorgeous women were seated, sipping different flavours of wine and a little tray of cookies.

The ladies were looking all nice but casual, Thank God she was wearing a simple floral gown.

“I’m so glad you could make it, Jasmin, come sit.” Lisa beckoned with a wide smile on her pretty face.

“Thank you for inviting me,” she said and took a seat on the wooden outdoor chairs which was empty beside Lisa.

“Girls, this is Jasmin, my brother, Cainan’s girlfriend and Jasmin these are my friends, Charming Leonard and Zoe Raymond.”

She politely waved at the two women and added a small smile to top it off, she was nervous because when Lisa had said an all-girls day out, she didn’t think they would be four girls together. There was nothing wrong with the girls from what she could see so far, but bonding wasn’t something she did easily, it took her over a month to finally bond with Anita and that was just one person, doing that with Lisa and two extra people wasn’t what she would be able to cope with.

“You don’t have to be nervous, it’s just us girls and we only talk about boys, family and relationships and work.” Zoe the pretty girl with curly blonde hair and dimpled cheeks said flashing a reassuring smile. She seemed classy in the mini gown reaching above her thigh which she had on. “And with our busy schedules we only get to do this once a month as it is,” she added and picked up her wine glass and Jasmin noticed the ring on her finger signifying that she was engaged to be married.

Lisa chuckled, “That’s the plight of being a working woman in this day and age.”

“It’s exhausting,” Charming moaned. “especially if you’re trying to prove yourself every step of the way.” She had a long brunette that fall to her back and, she had full lips and beautiful grey eyes that made her stand out from the rest. She had blue Jean trousers on and a slim arm blouse and though there was a scar on her arm, she placed less thought about covering it up, which spoke great length about her confidence.

“I’ll drink to that,” Zoe said and nudged the glass in her hand towards the rest.

They followed up and picked up their glasses as well and Jasmin did likewise and brought the glass close to her nose and sniffed a little to be sure if it was alcoholic and confirming her suspension, she didn’t take it to her mouth.

“Not going to drink?” Charming rose a brow as she noticed her pause.

She let out small laughter and dropped the glass to the table, “No, the doctor advised to stay off anything alcoholic, for my health and whatnot.” she replied, feeling edgy as she felt the eyes of the three ladies on her.

“Waiter!” Lisa called out raising her hand to the waiter passing by and the young, good looking male turned and walked over to them, not so long after that with a wide smiling on his face.

“Yes, ma’am,” he answered.

“A bottle of red wine, non-alcoholic, please,” she ordered and nodding he walked away from them.

Jasmin didn’t understand how Lisa didn’t bother finding out more about her medical state and trusted her words completely. “Thank you,” she said before she could stop herself.

Lisa gave her a ridiculous look, “That’s what friends do, besides you are family.”

“I wouldn’t call myself family,” she mumbled under her breath but Lisa overheard her.

She rolled her eyes, “You affect Cainan the way no other woman has been able to, so I think you will soon be family.”

If only she knew.

“About Cainan, Lisa told us how you two met, but we don’t believe it so, tell us.” Charming turned with eager eyes to look at her.

She nervously laughed trying to brush it off but she saw the women were all quiet and waiting for her to speak. “Oh… We met at a fundraiser dinner,” she began, using the same story Cainan had drafted out over a week ago. “And we are here.”

“Well that’s different from many love stories I’ve heard,” Zoe muttered thoughtfully, a hint of disbelief in her voice.

The story was boring and untrue but the true story of how they met wasn’t one anyone would be ready to accept.

“How would you know? It’s not like your story with Viktor is a love story.” Charming pointed out, glancing at her.

She shrugged, “Well, people like me don’t get to have a love story though.” and turning to Jasmin, “the most important thing is that you have one, a love story.”

“I’ll drink to that.” Charming cheered, taking a drink of her wine.

“You should stay sober more often, Charm and maybe you will be able to get yourself a better love story,” Zoe suggested.

“You’re being forced to marry a man you despise; how has your warning helped you?” she shot back and there was a loud gasp around the table.

“I could try to explain to you how arranged marriage works but your brain would still not be able to grasp at it.” Although lashing out and being lashed at, Zoe somehow maintained her poise and calm spirit.

Charming, however, was the opposite as she threw daggers at her with her eyes, “No, don’t explain. Your type of marriage set the evolution of women back a hundred years.”

“Are you guys done?” Demanded Lisa with a raised brow. The look on her face showed she was already used to their fallout. “Don’t forget Jasmin is still here.”

Zoe’s eyes became remorsefully as they travelled to hers at Lisa’s word, “I am sorry, Jasmin. We do fight dirty sometimes, but I know these two got my back, well except when Charming gets drunk.”

“In your closet, you love the drunk side of her,” Charming retorted and they all burst out in laughter.

It felt weird that the same girls that just fought were now laughing and giggling like little children. It was weird but in a good way.

The bottle of red wine Lisa ordered soon arrived and Jasmin collected and poured herself a drink. While the girls took turns debriefing each other about the events that took place in the last month.

Zoe was twenty-seven years old and just returned home from the United Kingdom a few weeks ago and she had always been a part of the squad when she was still here and after her return, she reconnected. Her marriage with Viktor Michelson was arranged just like Charming had said earlier, it was a mutual agreement between her to-be husband and her family in an attempt to keep her family business afloat. The man she loved according to her was in the United Kingdom and Viktor knew about him but didn’t put much into Viktor’s reaction to such knowledge.

Charming was the youngest amongst them being twenty-four and she was also the cunning and sharped-mouth one she was an artist and has been fortunate enough to have her art sell out for millions in the past few years. Although her success had been all hers through her struggles, credits were still given to her family name and it was believed she wouldn’t have made much impact if she wasn’t born into a powerful and wealthy family.

Cainan had told her a few things about Lisa and she was no stranger to the young lady, but she learnt that though a daddy’s girl, she had her eyes on the wild one, she was currently dating millionaire and business tycoon Xavier Richardson whom she met over a month ago and the way she gushed about him made her know Lisa was already in love with him even though she insisted that she wasn’t.

Jasmin seemed to be the one with the least occupation as a waiter, but she didn’t let it get to her and neither did any of them treat her differently rather they laughed and asked how she managed to look so pretty when there was a probability of me getting mad at a customer at least once a day.

After spending a few hours at the resort, they moved to the spa where they got massages, manicures and pedicures. Zoe decided to call it a day after getting a call from her fiancé, Viktor, and Charming wanted to meet up with her agent and also took her leave.

Lisa, however, wasn’t ready to end her day just yet and she took them over to the mall where they got her a few clothes and shoes as a thank you for coming out. A wardrobe change was one of the many things Cainan did the first week they started going out and she already had more than she could wear in years to come. She insisted that Lisa didn’t have to but the generous young lady just shrugged and again called her family which made her heart clench in her chest.

The day was already fast spent and all that was on her mind as Lisa drove her home was food, rest and sleep.

“It was an amazing day, Lisa, thank you.”

Lisa, being kind and down to earth, shook her head. “Thanks for tagging along, hope Cainan doesn’t get mad at you for staying so late.”

She pressed her lips together, not wanting to be the one to tell her, that her relationship with Cainan might be over, “No, it’s cool.”

She got down from the car and waved to Lisa as she drove off.

She turned to her apartment building and began to approach when she noticed that the lights to her room were on which shouldn’t be because she remembered turning it off before leaving the house hours ago.

Someone was in her room, she thought and looking around the building, she saw Cainan’s Lexus parked not so far away.

The devil returns…

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