The Mans Decree Chapter 1717

The two men’s fists collided. The moment their fists met, Jared felt a powerful wave of energy surging toward him. The wave of energy did not seem like it came from a human but from underground.

Jared was sent flying before he crashed onto the ground, and a crater formed beneath him. At that, the crowd gasped. Even Arthur went pale. No one expected that Jun would use such terrifying witchcraft when he was about to die.

Noticing Arthur’s pallor, Kazuo smiled and said, “Mr. Sanders, no one is capable of surviving Godeater. This is the oldest witchcraft of the Watanabe family, but I don’t know when Jun learned it. You said earlier that this is a match and a fight to the death. If Jared is on the verge of death, please don’t intervene, or else you’ll have to witness my cruel side.”

As Kazuo spoke, his eyes shone with glee.

“It’s still too early to say who will live and who will die. Let’s wait and see,” Arthur muttered in a flat tone.

By then, Jared had slowly risen to his feet. When he fixed his gaze on Jun, there was a hint of excitement in his eyes.

“I’ll be using you to refine my physique today!”

With that said, Jared charged toward Jun.

Nevertheless, Jun was not intimidated by Jared’s words as he dashed over to meet his enemy. The two had no flashy moves as they fought with their fists.

Jared was sent flying backward multiple times, but he soon charged back into the fight. It was as if Jared would never die.

Dozens of minutes later, Jared grew stronger as the fight went on. In contrast, Jun was starting to lose his energy.

Now, Kazuo was the one who looked pale. He never thought that Jun would fail to kill Jared even after using the Watanabe family’s oldest witchcraft.

Jared was far too sturdy. In fact, Kazuo was starting to wonder if he himself was capable of killing Jared with one punch. “All right, I’ll stop messing around with you.”

With a sneer, a ray of golden light encased Jared’s body. Then, a gold dragon emerged from behind him and roared. Jared’s aura began intensifying with the appearance of the dragon. “Take a look at my Golem Body!”

Golden rays of light enveloped Jared’s body before forming scales that covered him entirely. In no time, Jared was standing before Jun, fully geared.

Thanks to his sturdy physique and Golem Body, Jared reached the point of invincibility. Kazuo stared at Jared with wide, shocked eyes.

However, Jun did not fear Jared, for he was certain of the power of celestials. Thus, he threw another punch at Jared.

Bam! Jun’s punch landed right at Jared’s chest. However, unlike the previous times, Jared did not budge at all. It was as though Jun’s punch had slammed against a metal board.

Now, Jun’s facial expression change with a hint of disbelief in his eyes. He had sacrificed his life, his soul, and his chance for reincarnation, but alas, he was still no match for Jared.

While Jun was reeling in from the shock, Jared threw a punch at Jun. Jun soared into the sky before plummeting to the ground.

Jared leaped with him. Then, he slammed his foot right on Jun’s body, sending Jun meters into the ground. By then, Jun could no longer retaliate.

In no time, a dark mist engulfed Jun. When the mist dissipated, Jun’s body was gone. Not even a trace of him was left behind.

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