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Chapter 2109: Immediately release

“What? Liu Xiaohan and they were arrested!”

Xiang Cheng was drinking with the guests, waiting for Liu Xiaohan’s good news.

Unexpectedly, the good news did not arrive, but the bad news came.

According to the latest news, some military figures celebrated Yash Nics’s birthday. Liu Xiaohan and his party wanted to be rude to Yash Nics and angered those military figures who celebrated Yash Nics’s birthday. Finally, Liu Xiaohan and others were arrested. Detained in the prison cattle military prison.


Xiang Cheng slapped an angry slap on the table, shaking the table with wine glasses and chopsticks.

He blew his beard and stared: “I greeted the country’s lord and the chief governor a long time ago. Which one of the people in the military is not long-eyed who dares to take my people into jail?” The

ghost slave reported respectfully at this time. Said: “Report to Xiang Lao that there are many military figures who have entered Beijing in a low-key manner. They are all personally celebrating Yash Nics’s 30th birthday.”

“Now I only know those soldiers who celebrated Yash Nics’s birthday. Among them are the northern border. Army commander Greed Wolf, deputy commander Pojun, Seven Kills, and capital garrison commander Tian Weilong. As for the identities of the other people, the subordinates have not fully checked out the identity of the others in a hasty.”

Xiang Cheng said coldly. “The greedy wolves broke the army with seven kills. They used to be Yash Nics’s subordinates. Now, although Yash Nics has been dismissed, the generals of the Northern Army are still facing Yash Nics.”

“As for Tian Weilong, this guy is Qin. Heng was promoted, and Yash Nics was Qin Heng’s proud disciple. Tian Weilong and Yash Nics had a nest of snakes and rats, and they had a common understanding.”

“But if Yash Nics thought he had several old ministries to help, Tian Weilong would help. , You can challenge me, then he really wants too much.”

Xiang family members, as well as countless disciples on the scene, all asked: “Elder Xiang, what should we do now?”

Xiang Cheng said solemnly: “Immediately send people to the Niu Prison, asking the prison to release people immediately.”

Xiang Shan couldn’t help but said: “Brother, what if the prison refuses to release people?”

“After all, Niu Prison is a military prison. , Belonged to Tian Weilong. Since Tian Weilong took Liu Xiaohan and others into prison, I don’t think he would be willing to let them go easily.”

Xiang Cheng coldly snorted, “I’ve already said hello to the governor, and the governor will not follow I am right. What is his Tian Weilong, dare to be presumptuous in front of me?”

After speaking, he shouted loudly: “Long Sheng!”

Immediately, a tall one-eyed man with a blindfold on his left eye was about 40 years old. The man appeared in front of Xiang Cheng and said in

a deep voice : “Subordinates are here, please Xiang Lao to give instructions.” This man named Long Sheng had served as the leader of the Huaxia Dragon Group.

Once committed a serious mistake, he should be sent to a military court to receive severe punishment.

But in the end, he was protected from legal punishment by Xiang Cheng, but he himself took the blame and resigned. After leaving the Dragon Group, he entered the Xiang family and became a retainer of the Xiang family.

After Long Sheng became a retainer of the Xiang family, he convened a group of retired military units and set up a private armed team with amazing combat effectiveness.

This team is also known as the Xiangjialong Team.

At this time, Xiang Cheng coldly instructed

Long Sheng : “You take people to the Niu Prison, convey my meaning, order the prison to release the people immediately, and not be conceited.” Long Sheng said in a deep voice: “Yes!”

Supper Street, food stalls.

Yash Nics, Tian Weilong and others just sat down, ordered a few small stir-fries, opened a few cases of wine, and prepared to continue drinking.

Yash Nics smiled and said: “I was disturbed in the hotel, let’s change to an ordinary food stall and continue to drink.”

Tian Weilong smiled and said, “Okay, let’s not get drunk or return tonight.”

Zhao Ruolong smiled and said, “Lao Tian, ​​it’s okay for us

not to get drunk, but the marshal may not do it.” “Don’t you see the marshal’s distressed look at the side when the marshal is drinking? It is estimated that the marshal is not drunk yet. I

‘m going to be grabbed back by the young marshal’s ears.” Tian Weilong and the others couldn’t help laughing.

Song Pingting, who was next to Yash Nics, made a big red face.

Yash Nics’s face was still calm and calm, but he smiled slightly and didn’t think he was disgusted.

Seeing Zhao Ruolong’s joke about the marshal, Greedy Wolf was immediately unhappy. He picked up the wine glass and said with a smile: “You can rest assured, General Zhao, I don’t know if the marshal can get drunk, but I will accompany you until drunk. ! ”

Zhaoruo Long pick pick brow:” I saw it, Wolf, General Pinjiu are you with me ah! ”

Wolf laughed:”? I do not know that General Zhao dare ”

Zhaoruo Long suddenly not convinced, and this There are still things in the world that Zhao Ruolong dared not dare?

He also picked up the wine glass: “You can fight for it, everyone, you drink, I drink with the greedy wolf

, and none of you should interfere in my fight with the greedy wolf.” Wei Lin, Liu Zhennan, and the Seven Kills of the Army, etc., all have one after another. Booing.

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