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Chapter 2078: Does he have this ability?

Yash Nics said: “Where is my wife, is she safe, who is the kidnapper, and who instigated?”

Lu Shaocong answered one by one: “Miss Song was kidnapped to the Wanshou Coffin Shop in the suburbs. She is still safe now, and our agents, Already, while avoiding the grass and scaring snakes, I quickly rushed to the Wanshou Coffin Shop and prepared for rescue work.”

“The kidnappers are a mysterious and ancient killer organization in the capital named Tomb Diggers.”

“We also found out. It is Xiang Xueer who has spent a lot of money to hire gravediggers to organize and kidnap Miss Song.”

Yash Nics’s voice was murderous: “It’s her again, she is stealing sesame oil money from the Chenghuang Temple and looking for death.”

“You order the military agents. If the hostages are temporarily safe, let them stay away from Wanshou’s coffin shop, so as not to start off the snake and cause the kidnappers to

jump over the wall .” Lu Shaocong said: “Yes!”

Yash Nics said again: “Also, convey my order, Huben camp three thousand special fighters, All are dispatched to the Wanshou coffin shop on the outskirts of Beijing.”

Lu Shaocong said: “Yes, the general governor.”

Lu Shaocong asked in a low voice: “Yes, the general governor, you have to act together with our tiger camp soldiers to save Miss Song. Is it?”

Yash Nics said coldly: “I am impatient and can’t wait to be with the troops. You will arrange for me an up-to-date armed helicopter, and I will fly over.”

Lu Shaocong opened his eyes wide when he heard this. He could understand the general governor. I was in a hurry to save my wife, but the chief governor took the helicopter to go there first. It seemed a bit rash.

He hesitated: “This…is it a bit risky? Or else the captain will go with the troops. I will dispatch an airborne troop to control the scene and ensure the safety of Ms. Song. How about? ”

Yash Nics said coldly: “It’s about my wife’s safety. I have to come in person to feel relieved. Just follow my instructions and don’t say any more.”

Lu Shaocong had nothing but to arrange according to Yash Nics’s instructions.

Yash Nics disliked that the Suzaku jersey and the unicorn mask were getting in the way, which might affect his battle, so he directly took off the unicorn mask, took off the Suzaku handsome robe, dressed in ordinary military uniform, walked out quickly, and boarded the prepared helicopter gunship. .

Then, the helicopter lifted off suddenly and flew towards the Wanshou coffin on the outskirts of Beijing at the fastest speed.

The helicopter has just been dispatched.

On the ground, military vehicles galloped out from the Metropolitan Governor’s Mansion. The military vehicles formed a long dragon and whizzed towards the outskirts with confidence.

Beijing suburbs.

Wanshou Coffin Shop.

In the huge coffin shop, a variety of coffins are placed.

Song Pingting was held hostage by Bone and others, stumbled past a shop full of coffins, and then dragged into the backyard.

The backyard is huge, with high walls.

There are all kinds of wood and many semi-finished coffins on the ground in the backyard.

There is a pavilion in the yard.

In the pavilion, Huang Lao was drinking tea with Xiang Xueer, and they were standing behind many of them.

Xiang Xueer was drinking tea, and suddenly heard the sound of footsteps. When she looked up, she saw Baigu and others, who really caught Song Pingting.

She couldn’t help showing a satisfied smile. She smiled and said without a smile: “Hehe, Huang Lao, I have to say that your Gravedigger team is powerful, and you really succeeded in capturing Song Pingting.”

Huang Lao smiled. Said: “Miss Xueer, we are professional.”

Bai Gu had already taken a few of his men and held Song Pingting into the pavilion.

He said blankly: “Old Huang, man, we’ve already caught it.”

Old Huang smiled slightly: “Is the process going well?” The

bones said, “It went smoothly.”

Old Huang nodded, then said to Xiang. Xue’er said, “We have caught people for you, Miss Xue’er, how do you deal with her?”

Xiang Xueer smiled and said, “Old Huang, you and your people should withdraw first, and I and my men will ask first This bitch has something to do, and I will ask you to send her on the road again.”

Huang Lao said: “Okay!”

Huang Lao took all the people organized by the gravedigger and exited the pavilion.

Xiang Xueer’s gaze fell on Song Pingting, and said triumphantly: “Haha, Song Pingting, you didn’t expect you to fall into my hands, right?”

Song Pingting said in fright, “Xiang Xueer, You’d better let me go now, otherwise my husband knows that you kidnapped me, he will never let you go.”

Xiang Xueer sneered: “Just relying on your great power, now a useless husband?”

“He has it .” Is this skill?”

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