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Chapter 2001: Are you sure you want me to shoot again?

When the tyrannosaurus saw Yash Nics, the whole person was stunned.

He didn’t expect to see Yash Nics again so soon, his right hand in plaster was given by Yash Nics.

Although there were dozens of younger brothers with machetes beside him, standing in front of Yash Nics, he felt no sense of security at all.

Ding Shuangyuan did not notice the strange expression of Tyrannosaurus, and urged: “Tyrannosaurus, this kid, why are you still stunned? Give me abolishment!”

Tyrannosaurus stubbornly said: “This…”

Ding Shuangyuan frowned and said angrily: “Tyrannosaurus, didn’t you say that this piece of land is yours? Why are you afraid of even a foreigner now, you are making trouble?”

Tyrannosaurus looked embarrassed. , Speechless, can’t say that the person in front of him is very strong, his own hand was interrupted by the person in front of him, right?

At this moment, Yash Nics spoke lightly.

Yash Nics looked at the tyrannosaurus with a slight sweat on his forehead, and said with a chuckle: “Tyrannosaurus, it’s you again.”

“Didn’t I ask you to surrender and fight for leniency?”

“Why are you still here, this is your first time? It fell into my hands for the second time, what do you think is good?”

Tyrannosaurus’s face changed drastically after hearing this!

On the contrary, the brothers around Tyrannosaurus didn’t know how powerful Yash Nics was. Hearing Yash Nics’s words with a scar face, he was furious and cursed, “He’s something, dare to be rude to our Long brother. Are you

looking for death?” This guy said, holding a machete, and pounced on Yash Nics murderously, wanting to shed some blood on Yash Nics.

Tyrannosaurus saw this scene, realized that it was not good, and just wanted to stop.

It’s a pity it’s too late.

Scar rushed in front of Yash Nics, raised the knife in his hand, and slashed it towards Yash Nics’s head.

Many people at the scene exclaimed.

Even Song Pingting and Tong Ke could not help but remind them together: “Be careful.” When

Ding Shuangyuan saw this scene, his face was grinning, his eyes were full of revenge pleasure, and his mouth sneered: “Good cut. , Hacked this kid to death.” The

machete was about to fall on Yash Nics’s forehead.

Yash Nicscai shot with lightning, raised his left hand, and easily caught the knife that Scar had chopped.

Take it with your bare hands!

Scar’s pupils suddenly enlarged, looking at Yash Nics incredulously.

Oh my god, this guy is too terrible, he can catch his knife with his hand.

Everyone at the scene was also stunned, and the whole audience was dead silent, and the needles dropped could be heard.

The tyrannosaurus was also full of excitement, remembering the fear of being just deserved when he was hanged by Yash Nics today.

He didn’t have any hesitation in his heart. The person in front of him was definitely not something they could provoke. If he chose to resist, he would die miserably.

Scar saw Yash Nics catching his knife with his left hand!

He was frightened and angry, suddenly using force, trying to spin the machete, trying to choke Yash Nics’s fingers off.

However, despite his exhaustion, the machete held by Yash Nics’s left hand remained motionless.

He was horrified.

At this time, Yash Nics had already snorted coldly and exerted a slight force on his left hand.


With a crisp sound, the machete in Scar’s hand was broken into two pieces by Yash Nics.

Scar’s eyes were protruding, and his eyes were about to fly out of shock.

At the moment when Yash Nics broke the machete, he took advantage of the flow and kicked Scar in the chest.


Scar’s chest bones were all shattered, spouting a mouthful of blood, flying out, and falling heavily in front of Tyrannosaurus and Ding Shuangyuan.

Ding Shuangyuan’s face was ugly, and the Tyrannosaurus face was as gray as death.

Ding Shuangyuan refused to give up. He urged Tyrannosaurus: “Quickly, you have a lot of people, let’s go together, and kill him.”

Yash Nics stood with his hand holding his hand and said coldly: “Tyrannosaurus, are you sure you want me to shoot again?”

Tyrannosaurus. Hearing this,

he trembled and blurted out: “Don’t dare.” After he finished speaking, he gritted his teeth and turned to face Ding Shuangyuan, raising his hand to slap Ding Shuangyuan’s face fiercely.


With a slap, Ding Shuangyuan staggered back a few steps, and two teeth flew away.

This slap not only slapped Ding Shuangyuan.

Many people at the scene were also confused and confused. They didn’t understand what was going on.

Including some younger brothers of Tyrannosaurus, they all looked at Tyrannosaurus in astonishment, wondering in their hearts: Didn’t we come to help Boss Ding get ahead? Why did Brother Long fight Boss Ding?

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