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Chapter 2063: Yash Nics, what did you just say?

When Lu Shaocong learned that Yash Nics was here, he hurriedly took his family and walked out of the hotel.

Xiang Xueer thought that Lu Shaocong came out to meet her personally!

She took her entourage triumphantly, hurried up to meet her, and said with a smile: “Oh, General Lu, today is your 40th birthday, how dare you come out to meet you in person, you are so polite.”

Xiang Xue My son was thinking this way, but what he thought was: Our Xiang family is going to marry the Grand Governor recently. Lu Shaocong is a subordinate of the Grand Governor. This guy also knows that I am his future mistress. Now he ran out to greet me. Count him a bit foresight.


What happened in the next second made her dumbfounded on the spot.

Lu Shaocong came out of the hotel with a group of family members and his men, as if he hadn’t seen Xiang Xueer and his party. He didn’t even glance at Xiang Xueer. He walked straight by Xiang Xueer and walked quickly towards Yash Nicsying. Go up.

“Marshal, you actually came. You came to my birthday party. I was really flattered!” When

everyone saw Lu Shaocong respect Yash Nics, who had already fallen from power, they all looked surprised.

As for Xiang Xue’er, her expression is even more like swallowing a fly, very ugly.

She thought that Lu Shaocong led the crowd to greet her, but she didn’t expect that Lu Shaocong would not take her seriously, and Yash Nics was greeted by them.

She was ashamed and angry!

I thought bitterly in my heart: Okay, you Lu Shaocong, I will marry the Chief Governor in the future and be the wife of the Chief Governor. I will be your mistress in the future.

If you don’t please me, you go to burn Yash Nics’s cold stove. Is your brain broken?

When I become the governor’s wife, there will be something for you.

At this time, Yash Nics noticed Xiang Xue’er’s ugly expression, and the corners of her mouth rose slightly, revealing a seemingly non-existent smile.

He faintly said to Lu Shaocong: “Hehe, General Lu is a hero in the army and a pillar of the country. Today is your 40th birthday. I will naturally come to ask for a longevity drink. I will not dislike it?”

Lu Shaocong was so exaggerated by Yash Nics. Happy and grinning.

He repeatedly said: “How dare you

, marshal, please come inside.” With that, Lu Shaocong and others wanted the stars to surround Yash Nics in.

at this time!

Xiang Xue’er couldn’t bear it anymore, stepped forward again and greeted Lu Shaocong: “General Lu!” Lu

Shaocong seemed to have noticed Xiang Xue’er at this time, and said with a smile: “Hey, it’s Miss Xiang Jia, Xiang Xue’er. ”

Xiang Xueer said with a high face, arrogantly: “General Lu, my parents have ordered me to replace Xiang’s family and come to wish you birthday.”

Lu Shaocong said: “Thank you Miss Xueer, who also wrote about your elders for me. Especially thanks to Mr. Xiang

Ge .” Xiang Xueer saw that Lu Shaocong said politely, she was a little suspicious that Lu Shaocong didn’t know she was here just now, otherwise, Lu Shaocong would not be able to leave her alone and ran to burn Yash Nics’s cold stove.

She proudly said at this time: “General Lu, my uncle also asked me to bring a gift with you.”

Lu Shaocong said, “I don’t know what the gift is?”

Xiang Xueer beckoned, and an entourage took Wu Jianghe’s picture. Pass the calligraphy, she took it, and dedicated it to Lu Shaocong.

Lu Shaocong probably guessed what it was.

However, he still unfolded in public.

Then I saw the majestic Gong Zai Qianqiu written on it, and there was a signature by a generation of famous Wu Jianghe in the lower corner.

Lu Shaocong looked at this work thoughtfully, then calmly let his subordinates put it away, and calmly said to Xiang Xueer, “Thank you, Xiang Ge, for me.”

Xiang Xueer smiled and said, “Yes!”

This calligraphy work has already been sent by the Xiang family for the second time.

The first time it was given to the chief governor.

But I don’t know who took it out secretly, and was sold to the black market.

This is the second time!

Xiang Xueer knew that Lu Shaocong would definitely take this calligraphy work to the governor.

Lu Shaocong said, “Marshal, Miss Xue’er, and all the guests, there are already food and beverages ready, please sit inside.”

Lu Shaocong was about to invite Yash Nics, Xiang Xue’er and others inside.

But at this time, Xiang Xueer suddenly said: “General Lu, wait a

moment .” Lu Shaocong and the eyes of everyone on the scene all subconsciously fell on Xiang Xueer.

Lu Shaocong asked suspiciously: “Ms. Xue’er, is there anything else?”

“Yes!” Xiang Xue’er said, turning around and looking, sneerly: “Yash Nics, what did you say just now?”

“You Say that someone will obediently deliver this calligraphy to you.”

“Hehe, now I have given the calligraphy to General Lu, I want to see, who will give you the calligraphy?”

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