The CEO’s Contract With The Thief Chapter 40

One hour thirty minutes later…

“Thank you for coming guys, you don’t know how much that means to me.” Charming hugged Lisa and Jasmin before walking away with her agent.

Lisa and Jasmin then made their way out of the art gallery into the street, hoping to head home. But trouble still lurked around.

“Leaving so soon?” Jasmin felt coldness run through her at the voice of Faith and she halted before turning to her and seeing the two other ladies she was talking to earlier standing behind her.

“It gets boring to stay when all the beautiful arts have been taken and all you’re left with are the ugly ones.”

“I see you’re being smart.” she stepped up towards her.

Lisa tried stepping forward but Jasmin held out a hand to keep her stay. “I am and regardless of my lack of class and proper education, I know there is a time for everything and a time to put the past in the past.” she fired back.

“Enjoy him while you can, because I know something is certain, a man like Cainan will never end up with a trash like you.” she spat out in disgust and the girls behind her laughed like idiots.

Jasmin didn’t mean to but it felt so wrong not to and before she knew it, she threw a clenched fist at Faith, knocking her down to the ground.

The eyes of everyone around including Lisa’s widened at what she just did and they gasped.

Faith helped herself onto her elbow, her eyes blazing as blood ran down her nose, “You!” she said, getting up onto her feet and surging towards Jasmin with force.


After helping Lisa get her anxiety pills from her bag, the officer on duty locked the bars of the cell and walked away from where Lisa and Jasmin were.

Lisa had not even said a thing to Jasmin since they were arrested over an hour ago and she felt guiltier with every minute they spent in silence.

She didn’t mean to drag her into her mess, but she had punched Faith without realising that Faith along with her two friends were going to attack her. Lisa wasn’t a fighter, nonetheless couldn’t stand and watch the ladies all gang up on Jasmin and so she came to her rescue.

Unfortunately for them, two police cars were patrolling the the premises of the art gallery and as soon as they saw the throw down taking place, they intervened and arrested all of them for violence in the street. This wasn’t the first time she was getting arrested, she had been arrested when she was sixteen but unlike that time, she had gotten a friend in trouble and arrested as well.

Faith and her two friends were locked up in the other cell, a ploys to ensure they didn’t start another fight.

Jasmin moved from the corner of the cell towards the side where Lisa was standing, holding onto the bars. “Lisa, I am sorry for all of this.”

“We need to get out of here first.” she told her before speaking to the officer passing in front of the cell, “I need to make a call.” her voice was firm straightforward and the officer turned his attention to her.

Jasmin wanted to suggest they call Cainan, but she knew he was going to be furious if he found out she had gotten herself into this mess and even more furious when he realised she had also dragged calm and gentle Lisa into it as well.

“Who will you call?” Jasmin asked with a raised brow.

“I can’t call my dad, he will not be happy so I’ll just call Xavier,” she said, not sounding happy about calling him and Jasmin wanted to tell her that she didn’t have to but she spoke up, “he’s the only option left.”

The officer opened the door and led her out of the cell.

About five minutes later, she returned with an expression that still didn’t look too happy. The officer locked the door and walked away from the cell and silence dominated them once more and after a long while, Jasmin couldn’t take it anymore.

“What did he say?”

She wagged her head slowly, “He’s not coming, I was going to call him but then I decided I didn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore.”

Jasmin’s eyes dropped and her expression became gloomy, she was happy that Lisa didn’t call her overprotective rude and Arrogant boyfriend to come to save them, but she was sad that they were going to be locked up longer than she wanted.

This could be the perfect time to announce her pregnancy and beg the police officer for pardon, but she was probably going to be judged and called reckless and insensitive for getting into a fight while pregnant.

If she wanted to be nagged she would just call Cainan.

She walked back to one of the long seats at the corner and she slowly slid down into it, finally feeling tired from standing for too long. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have dragged you into this mess,” she apologized again sounding remorseful, hoping Lisa would believe her, “I should have taken Faith’s insults like an adult and walked away instead of punching her.”

“Yes, you should have.” she agreed with a nod, resting her head against the bars. “you should have fucking knocked her out.” she hissed.

Jasmin’s eyes lit up and she immediately looked up at Lisa who was now having a mischievous look on her face, “What?” she stupidly asked even though she heard her words clearly.

Lisa smiled widely, before walking up to her, “You stood up for yourself and you should never apologise for that.” She took Jasmin’s cold hands in hers, “if I didn’t respect you before, I do now.”

The smile on Jasmin’s face was bigger than any she ever had, “Thank you, Lisa, but I meant it when I said I am sorry for dragging you here.”

“I know you are and if I had known today would turn out this way maybe I would have strategized differently, but don’t worry, we will be out of here in no time.”

“You called someone else?” her brow rose.

She nodded with a warm smile, “Yes, I did.”


“Ms Abayomi and Ms Whyte, your bail has been paid, you’re now free to go,” announced Hassan Wada, the officer Lisa had spoken to earlier about making a call.

Lisa’s smile became even more mischievous as she rose to her feet without answering her question, “Let’s go.”

Despite being sceptical, Jasmin didn’t want to spend another minute in the cell and she got up to her feet and followed Lisa out to the police station counter where their phones, purses, shoes and other items were handed back to them.

Lisa slipped on her three-inch stilettos and proudly walked out like she was never locked up in the first place and Jasmin follow suit. Her jelly shoe was easy to wear and she put it on before walking out as well.

The night was cold and that was the first thing that Jasmin noticed as she stepped out and she quickly wrapped her arms with her hands and slowly rubbed it. She still had no idea who had bailed them out but she hoped they came with at least a sweater or jacket she could put on.

Her mind still lingered on the possibility of Cainan being the one Lisa called on for help but Cainan and Lisa weren’t that close at least not from what she’d seen and also from what he had told her. But it was more than just Cainan and Lisa, she was involved in it as well and Lisa might have felt it best to call him because he was her boyfriend.

Or maybe Lisa called her brother, Daniel and she was just being paranoid.

As they approached the parking lot, the doors to one of the few cars still at the parking lot opened and Cainan stepped out of it, wearing a black jacket and brown khaki pants.

Well turned out she wasn’t being paranoid after all…

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