The CEO’s Contract With The Thief Chapter 38

The rest hour that passed before the end of the night, she felt the coldness in him especially towards her. He masked it up as he interacted with the other guest and a few partners, but there was a change in him and she knew it. Cainan handed the farewell speech over to Daniel Howard, one of the top board members and then the rest bidding to the General manager Steve Jefferson.

He took Jasmin’s hand and quietly led her away towards the awaiting Lexus and they both got in before the driver drove them off.

Jasmin knew this was one of his way of shutting things away and never revisiting them, he was so fond of doing that and she didn’t want him doing that to this as well.

She didn’t want them to move on and act as though nothing happened. Something happened, he saw her with his mother’s purse and was probably thinking the very worse of her

“I am truly sorry about earlier, I didn’t mean to hide it.”

He knew what she was talking about and though staring at the window, he asked, “Then why were you hiding it? Were you planning on stealing something from it?”

Her eyes widened at the fact that he would even think such a thing but they soon dropped in remorse, “No, I wasn’t…”

She saw him raise a brow from the corner of her eyes, “You sure about that? Because it was open when you gave it to me and I am certain that you opened it.

“Would you believe me if I said I opened it because I was curious and nothing more?”

“No, I wouldn’t. Curious people end up doing the thing they were curious about.”

His words hurt but she ignored, “You are right, I was curious to look at it nothing more, I know it was wrong of me to have even gone through it, but I did and here we are.”

“How sure are you that you don’t miss your old life, Ms Whyte?”

She gasped, much surprised that he even asked that. “I left for a reason.”

“So you say,” he cut in.

Her eyes narrowed at him and a frown grew. She admitted to making a mistake, but his lack of trust was crushing, “If you trust me, even if it’s a little bit, you will know that I’m telling you the truth.” She took hold of his hand and she felt him jerk a little at her touch. “I don’t miss my old life because I’ve got an amazing new one and I wasn’t going to steal that purse, I found it beside the basin and my curiosity got the best of me. I tried to hide it because of how it would make me look if I was caught holding it. I meant what I said, I am truly sorry and you may still have doubts about me and my past but the last thing I want to lose is your trust.”

His teeth clench and his eyes fluttered briefly, “I trust you, Jasmin, I just don’t want to regret trusting you.”

“A few months ago I would have taken that purse and made a run for it but I don’t want to be that girl anymore.” because she knew that wasn’t the girl he wanted and she so wanted to be his girl.

He leaned in and kissed her lips, as his form of response and though the kiss was unexpected, she leaned in and deepened it. Her arms curled around his neck and all the piled-up emotions she had felt throughout the night, surged into the surface and took over her.

She wanted this man more than she ever thought was possible, but she did. She wanted his hands on her skin, she wanted his lips on all parts of her body, kissing her, sucking and licking, and his tongue lapping on her skin until her legs curled and gave up. She wanted him to pin her back down and fuck her, but she wasn’t sure he was going to give her everything she wanted.

He talked about her punishment for weeks and she got tired of waiting on the punishment. Perhaps she was crazy as she had spent days fantasising over the punishment because punishment wasn’t something to long for or look forward to.

Or was it?

He pulled away, breathing heavily and Jasmin isn’t surprised, to be honest, she didn’t expect them to cross this line either, it was the most they’d ever gone since the night he found out about her pregnancy and she didn’t want to complain but for a woman like her who was incredibly attracted to a man like him, it sucked.

His eyes were locked in hers, trying to see something in them, a hint or maybe an approval. He then leaned in and pecked her lips before pulling away to adjust himself and she pulled herself up to properly sit down while the car drove them.

Her legs were pressed together trying to control the urge and need Cainan had set loose within her just by kissing her, and it took all her might not to get on top of him and ride him. She didn’t know if his reaction would be a horrified or amazed one.

Her eyes flutter as she tried to take her mind off him to something else, but nothing else came forth and she groaned out in frustration.

Her eyes were still closed when she felt a pair of wet lips on the crook of her neck and her lips parted and a gasp almost escaped her but the fear of it just being her imagination made her pressed her lips together to keep the audible reactions in.

“I wanted to do this all night,” Cainan growled into her neck, his breath hot and teasing against her skin and her hand lifted subconsciously to stroke his hair even as he continued to suck and kiss her neck.

She felt her gown being lifted and a hand slowly crept over her trembling thigh, up between her legs where her panties were and as she gasped, Cainan’s lips took charge of hers, his tongue working in her like he knew all the delicate spots while his hand flicked her wet clit.

He pulled away and she slowly lifted her lashes to behold him and his eyes were in hers, locked while he stroked her. His eyes were burning with lust and need as they were in hers and she wasn’t sure she could match his hunger. Her hips bucked and began to move in a rhythmic motion with his touch while they stared at each other.

It’s been so long since she’d paid attention to herself like this and most nights when she needed relief, she was too tired to even think or conjure up something good.

This was way better than anything she would have conjured up anyway. Cainan fingers felt so good and it showed that he knew what he was doing and she didn’t want him to stop.

Her legs began to give out and she knew her release was coming and he knew it too because he increased his pace and hardened his touch on her.

Her eyes closed and she bit down on her lips. Just a few more strokes, just a few more.

“We have arrived at your residence, Ms Whyte.” the driver announced and Cainan stilled his fingers in her and slowly withdrew them from between her legs and Jasmin’s eyes flew open immediately.

“You’re home, sweetheart,” Cainan informed as if she didn’t hear when the driver announced it earlier.

Well, she did, but she was wishing they had a few seconds more.

Her face flushed in frustration and she grunted in an unladylike manner. She was so close and would have achieved release with a few thrusts if Cainan hadn’t stopped and her release would have been one of the best she’d had in a while.

“You are enjoying this,” she muttered, covering her face up with both her palms.

His hands rested on her hair and he softly stroke it, a coy smile on his lips, “A little. I didn’t know you wanted it that much.”

Her hands dropped and she flashed him a fake smile, “Why would I? It’s not like I’m a pregnant woman who hasn’t been sexually active for over two months” she glared at him and bit out, “Thanks for unleashing a hunger you can’t satisfy.”

The door opened and she is about to step out when he took captive her arm and pulled her closer, “I can satisfy you, I just chose not to.”

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