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Chapter 2076: a guide for their lives

hunched old man heard the term Cher tells his origin, he was a little surprised, immediately understand, and said: “You are my man last night to contact entries Miss Jia, Xiang Xueer?”

Xiang Xueer nodded: “You are the head of the gravedigger, Huangquan guide, Huang Lao?”

Huang Laojie smiled and said, “Hehe, since Miss Xiang knows that the old man is Who, then I guess you know the rules of our organization.”

Xiang Xueer said: “You do things for the rich, as long as you have money, you all dare to kill.”

Huang Lao shook his head: “Wrong, it is a lot of money. That’s fine, and the more special the identity, the higher the price.”

Xiang Xueer took out a picture of Song Pingting and threw it to Lao Huang: “Where is she?”

Lao Huang took the photo and saw the picture. Song Pingting was slightly surprised that the woman in the photo was beautiful, so he beckoned.

A man in black appeared ghostly beside him, took the photo in his hand, and then left.

Xiang Xueer knew that Huang Lao had asked to check the identity of the woman in the photo.

It didn’t take long for the man in black to return and whispered a few words in Huang Lao’s ear.

After listening, Mr. Huang frowned slightly, and then said to Xiang Xueer: “Song Pingting is the chairman of Ningda Group, and her husband is the former commander-in-chief of the Northern Army. Generally speaking, we don’t have this kind of list.

I’ll take it.” “But now Yash Nics has been in power, and he has offended your Xiang family. He is estimated to have his life soon.”

“Our gravedigger made an exception to help Miss Xiang once, which is considered to be a bond with Xiang family.”

Xiang Xueer smiled and said: “Thank you Huang Lao!”

Huang Lao said again: “In terms of remuneration, we charge you 100 million in commission, not much, right?”

One billion is of course more!

However, considering Song Pingting’s unusual status, Xiang Xueer had no objection.

However, she said: “I can give you a 100 million commission, but I have a request.”

Huang Lao said: “What is the request?”

Xiang Xueer said: “I want you to bring Song Pingting back to me first, I I have to ask her something before killing her.”

Huang Lao frowned slightly.

Xiang Xueer said: “Is it difficult?”

Huang Lao hesitated for a while, gritted his teeth and said, “Although the difficulty has increased, it is not a problem for us gravediggers.”

“Miss Xiang, you go back first. The tomb man will act today.”

“Tonight, when night falls, Song Pingting will be kidnapped here. You can come here when the time comes.”

Xiang Xueer said satisfied: “Okay!”

Neverland Park, Summer camp.

Hundreds of students, parents and teachers from the Tulip Kindergarten Summer Camp in Mannity City are playing games and entertainment.

Parents and children had a great time.

Song Pingting and Tong Ke, with her bodyguard Qin Que, stood on the side, smiling at the frolicking children.

Song Qingqing was playing CS live-action game with other children at this time and was very happy.

What Song Pingting and the others did not know was that they were watching Song Qingqing play a game, and on the roof of a house unexpectedly hundreds of people were holding binoculars and staring at them.

The person holding the telescope was a tall, thin man with a pale face, and a few male and female companions beside him. Each of these guys had pale faces and cold eyes, like a zombie who couldn’t see the sky.

They are all killers of gravediggers!

The guy with the telescope, nicknamed Bone, is the top killer in the gravedigger organization and the leader of the kidnapping of Song Pingting.

He stared at Song Pingting through the binoculars, and then his eyes fell on Qin Que next to Song Pingting, frowning slightly: “The tall woman next to Song Pingting is a master, we have to find a way to get her away before we can start! “

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