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Chapter 2002: put your strongest backer called

Ding was beaten with dual somehow, he was beaten Xiufen stricken.

He clutched his face, looked at the Tyrannosaurus sternly, and said with a trembling: “Tyrannosaurus, you–”

Tyrannosaurus said: “Ding Shuangyuan, you just need to find death by yourself, but you want to call me.”

“You Do you know that this Mr. Yash is very skilled, my right hand in a plaster was interrupted by Mr. Yash.”

“I have dozens of brothers, who are all lying in the hospital now, which is also what Mr. Yash taught. of. ” ”

you even let me disrespect to Mr. Yash, you do not want me to die? ”


The Tyrannosaurus was repaired by Yash Nics. Even the broken right hand of Tyrannosaurus was Yash Nics’s masterpiece?

Ding Shuangyuan was stunned.

He looked at Yash Nics and looked up and down, as if he wanted to get to know Yash Nics again.

Yash Nics and Ding Shuangyuan

looked at each other and asked coldly, “Ding Shuangyuan, are you still killing me now?” Ding Shuangyuan’s face flushed.

He angrily said: “Boy, don’t think that you can do something by yourself, thinking that you are very powerful.”

“This is the capital city. You really think that you can be domineering by virtue of your three-legged cat skills, and there will be no one. Can you take care of you?”

“There is a kind of you give me another chance, I will call again, I will shake people again.”

Still not convinced, but also called someone.

The corner of Yash Nics’s mouth rose slightly and said with a sneer: “Okay, I will give you one last chance. You will call everyone you know and your strongest backer. I will stay with you to the end today.”

Ding Shuangyuan immediately Take out the phone.

But he didn’t call for the first time. Instead, he thought about it in his mind and thought about which of his connections is the most powerful?

Among the many people he knows, among his contacts, the person with the highest status is Liu Laide, the deputy director of the General Office of the Education Bureau.

Moreover, Liu Laide’s younger brother, Liu Laizhi, happens to be the leader of the Beijing suburbs police station.

Asking Director Liu to come and help is the best choice.

Thinking of this, Ding Shuangyuan didn’t hesitate to call Liu Laide, and said carefully, “Dr. Liu, it’s my little brother Ding Shuangyuan. I have something to ask, Director Liu, you have to help my little brother anyway.”

Liu Laide was at this time. In the hotel, a new pair of pants was changed.

He had just calmed down at this time, and the negative emotions that would be frightened by most of the captains, slowly calmed down.

He frowned slightly when he heard Ding Shuangyuan calling him for help.

He is the leader of the Ministry of Education in Beijing, and Ding Shuangyuan is a relatively well-known entrepreneur in Beijing.

And every time the Ministry of Education had any charity event, Ding Shuangyuan participated in it and contributed money every time.

Therefore, Liu Laide is more familiar with Ding Shuangyuan, and Ding Shuangyuan usually respects Liu Laide in private, and the relationship between them is pretty good.

After a little hesitation, Liu Laide said, “Are you at the Crystal Palace Hotel? Okay, I’ll come and have a look.”

Ding Shuangyuan was overjoyed when he heard the words, and hurriedly said: “Director Liu, you remember to call your brother Liu Ju together to insult me. That kid is very capable and very arrogant. I’m afraid he won’t even give you the face.”

Liu Laide said with a deep face , “I want to see which foreigner is so arrogant in the capital.”

After speaking, he said nothing. Cut off the phone and call his brother Liu Laizhi: “My friend called someone in the Crystal Palace. It is said that the assailant was very brutal. I will go to the scene now. You bring a group of policemen over.”

“Okay, brother.”

Crystal Palace Hotel, in the lobby.

Ding Shuangyuan looked at Yash Nics with a sneer, “Boy, I promise you will be dead this time.”

Yash Nics’s mouth raised slightly: “Really?”

Tyrannosaurus’ eyes rolled twice, and suddenly he said, “Mr. Yash, here. Nothing is wrong with me, so the villain gets out first?”

Yash Nics and Ding Shuangyuan said at the same time: “No!”

Ding Shuangyuan said angrily: “Tyrannosaurus, you little-eyed dog, you are afraid of a stranger. You can’t go, you can’t leave.”

Yash Nics said with a chuckle: “Tyrannosaurus, you are here, don’t rush to go, wait for the matter to be resolved.”

Tyrannosaurus sweats on his forehead and his mouth is fascinated. Suffering, ten thousand grass-mud horses rushed past in my heart, thinking: What’s the matter with this, you gods fight, I, a mortal, suffer!

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