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Chapter 2051: The man next door is a young marshal.

“It’s you!”

“It’s you!”

Xiang Xueer and Song Pingting blurted out almost at the same time.

Yash Nics was a little surprised, and asked his wife: “You know?”

Song Pingting said: “I know, I don’t know.”

“Some time ago, the United Nations nominated me and several other candidates to be the United Nations Peace Ambassador.”

“This Xiang Miss Cher is one of the nominees.”

“However, the United Nations finally decided to make me an ambassador for peace. The reason is that the liver cancer drugs and liver cancer vaccines produced by our Ningda Group have made great contributions to world peace.”

Yash Nics was a little surprised. His wife was so low-key that she was chosen by the United Nations as the Peace Ambassador and won such an honor that she didn’t even tell him.

Yash Nics just wanted to congratulate his wife.

But this time, entries Cher jealous voice was ringing in my ears: “United Nations peace ambassador, obviously this is me in.”

“It Yuanjialuzhai, I thought who occupied bully One box it ‘? ”

So It’s you bad guy!” The

voice fell!

Yash Nics’s eyes suddenly turned cold: “You are looking for death, come here, give me a slap.”

Dian Chu heard the words and was about to take action immediately.

Song Pingting hurriedly stopped, and she shook her head at Yash Nics: “Husband, don’t be familiar with this kind of person, just let her go.”

Dian Chu heard this and whispered in Yash Nics’s ear: “Young handsome, Mrs. Young is right.”

“Mrs. Young is now the United Nations named Peace Ambassador. This Cher has also been one of the candidates for the United Nations Image Ambassador.”

“If you hit Xiang Xueer now and spread it out, the young lady who is a peace ambassador will definitely be criticized.”

“I suggest not to worry about this shrew first, and if necessary, go back and teach her.”

Yash Nics heard the words. He pressed his anger a little bit, looked at Xiang Xue’er coldly, and said indifferently: “According to my past temper, I have let people polish your teeth. Now for my wife’s sake, you immediately I disappeared before my eyes.”

Xiang Xueer was shocked when she heard Yash Nics order her to slap her mouth just now.

When did anyone dare to treat her like this?

At this moment, when she heard Yash Nics let her go, she came back to her senses.

She was like a tigress stepped on her tail, freaking out.

“What are you, do you dare to let someone slap my mouth?”

“Do you know who I am? Do you believe it or not that I can let you and your bad wife, you can’t finish eating…. ..”

She didn’t finish her angry words.

A bloated middle-aged man with a bald head rushed to him with a group of staff.

It turns out that this bald middle-aged man is the boss of the ghost market, nicknamed the ghost king.

The ghost king can occupy the largest underground black market in the capital where the power is full of power and the strong like clouds. There is no doubt about its strength. In the capital, it is definitely a black and white, all-rounded big man.

When he saw Xiang Xueer about to rush Yash Nics, he quickly grabbed Xiang Xueer, and said hurriedly: “Miss Xueer calmed down, if there is anything wrong with hospitality, my ghost king will apologize for you.”

He finished, yes. With Xiang Xueer’s subordinates, and the staff on the scene whispered: “Don’t take Miss Xueer to the second box of the emperor?”

Xiang Xueer was surrounded by her bodyguards and the staff on the scene. left.

The ghost king was sweating profusely, standing at the door facing Yash Nics repeatedly, apologized: “Marshal, I’m bothering you, I’ll apologize for Miss Cher.”

In the eyes of the ghost king!

Although Yash Nics is no longer the commander-in-chief of the Northern Army, Yash Nics’s rank is still there.

Aiming at Yash Nics’s rank as a young marshal, is an existence he can’t afford to provoke.

Therefore, when he learned that Yash Nics had a conflict with Xiang Xueer, he was so scared that he rushed to deal with it.

Reach out and don’t hit smiley people.

Yash Nics didn’t care about the ghost king either, waved his hand to signal the ghost king to retreat.

The ghost king hurriedly withdrew, if he received a pardon.

The King of Ghosts closed the door easily, and went straight to the No.2 box of Tianzi.

Inside the No. 2 box of Tianzi!

Xiang Xueer was furious. When she saw the King of Ghosts, she immediately said angrily: “You came just right, why are you partial to the dog and man?” The

King of Ghosts quickly raised her fingers and hissed: “My grandmother, the wall has ears in a whisper.”

“The man next door is the former commander of the Northern Army, Marshal Yash Nics.”

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