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Chapter 2116: Exile immortal heavenly

child holding a bucket Ke, joy walked over to help Ning picked up by fishing koi.

Song Pingting looked at Yash Nics’s confident and charming smile at this time, at her daughter’s joyful appearance, and at Tong Ke’s admiring expression. She felt a touch in her heart and secretly made up her mind: If Yash Nics died, she would not live. Because without Yash Nics in her life, it would be meaningless.

No matter whether it is raining or flooding in a few days, life is too short, so live the moment first.

Thinking about this, she secretly touched the tears from the corners of her eyes, revealed a smile, and walked over quickly.

Song Qingqing said triumphantly: “Mom, look, Dad really caught a big fish, Dad is amazing.”

Song Pingting touched her daughter’s head and said with a smile: “Your father is a world of immortals, unparalleled in the world. Of course it’s amazing.”

Yash Nics smiled upon hearing the words.

Tong Ke deeply agrees that her brother-in-law is like a fairy in her mind.

Song Pingting’s remarks originally praised Yash Nics as a star descending from the earth, so outstanding.

But when she said her words, she suddenly remembered Bai Juyi’s phrase “I am afraid of being a celestial being who is only thirteen years old in the world.”

My heart can’t help but hurt!

Is it possible that his unparalleled husband, like Zhou Yu in ancient times, has to encounter the talents of heaven and jealousy?

Yash Nics didn’t know that his wife was worried about gains and losses. He smiled and passed the fishing rod to the Dian Chu next to him, and said softly: “Okay, it’s getting late, let’s go back. I will cook it myself today and make one for you. Braised carp in brown sauce .”


Tong Ke and Song Qingqing both cheered.

Song Pingting also picked up her mood again and took Yash Nics’s hand: “Okay, husband, let’s go home.”

The Xiang family has been sending people to follow Yash Nics secretly.

Xiang Cheng learned that Yash Nics had spent the past few days playing with his wife and children every day. He did not visit any bigwigs or win any helpers.

Xiang Cheng was a little stunned.

He was full of suspicion and said to himself: “Why is Yash Nics so calm, is he confident, or knowing he will die and giving up treatment?”

Xiang Shan laughed and said, “Brother, let’s move this time. True.”

“The country’s lord and the chief governor are both neutral and will not intervene.”

“Yash Nics’s old tribe, greedy wolves, break the army and seven kills, are based in the north, and the troops cannot leave the defense zone, otherwise it would be a crime of treason. So Yash Nics can’t

expect anything from the Northern Army to help.” “Father Tian Weilong had just died in an accident. Tian Weilong has hurriedly returned to his hometown today and held a funeral for his father.”

“Without Tian Weilong’s protection, Yash Nics What qualifications do you have to fight against our Xiang family?”

“I guess he, he must know that this battle will be defeated and he will die this time, so hurry up and reunite with his family, so as not to leave regrets when his death is imminent.”

Xiang Cheng feels reasonable. , But he was cautious by nature, and said in a deep voice: “Even so, we can’t be careless.”

“Regardless of whether the enemy is strong or weak, even if Yash Nics is now weak as a mosquito, we must use our full strength and use cannons. The thunderous method of hitting mosquitoes killed Yash Nics.”

Xiang Shan smiled and said, “Brother, don’t worry!”

“You are visiting giants from all walks of life during this time and fighting for their support. I have not been idle.”

“I am already facing the whole world. The world, to our children of the Xiang family, to our disciples and grandchildren, and to our allies of the Xiang family, issue a call to gather.”

“In recent days, countless family children, countless disciples and grandchildren have come to gather in the capital not far away.”

“Our Xiang family is now at the peak of its heyday. Let alone Yash Nics is nothing. Even if he is the commander-in-chief of the Northern Army, he can’t compete with our Xiang family.”

Xiang Cheng nodded, “Very good!”

“Yash Nics killed my children, it is time for our Xiang family to take revenge.”

“I can’t wait to look forward to the day of the decisive battle soon.”

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