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within the capital, a village, an old courtyard.

The Black Emperor was talking to a few powerful soldiers and a Chinese man with a mustache.

This mustache is Tang Boyan’s follower Kong Jili.

Kong Jili picked up the coffee on the table and took a sip, frowning slightly. He was not used to the coffee of these foreigners.

He left the cup, look Black King, faint: “Black King, head, we say Mr. home, you let him down.”

“You really do not Zeyang things, come up with such a large movement, not even Yash Nics didn’t kill any of the guards. It’s too unprofessional.” The

black emperor’s eyes flashed angrily, and he said in a bit blunt Mandarin: “Go back and tell your husband, I’m careless this time.”

“Next time I will do it myself . , Completely solve Yash Nics.”

Kong Jili shook his head and said: “No, there is no next time.”

“Now that the matter is so big, Yash Nics is not dead. Now we are investigating this matter carefully. My husband asked you to leave the capital as soon as possible. Leave Huaxia.” The

Black Emperor said coldly: “It seems that your husband is scared, for fear that we will hurt him.”

Kong Jili said: “You leave, it is the best choice.”

“Good for you, but also for us. Hello, Mr. Family.” The

Black Emperor said indifferently: “Go back and tell you that our party will leave.”

“But not now, but after I personally killed Yash Nics and avenged my brother and my old brothers. , We will leave.”

Kong Jili said angrily: “My husband means that I want you to leave and follow his arrangements, leave the capital, and leave China.” The

Black Emperor said coldly: “That’s not OK!”

Kong Jili was shocked and angry: “The Black Emperor, you better not irritate my husband. My husband wants to kill you guys. It’s just a sentence.” The

Black Emperor said faintly: “Oh, what is he doing then? Don’t kill us directly, kill us, once and for all?”

Kong Jili slammed the table, stood up, and pointed to the Black Emperor: “You– ” The powerful soldiers

beside the Black Emperor all glared at Kong Jili, outside All the mercenaries rushed up when they heard the abnormal noise, glaring at Kong Jili and a Xuanyi subordinate behind Kong Jili.

The Black Emperor looked at the large number of mercenaries who had broken in, and shouted: “Who let you in, all retreat.” The

mercenaries hurriedly retreated upon hearing this.

The Black Emperor looked at Kong Jili and smiled slightly: “Don’t be angry. I don’t mean to have trouble with your husband. After all, I and your husband have a common enemy.”

“I traveled across the ocean for thousands of miles. , Just to avenge my brother and my dead subordinates.”

“Now that the enemy is not dead, how can I leave like this?”

Kong Jili said coldly: “But now the situation has changed, the police, the military, Guoan and Yash Nics’s people are all investigating this matter, and the whole city is investigating your whereabouts.”

“You are arrested, and you will definitely hurt my husband. Do you dare to say that you are not having trouble with my husband?”

Heihuang Put a finger up: “One day!”

“Go back and tell your husband, let him give us another day, I will kill Yash Nics, and then he arranges for us to leave.”

Kong Jili was silent for a while, and said coldly. : “I will go back to convey your words to my husband, but I can’t guarantee that I don’t agree.”


Kong Jili took Xuan Yi’s subordinates and left in a big stride.

Kong Jili brought Xuan Yi’s subordinates out of the courtyard, and a black car came over in time and stopped in front of him.

As he opened the door and got into the car, he coldly said to Xuan Yi’s subordinates behind him: “Xuan Feng, these foreign mercenaries are

unruly and will bring trouble to Elder Tang sooner or later.” The Xuan Yi man asked expressionlessly: “What Mr. Kong wants me to do, please tell me.”

Kong Jili said: “The praying mantis catches the cicada and the oriole is behind.”

“You follow the Black Emperor secretly. No matter whether the Black Emperor succeeds in killing Yash Nics 24 hours later, you will do it. They solved it with a bunch of people.”

Xuan Feng said: “Understand.”

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