The CEO’s Contract With The Thief Chapter 35

The third floor was the dining hall and it was filled with a lot of people, perhaps even more than she had anticipated and again she became unsure of herself. A majority of those present had dates as well, but Jasmin noticed their eyes on her and Cainan as soon as they stepped in. The men were dressed in black suits and red ties, matching Cainan’s and the ladies were all dressed in red with different designs and styles, and Jasmin was astonished at some of the sophisticated styles she saw and silently thanked God that Cainan took the time to pick this elegant gown out for her.

“Mr Inferno,” a grey-haired man called as he walked towards them, there was a woman about his age with her hands around his elbow.

“Mr Doe,” Cainan replied with an acquainted tone and the men shook hands before turning to the woman. “I’m glad you could make it, Mrs Doe, it’s always a pleasure to have you.” he gently took her hand and shook it.

“Thank you, Mr Inferno I knew I couldn’t miss it for anything in the world,” she responded charmingly, her smile as bright as ever.

“Please I’d like you two to meet my girlfriend, Jasmin Whyte.” he introduced, his arms going around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

She didn’t miss the heat that arrested her body at his touch and she brushed it away.

“Jasmin, meet Mr Manasseh and Mrs Tessa Doe.”

The three shook hands and exchanged pleasantries and Cainan moved to introduce Manasseh as the head of the Inferno group based in Jos for almost five years now.

Jasmin was happy to meet them and the couple seemed like good people and they welcoming with their approach towards her.

She spotted Ada and Donald standing not so far away from them in a red evening gown with lacy sleeves, she had a red diamond on her neck and with her grey hair neatly arranged to the back, the necklace appeared bold and able to captivate the beholder from many feet away. Jasmin squeezed on Cainan’s hand and when he looked at her she nudged her head towards them and he didn’t hesitate before leading the way to them.

“Happy anniversary, son,” Ada said, walking up to him and kissing both his cheeks and his eyes softened as they stared at her.

“All this would never have happened without you, mother,” he said and Ada beamed at him.

Ada ran her palm on his suited arm, her eyes a little glassy, “Look at what you’ve achieved in such a little time! I am proud of you. ”

Jasmin learnt a few things about the company last week. Cainan told her how Ada loaned him all the money she had saved from her bakery business eight years ago when he finally shared his dream of the tech company with her. She trusted him and believed in his dream despite the limitations the country presented and he took her trust and he ran with it. Today the Inferno company all over the world was worth over billions of dollars and it was all thanks to her faith in him.

“You look so beautiful, Jasmin,” Ada’s eyes came down to hers and they were filled with joy.

Not expecting the compliment, she pressed her lips together, “Thank you, Ada,” she replied cutely while Cainan and Donald exchange greetings and handshakes reducing the awkward moment.

“You haven’t visited since the last time which was weeks ago, I hope Cainan isn’t keeping you away from us, he gets really possessive sometimes.”

“Mother, I’m not possessive.” he groaned in protest.

Ada didn’t look at him but kept her eyes on Jasmin, waiting for her response. “He is alright, I have been busy with work, but I will make time. I promise.”

“Good, I’ll look forward to your visitation then, but no pressure, that’s the last thing you need in your condition.”

Jasmin shared a quick look with Cainan wondering if he was the one who told her, but Ada just scoffed and waved her hand, “I knew you were pregnant the first time you came for dinner, Jasmin, but I wanted to respect your privacy until you were ready to come out to him with the news.”

Good thing she never confronted Cainan about it.

“I keep a keen eye on her so she doesn’t stress herself.”

“Your sister is here with Xavier, have you seen her?” Ada asked and Jasmin turned to look around that very moment.

Lisa was her second favourite person amongst the Abayomi the first being Ada and she didn’t know who was kinder between Ada and her. She called to check up on her at least two times a week and it was strange at first, but after being told by Lisa that she was family repeatedly, she stopped asking why.

Lisa had an amazing heart just like Ada and Anita and she felt blessed to have these women around her.

“No, we haven’t, but we will. Enjoy the party, mom, Donald.” he took Jasmin hand and she nodded at the couple before following Cainan away.

“You’re the only grumpy one in your family, why is that?” she blurted out and he turned to her with an eyebrow raised.

She continued, “The rest are nice, at least Donald, Ada and Lisa whom I’ve been around and have gotten to know seem nice and welcoming, I don’t know Daniel and Remi quite well, but I think they are nice as well. You, on the other hand, change mood like a woman on her time of the month.” she kept surprising herself every time she opened her mouth.

