The CEO’s Contract With The Thief Chapter 9

“What did he want?” Anita asked as Jasmin came to join her in the kitchen where she was passing the customers order to Andrew the cook behind the kitchen island.

Cainan told her earlier that he got her number from Anita and she still had a hard time letting that sit within her.

“He said he got my number from you,” Jasmin informed her, not answering her question straight away.

Anita moved to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of beer and set it into her tray, “Yes, he seemed genuine when he said he was your childhood friend and so I believed, he also looks alright was what he said a lie?”

“Not really, but we are definitely not childhood friend.”

Anita gritted her teeth and frowned at no one in particular, “That son of a bitch lied to me, what did he want then? I noticed you two stayed there for a while.”

If Cainan hadn’t offered her the deal of being his fake girlfriend and also told her to keep it a secret between them, her response would have been different, “Nothing important, we met a few weeks ago and he has been searching for me ever since.” Her words had some truth in them but it wasn’t the complete truth.

Her eyes grew remorseful, “I’m sorry, I should have known better, let me make it up to you, dinner with me and George.”

She said going out to drop the bottle of beer for the customer that requested it before coming back to the kitchen.

It was a genuine invitation but Jasmin wasn’t very keen on accepting it, “Yeah, so you can go all lovey-dovey with each other while I’m there right.” She rolled her eyes. She was so close to stabbing herself with a fork the last time she was at dinner with the couple which was four days ago, they barely had their hands off each other and they couldn’t eat without staring and smiling like two love drunk idiots.

Jasmin wasn’t a huge fan of romance and it irked her skin but only endured it because Anita’s cooking was way better than hers and nothing was better than eating food that she didn’t make or pay for.

Anita grew red with embarrassment, she knew this talk was going to come up one way or another, “I’m sorry about last time, George was responsible for what happened, he claimed I didn’t inform him before inviting you over and was hoping to get back at me with what he did, I don’t think he had torturing you in mind when he did what he did.”

“Don’t worry it wasn’t sexual torture, it was the puke-in-my-mouth-a-little kind of torture.” They were sweet with each other, but it wasn’t what she wanted to see that night.

“I am sorry, let me make it up to you, come over today and I promise there will not be such behaviour at dinner.”

“I have a feeling you will not stop unless I say no,” Anita gave her the eyes that said she was right and groaning, “fine, I’ll be there.” She said in response.

“Yes,” Anita threw a fist of triumph I’m the air at her reply and Jasmin just rolled her eyes.

At exactly seven p.m., Jasmin knocked on the door and it soon opened to her and there stood George wearing a blue polo and grey joggers, his hair is a little messy and she didn’t even want to think why that was. He had a goody smile on his broad face and a bit confused she wondered if she was seeing the real George.

Yes, his and Anita love story was one of the best love stories that she ever heard of. According to Anita, he was eighteen and at his graduation party the first time they met, while she was twenty-two and there to support her younger sister on her graduation. They both felt the connection there and then and three years later which was a year ago, they got married, and have been living their best lives ever since then. George had a degree in event management and Anita is currently working towards attaining her degree in accounting which had always been her dream and George supports her through it all. They were the true definition of the love she would never have. They were good people and though they barely knew her, they still pulled her closer.

Sure he was welcoming and one of the nicest and caring young men she’d ever come across, but he wasn’t this goofy which meant Anita had had a heart talk with him about best

“Welcome, Jasmin.” He said cheerfully.

“George,” she said, not hiding the suspicion in her face as she took off her jacket and handed it to him.

He went over to the hanger not very far from the door and hung it on it before returning to her, “Anita told me about what you said and I’m sorry about that day.”

“You don’t have to be sorry,” Jasmin shook her head, “you guys are amazing, just keep it in your pants whenever you invite me over and we will have no problem.” She patted his shoulder and he nodded before the walk away. “Where is Anita?” She asked turning to George after seeing the dinner set but Anita missing.

