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Chapter 2145: Secret life experience

Song Painting quickly pulled back a little, embarrassed and said:. “I’m sorry, I think you are mistaken.”

“My name is Song Painting, I’m Song The person is not what you said, Miss Zhang, you have found the wrong person.”

But what I never expected was.

Zhang Dewang smiled and said: “Miss, we are not mistaken, you are the lost child of our Zhang family, and you are the daughter of our father and wife.”

“You shouldn’t have the surname Song, you should have the surname Zhang Cai. After

Zhang Dewang finished, he looked at Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli and his wife next to him with a smile but a smile, and said: “Mr. Song, Mrs. Song, I’m right, you two should quickly tell our lady the truth!” In

an instant!

Not only Song Pingting looked suspiciously at Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli, but even everyone at the scene turned their eyes on Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli.

A bad premonition rose in Song Pingting’s heart. She

trembled and said, “Parents, what’s the matter?” Ma Xiaoli suddenly covered her face and cried: “You people, why don’t you come to find children? , Wait until we raise the child, wait until we have such a deep relationship with her, before you suddenly show up and want to pick up the child?”

“This is my daughter, this is my daughter…”

Ma Xiaoli was emotional Crumbled and cried bitterly.

Song Zhongbin’s face was particularly ugly. He was silent, and trembling hands took out a cigarette to light it, but because his hand was too trembling, he didn’t light it many times.

Finally, he threw the cigarette on the ground bitterly, raising his foot to make up for it fiercely.

Song Pingting held her parents’ hands tightly, and said tremblingly: “Mom and dad, what’s the matter with you?”

Zhang Dewang sneered: “Since Mr. Song and Mrs. Song refuse to say, let me explain to Miss Song.”

“Miss, in fact, you should be named Zhang, but because of some special reasons, the Zhang family accidentally took you It’s lost.”

“Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli are infertile. The couple picked you up as a baby and raised you as their child.”

“I believe the Song family knows this too well, right? ?” After

Zhang Dewang finished speaking, he looked at Song Qingsong.

Song Qingsong’s face was ugly. His second son Song Zhongbin was indeed infertile. Song Pingting was indeed picked up. He knew this, and some old people in the Song family knew about it, but Song Qingsong loved face and kept everyone tight-lipped.

Unexpectedly, after Song Pingting became the chairman of the group with a net worth of hundreds of billions and became the pride of the Song family, Song Pingting’s biological parents sent someone to come to the door.


Pingting trembled : “Grandpa, tell me what he said is fake, it’s fake!” Song Qingsong clenched his teeth tightly and did not speak.

Song Pingting cried and said, “Grandpa, talk to you.”

Song Zhongbin said, “Daughter, what he said is true. You were picked up by me and your mother in the garbage dump.”

“You should have been picked up at the time.” A few days after you were born, when we picked you up, you only had one more than three catties.

You were thinner than a cat.” “At that time, your grandfather advised me not to raise this baby, saying that this baby is so thin and must be sick. Ask for trouble.”

“But your mother and I can’t bear to throw you away, because we feel that if you throw you away based on your situation at the time, you won’t be able to live for a day.”

“Your mother and I decided to adopt you. You are here. The hospital stayed in the holding room for two months, which cost a lot.”

“My mother and I were living on a little pocket money issued by the family at the time. You spent all of our private money when you were hospitalized.”

“Fortunately, you survived and grew up a little bit. Becoming more and more cute and cute, your mother and I are both happy and close, and treat you as our own child.”

Song Pingting burst into tears when she heard this.

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