The Mans Decree Chapter 1713

That kick looked as though it had smashed Jun’s head to smithereens. Just as Jared was about to stomp down on it, he felt a terrifying aura descend and force him away in a flash.

However, he managed to steady himself after being pushed back a dozen feet. Turning around to face Kazuo, Jared found that the latter had seemingly transformed into another person from the chilling aura pushing forth. Jared frowned.

His eyes were filled with astonishment as he could not comprehend how Kazuo had managed to conceal his aura to such an extent that even he, Jared, could not detect. “Thank you, Mr. Kawaguchi,” Jun said to Kazuo “Are you still able to fight, Jun?” Kazuo asked.

Jun nodded. “Yes!” “Then keep going,” ordered Kazuo. “We are samurais of Jetroina, and we never retreat in defeat.” “Yes, sir!” Jun nodded, his eyes glittering with a bloodthirsty resolve.

Jared studied Jun. Though he could easily dispose of the latter, Kazuo’s sudden e made him wary. appearance Kazuo seemed to have seen through Jared’s concern, for he smiled and said, “Don’t you worry, I’m not going to get involved. You two are the ones who wish to spar, and I, as the mission leader, will strictly observe the rules.”

Jared heaved a sigh of relief at Kazuo’s words, as the aura the latter exuded earlier was overwhelming. He beckoned Jun. “Bring it on!”

“Go.” Kazuo clapped Jun on the shoulder. That clap caused a sudden change in his aura, followed by a surge in power which quickly reached its peak.

A force, unprecedented in its dominance, emanated from Jun, whose gaze became steely that moment as if he had become another person.

Jared began to appear conflicted because the aura he sensed emanating from Jun was similar to the one from Kazuo. He did not understand what Kazuo had done to Jun.

“Today, I will show you the true extent of Jetroina’s power,” Jun declared, enunciating every word. Even his voice had changed.

“Hah! You’re just a fellow hosting a spirit. How dare you behave with such impudence? The spirit within you will be destroyed after I kill you,” Jared replied coldly.

He could tell from Jun’s current skill that the latter had been possessed by a spirit that had taken complete control over him. Jared was not afraid as he had slain many people possessed by spirits.

After all, though the spirits had been powerful when they were alive, their strength diminished to merely a tenth of what it once was when they became spirits and was, therefore, nothing to be afraid of.

“Hah! Ignorant fool. What would you know?” Jun rose several feet into the air as he roared with laughter. A menacing force enveloped the Deragon residence at once.

An uneasy stir rippled through the crowd as they could no longer leave the Deragon residence even if they wanted to.

Then, a crimson mist slowly enveloped Jun. The stench of blood, in addition to the terrifying force, pushed many on the verge of collapsing.

Some of the weaker ones among the crowd even began to look green in the face. Lizbeth and the others were gritting their teeth in exertion as they channeled the aura within them to withstand the oppressive force.

In response, Jared’s body started glowing and his aura exploded forth in a series of gold streaks to resist Jun’s. With the addition of the newly added resistance, the crowd became visibly relieved.

“Hmph! Do you bunch of insects think you can fend me off?” Still hovering in midair, the blood mist around Jun solidified into a giant turtle.

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