He glanced heavenward before saying, “I still can’t believe how we’ve made it so far.”

“Because I’m best suited for the job of stealing your heart.”

She grinned wickedly at him and he pulled her closer to himself, ignoring his environment and she seemed to do the same. His head dipped and his lips almost met hers when they heard someone clearing their throat loudly from behind and they pulled away to see Anthony and two other men standing a few feet away dressed in matching suits and a glass of wine in each of their hands.

Jasmin recognized him, from two weeks ago at his office. Anthony was the reason she didn’t get thrown out and was able to see Cainan that day and she was yet to tell him how grateful she was.

They all looked rich sophisticated and Cainan seemed relaxed around them more than he was around his family which meant that they were his friends. She never pictured Cainan as one to keep friends and seeing Anthony over a week ago at his office came as a surprise to her and now seeing two more was even more surprising.

She still had a long way to go in knowing the man called Cainan Inferno.

“Sorry about ruining your little moment, but I just had this wine and the last thing I want is to throw it up because of you two.” One of the men spoke up, frowning at Cainan.

Cainan rolled his eyes, “Oh please, Laré, as if you wouldn’t have sex with Heather here if she was with you and care less what anyone else thought of it.” he countered and the man remained silent, proving Cainan’s words to be true.

“You’re disgusting,” the other man with adorable blue eyes said and she had to admit that he was sinfully handsome, with looks and body to go with it.

Every man in this group except for the one called Laré had a wowing look to go with their build and class and it was compelling. Even Laré who looked a bit different had an edgy spot to him, something that could captivate and keep the attention of any woman.

“Jasmin, I haven’t formally introduced you to my friends, this is Laré Black, and this is Rogue Von Quaint and you already know Anthony O’Conner, guys meet Jasmin Whyte, my girlfriend.”

“Finally! He puts a tag on it.” Anthony spoke up while Cainan rolled his eyes in response “It’s very nice to meet you again even though Cainan could have properly introduced us the first time.”

“Wait, you two already met?” Rogue’s brow drew together as he asked, his voice was too deep for just one person.

Anthony bobbed his head, “I ran into her a week ago, when I was visiting Cainan.”

“You didn’t tell us you had a favourite?” Lare teased, his eyes lingering on Jasmin.

“Their meeting was purely coincidental and are you going to get acquainted or are you going to stand there asking questions about who’s whose favourite?” he groaned.

They pulled their heads out of their asses and shook hands and exchanged pleasantries with her but when it got to Laré he took her hand into his and softly leathered it with kisses.

“Let go of her hand,” Cainan said, more of warned through gritted teeth.

Laré did as he was told but spoke up in protest, “Oh, come on! What’s it with you guys and jealousy? If she’s yours, she’s yours, if not, don’t hate me for stealing her.”

“I thought you had Heather,” Anthony asked with his brow rising.

Before Laré could respond, Rogue beat him to it, “They are more of the on-again-off-again type, nothing serious.”

Laré glared at him, “Thank you, captain obvious,” before turning to Cainan, “and it was about time we met her, I didn’t think you of all people would follow Rogue’s example and try to hide your girlfriends from your friends.”

“I had my reason,” Cainan said narrowing his gaze on Laré. Obviously, he was the reason.

“You’re an asshole.” Laré cussed throwing his face away dramatically.

“Jasmin doesn’t mind.” he retorted before turning to her for backup.

All of their attention also turned to her and she grew cold and nervous, “I do mind, but he gets through the day better believing that I don’t.”

Their eyes widened and they all made the oooooh noise, covering their mouth up and Anthony barked out mocking laughter and patted Cainan on the shoulder.

Cainan’s arms tightened around her waist and she knew she was in for it, but she didn’t know exactly what that was. She leaned in and kissed his lips which was the only thing she could think of as a way of making it up. He kissed back and pulled her closer, invading her mouth with his tongue and ignoring his friends around as well as the guest who could’ve been looking.

“You’re disgusting, Cainan.” Laré hissed out before walking away.

They pulled away and he pulled close to mumble, “We are not done yet,” into her ears and her legs grew weak in response.

“Congratulations, Cainan,” Rogue patted his shoulder before making his way from them.

“What are you waiting for?” Cainan implored, his eyes squinted as they remained on Anthony.

“Happy anniversary, brother.” Anthony smiled mischievously, before nudging his wine glass towards Cainan. “I’m happy for you, but please take it easy on her.”

Jasmin knew what he meant and turning to Cainan, he shook his head, telling her he hasn’t said a word either…

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