“I’m here,” she said from across the dinner and they both turned around and she saw her walked into the dining area, wearing a red gown with slim hands which reaches her kneel. Her dreadlock is in a neat ponytail and her face had no makeup on it and yet she managed to look amazing.

Jasmin noticed how George now looked while staring at his wife, and she could tell that he was barely holding himself together. “You look breathtaking, babe,” George said unable to help himself.

She smiled shyly and looked down before mumbling, “Thank you.”

“You look good Anita.” She complimented and Anita turned to her with a smile on her face.

“Thank you, Jasmin, I just threw this on,” she said with a mild shrug before walking over to the table. “You’re looking great yourself.”

Jasmin rolled her eyes, she had a blue pair of jeans on and a red blouse, there was nothing ‘wow’ about it, but Anita on the other had a killer dress that had her husband contemplating his promise to be at the best behaviour tonight.

“Thank you, I guess.” She mumbles with a little laugh.

“I brought red wine, for the both of you, I didn’t feel okay coming empty-handed as I did last time.” she brought it out of her bag and handed it over to George. ”

Anita’s eyes warmed as they met hers, “You didn’t have to, but thank you, let’s eat.”

The dinner was macaroni and mashed potatoes and it was served with chilled zobo. Anita was best at making it and she is glad that she had given in to the dinner invitation. It was helping a great deal and taking her mind off the offer Cainan made to her earlier today.

After she got home a few hours ago, she took the time to research the most she could about him, and find out the things she was yet to know. With everything she read about him, it didn’t make sense as to why he was even offering her this deal, she stole from him and instead of calling for her arrest, he was offering her a million dollars deal to be his pretend girlfriend. He could have given the contract to anyone else but somehow he managed to pick her, a thief, capable of destroying his almost perfect reputation no matter how creepy his lifestyle was. It was a good deal, but she had a lot of questions that needed to be answered.

“Jasmin?” Anita called out with a concerned tone and she snapped out of her thought to look at her. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good what did you say?”

It was obvious Anita didn’t believe her reply, but she let it go, “I was telling George about the man that came around the restaurant earlier,” she repeated.

“What about him?”

“I forgot the name he gave me and asking what his name was,” she repeated her question

“Cainan Inferno.” Jasmin simply responded.

“Cainan Inferno?”

“Cainan Inferno?” the couple asked in unison and while George tone was surprised and his eyes were wide, Anita’s tone was confused and her brows furrowed.

“That wasn’t the name he gave me, he said his name was… Michael Day, that’s it,” she said, her tone upset.

“No, it was Cainan Inferno.”

“What did he want?” George asked, staring at his wife.

“He told me he was Jasmin childhood friend and I gave him her number. Jasmin confirmed that he lied and now I’m just finding out he also gave me a wrong name.”

“I don’t know him, but I have heard about him.” he replied before turning to Jasmin, “What did he want with you?”

“He wanted to offer me a better job,” she said the closest thing to a lie.

“Wait, what?” Anita asked turning to her with a deep frown on her face, “you told me what you both talked about was nothing important and now you’re saying he offered you a job!”

She shrugged it off like it was a little thing. “I don’t think I will take it.” She lied, she knew she had no way of escaping Anita with her inquisitive nature, “I love my current job and don’t think I will want to lose that and that was why I said it wasn’t important.” Accepting the deal meant closing this chapter of her life and starting a new one she might have to lose Anita and George and though it was just over a month since she becomes their friend, she wasn’t sure she wanted to lose them.

Yet she had to consider the offer, she was going to lose them if she turned down Cainan’s offer without having the two hundred thousand naira refund. She didn’t even have the sixty thousand anymore because she spent it on treatment and registering and paying for the antenatal and checkup that would take place every three months as well as other expenses attached to it. There was no way to get back the sixty thousand and even if she got it back, she would need four times of that amount to pay him back. So the only available options are to accept his offer, avoid getting arrested for stealing and agree to be his lover for the next twelve months.

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