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Chapter 2020: Can you get it?


Huang Tianshun frowned.

For parents, it is not a big problem to listen to Zhou Hairu’s singing.

But for the children, it was very disappointing.

Because the children love Zhou Hairu’s songs, and the children love her, all of them are waiting for their idols to sing live.

Suddenly learned that the idol sister is not coming.

The disappointment of the children can be imagined.

Even Song Qingqing couldn’t help but toss at Yash Nics’s clothes at this time, and said timidly: “Dad, can’t Sister Zhou come to sing for us? Qingqing really wants to see her in person, so I really want to listen to her singing live. ”

The children around, learning that the big celebrity sister can’t come, all cried and clamored for the big celebrity sister to sing.

Song Pingting couldn’t help looking at Yash Nics: “Husband, do you have a way to invite Zhou Hairu?”

Yash Nics did not speak yet.

There was already a sneer in the ear: “Hehe, Zhou Hairu is a popular star. I don’t know how many high-ranking officials want to invite her to dinner and sing. Yash Nics just went to kneel down for Zhou Hairu, and no one would come.”

Yash Nicswen Yan’s face sank.

He and Song Pingting and the others looked together in the direction where the laughter came from.

Then, I saw an aristocratic young man dressed in a white suit and well-dressed, with a few of his subordinates, and walked over with his head high.

This noble son is no one else, but Fu Wenbin.

Many people at the scene knew that Fu Wenbin was the prince of the Neverland Group. They gathered around and said, “Good morning Fu!”

Fu Wenbin didn’t take these people who flattered him seriously, and went straight to Yash Nics and Song Pingting.

He smiled and said to Song Pingting: “Miss Song, you are expecting your husband to invite Zhou Hairu, the queen, then you are probably disappointed.”

“However, it’s a little bit, but I can help you invite Zhou Hairu.” After

he said that, he ordered his subordinates : “Amu, you go and invite Zhou Hairu in person immediately. Let her come over and sing to the children.”

Amu solemnly said: “Yes, Shao Fu.” After

checking out the hotel where Zhou Hairu was staying, Amu took two companions and hurried to see Zhou Hairu.

Jinfeng Hotel, Presidential Suite.

Zhou Hairu was in the makeup mirror, turned into the mirror, and there were makeup artists, assistants, and several bodyguards around him.

Amu explained his intentions, and then smiled: “Miss Zhou, our Fu Shao is willing to give you four million at your usual price. Please go over and sing two songs.”

Zhou Hairu casually touched up makeup while coldly hummed:” Four million, that was my previous price.”

“Now I sing one song for five million, and two songs for 10 million.”

“And I want to accompany Liang Jiaming, the richest man in Beijing, to dinner tonight, you want me to push If you lose the dinner of the richest man in Liang, go and sing for you?”

“Unless you Shao Fu is willing to pay 20 million, otherwise, no talk.”

Amu said: “I’m sorry, we Shao Fu said, he can only pay 5 million at most.”

Zhou Hairu immediately became angry when he heard the words: “Bargaining, you treat me as a vegetable market?”

” Twenty million, if you don’t have money, give me a hurry, my old lady wo n’t serve you poor people.”

Amu didn’t expect to be in front of the camera on weekdays . A very glamorous star, privately turned out to be so vulgar, like a shrew.

He whispered mildew, and then he was about to leave with his two companions.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Hairu suddenly became angry when he heard him say moldy.

She scolded angrily: “It’s you fans who are

mentally disabled. It’s okay to come all day to harass the old lady , come, and blast them out.” Zhou Hairu is very worthy, and he is often accompanied by a dozen bodyguards. These bodyguards is extraordinary.

When she gave an order, Amu and the others were dragged out by the bodyguards and threw them directly into the street.

Amu returned to the summer bonfire party in embarrassment, and told Fu Wenbin about the process in a dingy manner, and finally said embarrassingly: “Sorry Fu Shao, we were not able to invite the queen Zhou Hairu.”

Fu Wenbin did not expect Zhou Hairu to play. Big names, skyrocketing prices.

Although he has money in his family, it is all his father’s money.

He only had zero three million in pocket money a month, and he made him spend twenty million, but he couldn’t get it out.

Besides, smiling with 20 million Beauties, he also feels pain and reluctant to bear it.

at this time!

He awkwardly said to Song Pingting: “Well, Zhou Hairu, the queen, asked for a sky-high appearance fee, and Liang Jiaming, the richest man in Beijing, asked her to accompany her by name. Even I can’t ask her to come over.”

“But I can’t blame me for this, I dare say. I can’t invite her, and no one can invite her here. Let’s invite other stars to join us!” The

voice just fell!

Yash Nics already chuckled: “I thought the Fu family was so powerful, but I didn’t expect to invite an actor.”

Fu Wenbin said angrily: “I can’t invite you, can you please?”

Yash Nics Xiaoxiao: “How do you know that I can’t call her?”

Fu Wenbin sneered: “Hehe, you also called the queen Zhou Hairu, what are you bragging about!”

“If you have the ability, please invite Zhou Hairu. Let’s open our eyes.”

“If you don’t dare to go, then I advise Miss Song to abandon this kind of stubborn man as soon as possible, and he might as well follow me!”

Song Pingting said, her face was angry.

Yash Nics asked calmly: “If I can call Zhou Hairu?”

Fu Wenbin said: “If you can call Zhou Hairu, I will kneel and call your father; if you can’t call her, then you will kneel down. Learn how to bark.”

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