The Mans Decree Chapter 1830

I’ve had enough of this public display of affection! I’d better go back to my darlings.” As Flaxseed mumbled that, he hastily made his way back to his own room.

Jared and the group did not linger around for long on Ice Bear Island. They boarded a private jet to the capital of Seneris with Anne to treat her father, Ross.

At first, Flaxseed had no intention of joining the rest on the journey. Still, after Anne mentioned that Senerisian women were more beautiful and open-minded, he immediately changed his tune and became enthusiastic about it.

As soon as the group arrived at Seneris and got off the aircraft, they were welcomed by a grand convoy. This is incredible! It’s so cool being a part of the royal family!

More than a dozen Rolls-Royce had come to receive Anne and the rest. Not to mention, there were hundreds of guards maintaining order at the scene.

The average person could have never pulled off an entourage that huge. However, their amazement did not end there. When they reached Anne’s place, they were stunned to a whole new level.

Anne’s home was a castle that boasted a vastness of beyond a thousand acres. The girls were mesmerized by the magnificent, graceful castle on the spot. Thrilled, they began to take pictures of it as a memento.

Anne arranged for someone to show Lizbeth and the girls around the castle while she appointed another attendant to wait on Flaxseed privately. Following that, she led Jared inside to see her father.

In Ross’ room, Anne’s elder brother, Harold, was already there. Next to him, a sorcerer who had all kinds of headdresses on was spraying an unknown liquid all over Ross.

“What are you doing?” Anne bolted over and shoved that sorcerer aside at once. Harold, in turn, was taken aback to see Anne. “Anne! W-When did you return?” was his only question.

Truth be told, Harold thought that Anne had long met her maker back on Ice Bear Island. Obviously, he had yet to get wind of the ancient ruins on Ice Bear Island.

Anne cast a frosty glace at Harold. Despite knowing that her own brother had sent someone to hunt her down, she could not do anything about it because of a lack of evidence..

“What are you trying to do, Harold? Don’t you know that Father is gravely ill?” interrogated. Anne.

“What else would I be doing if not trying to heal him? Instead of tending to our poor father, I see you’ve been busy playing outside the castle. It’s down to me to get someone to treat Father.”

“Treat him, you say? You dare rely on this monstrous freak to cure our only father?” retorted Anne, pointing her finger right at the sorcerer.

Glaring daggers at Anne, Harold went through the roof. “Shut up, you! This is the messiah I’ve hired from abroad, and he can even bring back the dead. He can definitely save Father. Stop spewing nonsense or get out!”

“I think you’re not going to treat Father. If anything, you’re trying to kill him!”

The boiling rage within Anne erupted like a volcano. I don’t understand! Why would he even think of putting our father in harm’s way just for more power?

“What rubbish are you talking about? Father’s going to get well very soon, so don’t you sabotage this. Leave us!” chided Harold.

Anne refused to do Harold’s bidding. Never would she believe that brother of hers had any intention of curing their father’s illness.

“Just so you know, Anne, since Father is critically ill, I’ll have the final say from now on. You’re just a girl, and you’ll have to marry sooner or later. If you behave yourself, I’ll still let you stay here as royalty, but if you constantly test my patience, Anne, don’t blame me for showing you no mercy!”

Harold’s visage was as grim as death as he appeared to have fallen out completely with his sister. Even so, Anne insisted, “I won’t go! I’ll see for myself how you treat Father!”

Seeing Anne’s resolution, Harold stopped chasing her out the door. He turned to the sorcerer and said, “Please begin the rite, sir. You must save my father.”

As he spoke, he shot the sorcerer a meaningful look. As subtle as Harold’s movement seemed to be, Jared still managed to catch on to what the duo was up to.

Right when the sorcerer was in the midst of carrying out the ritual, Harold swept an icy gaze over Jared. He was clearly not concerned about the latter’s presence.

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