The Mans Decree Chapter 861

Chapter 861 Solitary Training

Shortly after Jared and the others had left, Godrick surrounded the hotel where Jared stayed with a legion of people from the Deragon family. Unfortunately, Jared had left long ago, rendering Godrick’s trip to be in vain.

After Jared left, he rushed toward the Medicine God Sect, traveling day and night. In terms of finding an isolated place to hide, there was no better choice than the Medicine God Sect. Furthermore, it was only right for him to stay there since he was the Lord of Medicine God Sect.

When he arrived at the Medicine God Sect, Axton could see that he was in quite a hurry but didn’t ask any questions. Jared promptly told him to prepare a quiet place for him. Subsequently, he sat down cross-legged and started cultivating.

He was already at the Transcendence Phase then, so there was no problem even if he went without food and drink. Besides, with the draconic essence, he wouldn’t be forced to stop cultivating due to a lack of spiritual energy.

Sensing the spiritual energy emitted by the draconic essence undulating in his elixir field, he plunged into a state of chaos.

Meanwhile, at the Deragon family in Jadeborough, Ryker, as the patriarch of the family, was seated at the rightful seat belonging to the head of the family.

Godrick, on the other hand, remained on his knees before the man with his head hung low as though being punished.

“Mr. Deragon, Leviathan from Shadow Estate is extremely tight-lipped. He stubbornly refused to tell me Jared’s whereabouts,” Godrick murmured lowly.

Failing to find Jared, he brought the Deragons to Shadow Estate since it was Leviathan who took Jared away back then. But right then, even Leviathan had no idea where the man was.

“Undoubtedly, he knew that Jared swallowed the draconic essence. So, why would he let the man off easily? This is simply too strange.”

Ryker narrowed his eyes a fraction, inexplicably feeling that something was off about the matter.

“Mr. Deragon, he has indeed let Jared go. He claimed that Jared was a friend of his son, Colin. Colin pleaded on Jared’s behalf, so he allowed the man to leave,” Godrick explained.

“Never mind whether he’s telling the truth or otherwise. Bring some men with you and find Jared immediately. Bring him back to the Deragon residence alive. I want to see whether he’s my precious nephew.”

Ryker was wholly surprised upon learning that his sister’s son was still alive. He had confined his sister for more than twenty years to obtain the information he wanted from her, but she was too close-mouthed, never uttering a single word in over twenty years.

Therefore, the fact that his nephew was still alive might possibly be a breakthrough point. After all, no mother would watch indifferently as her son died in front of her.

He wanted to get to his sister through Jared. If the latter was truly his nephew, he would then use Jared’s life to threaten his sister.

Godrick left after receiving his orders. Meanwhile, Ryker got to his feet and headed toward the dungeon in the backyard of the Deragon residence.

Right then, a woman in her forties was imprisoned in the dungeon. Although the environment in there was exceedingly bad, there was still a smile on her face.

That woman was none other than Jared’s biological mother and Ryker’s sister, Renalia.

“Ms. Renalia, it’s time to eat.”

Just then, a maid walked in with a tray of food and placed it neatly on the table.

She darted her eyes around before whispering to Renalia, “Ms. Renalia, Rayleigh secretly sent information over and said that Mr. Jared has successfully procured the draconic essence, his capabilities have improved by leaps and bounds. Perhaps the two of you will be able to meet soon.”

When Renalia heard that, the smile on her face froze imperceptibly. Out of the blue, she sighed and lamented, “Actually, I hope he hadn’t done that. I’m contented as long as he continues living peacefully. Now that the Deragon family knows of him, they won’t let him off so easily.”

“Don’t worry so much, Ms. Renalia. Mr. Jared will be fine with Mr. Draco and Rayleigh protecting him,” the maid consoled.

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