The Mans Decree Chapter 391

Chapter 391 I Will Make You All Pay

As much as Jared didn’t want to believe it, the earring in his hand was sufficient to confirm his suspicions.

It took Phoenix and the others a while to catch up to Jared because they couldn’t keep up with his speed.

“Mr. Chance, could this be…”

Phoenix seemed to have a rough idea about what happened when she saw the soil that had been recently tampered with.

“I want this place dug up,” Jared said without answering her question.

Phoenix ordered her men into action, and they soon uncovered bodies of young girls one after another.

They had wounds all over their bodies, making it a gruesome sight to behold.


Unable to stand the horrifying sight, Josephine threw up on the spot.

Everyone else had flames of burning anger in their eyes when they realized what was going on.

Lizbeth’s eyes reddened as she muttered through clenched teeth, “D*mn… We should’ve done more than just kill Zachariah!”

Even Tommy, the underground king infamous for killing people in cold blood, found himself disgusted and furious at what he saw.

Jared simply kept quiet while the look in his eyes turned icy-cold.

“Although Zachariah is a cruel and vicious man, I’ve never heard about him doing such a thing throughout these years. This might actually be someone else’s doing, Mr. Chance,” Phoenix whispered into his ear.

She wasn’t trying to justify Zachariah’s actions of abducting those girls, but she didn’t think the man would do such a cruel thing to them.

One person came to mind when Jared heard what she said, and that person was none other than the sage-like old man, Venicus.

“Fix the appearances of these girls and give them a proper burial,” Jared said as he held a finger up to the air.

A golden bright light shone from his finger, and with a wave, the beam of light shot into the air a second later before vanishing.

The black cloud filled with hatred and resentment cleared up from the golden light before disappearing completely.

Although Jared could’ve used that black cloud as an excellent resource for his cultivation, he chose not to do so and simply dispersed them in hopes that the girls would be able to rest in peace.

Jared’s expression remained gloomy even after he returned to the mansion. Josephine, on the other hand, kept throwing up while Lizbeth tried to comfort her.

After spending a few hours searching the entire Jantz family residence, Jared found a stack of contracts and several large bags of herbs.

“We found all of these in a single room, Mr. Chance. I’ve checked the footage from the surveillance cameras. Master Venicus was indeed the one staying in that room!” Phoenix said when she came in with a bunch of lingerie in hand.

“That f*cking perverted scumbag!” Tommy shouted furiously when he heard that.

Jared wasn’t all that surprised as he had kind of seen it coming.

“D*mn you, Crescent Sect… I’ll make you all pay for this!” he mumbled to himself while glaring coldly in the southwest direction.

“Mr. Chance, these are business contracts that the Jantz family has signed with the other business families…” Phoenix said while handing him a stack of documents.

Jared didn’t even bother to look at them. “I’ll leave these to you. All I want is the stuff in that bag.”

Phoenix placed the documents down and opened one of the bags. “These are all extremely rare herbs aged over hundreds of years!”

Of course, Jared already knew that even if she didn’t tell him. The spiritual energy in the bags was so strong that he detected it long ago.

What he didn’t know was how the Jantz family managed to get their hands on such a huge amount of rare herbs.

I couldn’t find this many rare herbs even in Yeringham, which is dubbed the ‘City of Herbs,’ let alone ones aged over hundreds of years! Since Yeringham is the largest source of herbs in all of Jazona, could it be that the Jantz family didn’t get these from Yeringham?

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