The CEO’s Contract With The Thief Chapter 37

The turn of events today was not what she expected and she needed to breathe. She needed to be in her own space and the bathroom felt like the only place she could do that.

She entered and close the door before leaning against it. Her eyes fluttered and she remained silent, mentally trying to clear her head of all the what-ifs playing around in it in regards to Lisa and Xavier.

“Did you see her?” a low feminine voice asked with a disgusted tone of voice, causing Jasmin’s eyes to snap open. “for a moment I thought that wasn’t Mr Inferno talking.”

“I know right? They can’t possibly be dating, she looks more like a leash if you ask me.” the second voice which had a higher pitch than the first added in agreement.

Jasmin didn’t have to be told to know the good for nothing women in the other stall were gossiping about her and her relationship with Cainan and just like that, her ‘alone time’ just flew out of the window.

“But then again he has a thing for cursed relationships, Clara was married and Neriah was dying, God only knows the story with this one.”

They chuckled, “Yeah, he’s been cursed with bad relationships for sure but I think he is with her out of pity because he can do so much better?”

That wasn’t the reason he was with her and she was in no way stringing Cainan along but she did fear people were going to assume the worse of her especially with the news of the pregnancy circling, but these ladies had crossed so many lines with their gossip.

“You’re both right, he could do so much better,” she made herself known, walking over to the mirror and adjusting her gown a little before leaning forward to check her make-up in the mirror.

The ladies stood shocked and unable to speak which made her feel satisfied. She had seen the two earlier while she and Cainan walked through the crowd of guests, and she felt their eyes on her and if looks could kill, she would have been at the pearly gates by now. But she ignored it earlier and didn’t even tell Cainan about it because she didn’t want to worry him and even now she could handle them.

“You believe he’s cursed but will gladly say yes if he were to ask either of you out and I know that because I saw the way you both desirably stared at him earlier. I just thought women were already done with putting each other down.”

“Ms Whyte, we didn’t know you were in here.” the high pitched lady, with long braids said with a terrified tone.

“Yes, if you did, you wouldn’t say those horrible things you said about your boss and his relationships and I wouldn’t know how much your dislike for me was.”

“We are sorry,” they said in unison before dropping their head and walking out of the bathroom stall.

Jasmin sighed and ran a hand over her face.

What was she thinking? Of course, people were always going to talk and she wasn’t bothered by what they said about her, but hearing them speak about Cainan that way made her blood boil.

She wondered how many of such talks went on behind their back but knew it was best to not think about it.

After using the bathroom, she returned to the basin to wash her hand when her eyes caught a red purse with crystal designs on it, sitting on the basin and she paused before reaching for it and pulling it closer.

It looked beautiful but familiar, then it clicked, she had seen it with Ada earlier. She probably forgot it after using the restroom.

She had to give it back.

However, she felt a higher curiosity to confirm the content in and as she opened the purse, the bathroom door opened. Her heart skipped in fear and she quickly hid the bag behind her following her first instinct.

“Jasmin?” Cainan voice called before coming out of the shadows and seeing her leaning against the basin with her left hand tucked behind her back.

“Cainan,” she soughed, rubbing her hand over her face. “I thought it was someone else.” She dragged a breath of relief.

His eyes dropped to her left hand tucked away and he could tell that she was trying to keep something hidden, “What’s that you’re hiding?”

“I’m not hiding anything, Cainan,” she denied, she didn’t want to lie, but she couldn’t help it, she was afraid and her heart was beating, thinking of his reaction. She was hiding something, but she was only hiding it because she wasn’t supposed to be opening it in the first place.

His brows furrowed at her, “Show me your hand then,” he stepped closer towards her.

She wanted to move back, but she was prevented by the basin pressed against her back. There was already distrust in his eyes and that was the last thing she wanted to see, but she sensed that the longer she took to tell the truth, the more it would grow.

Cainan would think of the worse if he saw her with his mother’s purse and she didn’t want that.

He took another step towards her and the pounding of her heart was going through the roof, “Show me your hand, Ms Whyte,” his voice was calm, but commanding and she was compelled to do as he said.

She slowly pulled her hand from behind her and showed it to Cainan. “Whose purse is that, Ms Whyte?”

“Your mom’s.”

Cainan remained silent and stepping forward he collected the purse from her before walking out of the bathroom. Jasmin had no other choice but to follow him and as soon as he got out, he handed the purse over to one of the security guards standing around, saying something which Jasmin couldn’t hear to them before walking away.

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