The CEO’s Contract With The Thief Chapter 28

She remained quiet all through the drive to her apartment. As soon as they arrived and Cainan turned off the car, he noticed Jasmin fastening her seatbelt in a haste, trying to quickly get out of the car and he locked the door. She tried to open the door and turned to glare at him when she found out it had been locked.

“I want to get down,” she told him slowly, trying to sound as calm as possible.

Humour invaded his handsome face and didn’t leave, “I can see that, but you didn’t say goodnight.”

“I didn’t realize I had to say goodnight to you before leaving.” she groaned.

“You always said goodnight.”

“Well, I don’t want to say goodnight tonight, are you going to tell me it’s also part of the dos and don’ts written in the contract?”

His eyes flickered in amazement as he stared at her, “It isn’t but I need you to say goodnight.”

“I don’t want to say it because I don’t want you to have a good night, I want you to have a terrible night like the one I’m going to have.”

He laughed, “Your witty responses are always charming.” his words only made Jasmin burn in both anger and embarrassment.

“Let me out!”

“Not until you say goodnight.” he firmly stated.

“Fine, goodnight, Mr Inferno.”

He reached for her face with his hands and her breath cut in response because she didn’t see this coming, and the anger she felt a moment ago, faded away. His fingers were delicately soft and tender as they caressed her cheeks and she found herself wanting to lean in more than she should and her eyes began to flutter.

The memories of their first kiss flooding back to her, the feeling and desire, the need was so real like it happened an hour ago despite being weeks.

His thumb lightly grazed on her bottom lips, and a soft purr left her mouth in response and though this gesture was so harmless, it caused chaos within her.

“Now was that so hard?” He asked, his voice coming out cocky and satisfied and he unlocked the car.

Jasmin pushed his hand away from her face and glared at him. He was good at the seducing game and using her lust for him against her. She opened the door and stepped out and was about to go when she paused and turned to him, not surprised when she saw that his eyes were still on her.

“What exactly do you want? A woman that will follow your every wish and wait on your call and instruction or one that has a mind of her own?”

“I want a woman that I can have fun with,” He winked at her before starting his car. “good night, Ms Whyte.”

After work closed, Jasmin returned home to shower and get ready for the party. Cainan has completely forbidden it last night when she informed him about it, but since he was her boyfriend and not her father or God, she decided to do otherwise. She wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of smirking while having his way with her.

She was sad about his refusal to let her do the job, nevertheless, she was going to turn it down even though that meant breaking her words, but after he smugly stated how he wanted a woman he could have fun with even if that meant pushing her to her knees, she wanted nothing more than to give him the middle finger and that was exactly what she was going to do.

The party kicked off at eight p.m., just like most normally do and Jasmin joined the rest waiters to serve and attend to the tables of the guest, this was a religious event from her observation of its activities, act and guest. She didn’t really care which event it was, she was getting paid and that was the most important thing.

“I will need you to serve table three please, Egusi and amala” Jasmin request as Anita walked into the kitchen with an empty tray in her hand.

She had been asked to serve that order, but she got close and felt irritated by the smell and nauseous. She knew there was no way she would be able to serve the table without throwing up on them or their food and it wasn’t because the food was disgusting, but because of her damn pregnancy. She couldn’t ask the other waiter’s to do it because she knew they won’t and would probably think she was trying to push her work on them and she knew only Anita could help her out.

“Why can’t you do it?” Anita asked in confusion as she dropped her tray on the counter.

She pressed her lips together and fidgeted with her fingers, “I get nauseous when I see or smell it. I can’t stand it. I tried earlier and I almost threw up.”

She looked concerned, “Is it because of the pregnancy?”

She nodded but she didn’t want to be pitied by her, “Yes, I don’t mean to put this on you but you have to help me.” She gave Anita pleading eyes, “I will take your order next.”

She walked to the counter, “You told Cainan about the nausea and he still let you come?”

“I don’t think he needs to know about that, he already knows a lot as it is.” She blurted out before she could stop herself and Anita paused and glanced at her with a scowl, “I meant…”

She didn’t let her finish, “You don’t have to explain anything to me, Jasmin, I’m still your friend regardless of the decisions you make.”

Jasmin caught the last part of her words and read into their meaning. “You don’t like Cainan, do you?” She asked curiously.

She shook her head, “I don’t but he lied to me to get your number.” She placed the order into her plate before walking out of the kitchen.

She knew Anita didn’t like him, it was obvious with the way she spoke about him and she wanted to know why. There had been a change in Anita for a few weeks now and it seemed more than just because he lied to her.

Anita returned to the kitchen with an empty tray and, “Table six need fried rice and turkey,” she informed Jasmin.

She nodded and picked up her tray, “I’ll get it,” she walked to the cooler and began to take the order out.

“You do not like Cainan,” Jasmin spoke up, “do you two have a history?”

“Why would you ask that?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know, you have been very different from the Anita I used to know and it all started after you found out that I was with Cainan.”

This made her pause, “There’s nothing to tell, Jasmin, I just don’t trust Cainan, I don’t think he should be with you. He’s trouble and he wrecks everything that he touches.”

Jasmin laughed it off, “Don’t tell me you also believe those people spilling lies about him and the unfortunate circumstances that befell him.”

“Are they unfortunate or are they nemesis for all the pain and havoc he caused in the world? Sure he did some good, but he also did a lot of hurt to a lot of people.” She grounded out her voice filled with


“Are you one of those people he hurt?”

She turned to look at her with a wounded look on her face but she didn’t reply instead, “Please take the orders to table six, we do not want to keep them waiting.” She was sad.

Jasmin picked her tray up, having collected all the orders and made her way out of the kitchen when she heard Anita speak, “Just be careful with him is all I’m trying to say.”

She dropped the tray and placed the order down for table six just like Anita required, but as she turned around, her heart almost stopped in her chest when she saw Cainan standing at the entrance of the hall with a hard look on his face and his eyes fixed on her.

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