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Chapter 2162: mouth is owed will be smoked

Ning two seconds of silence, then quietly said: “? What are you doing”

Catherine always tease tease the ear hair, faint smile Said: “Not far behind me, is someone staring at us?”

Yash Nics’s calm Wang Catherine glanced behind him, and then calmly said: “That’s right, the commander-in-chief of the Far East Fleet of the Kingdom of Gaul. Renault, although he is pretending to be drinking nonchalantly, his eyes keep arguing us here.”

“He seems to be interesting to you!”

Catherine immediately said: “But I didn’t mean anything to him, and I harassed him. Too much trouble, I just want to get rid of him.”

“But my country has a good relationship with his country. I am also the Duke of Eagle Country. It is not easy to deal with him with too rough behavior…”

Yash Nics said: ” So you want to ask me for help and help you get rid of him?”

Catherine smiled: “Talking to smart people is easy. What do you think of our deal?”

Yash Nics shook his head: “Not very good, I don’t want to make a deal with you. I will check where Xiang Cheng is hidden, and I will find him sooner or later, so I don’t have to trouble you, the Duke.”

After that, Yash Nics wanted to leave again.

But Catherine said in a

deep voice: “Yes, if you want to check, you can find clues sooner or later, and sooner or later you can find the hiding place in Xiangcheng.” “But what you may not know is that the United States has sent people to follow Xiang. The city negotiates and wants to recruit Xiangcheng.”

“Now Xiangcheng is still negotiating with the US, he wants to wait for the price.”

“Wait for your people to find out where he is hiding, and he can’t keep him already in the US. At that time, he hid in the United States, with the asylum of the United States, do you think you can easily catch him?”

“Also, if Xiangcheng seeks refuge in the United States, it will be very harmful to China, right?”

Yash Nics frowned!

Catherine smiled and said: “Mr. Yash, we cooperate, everyone is good.”

Yash Nics weighed in his heart, and immediately agreed: “Okay, I promise to trade with you, I will help you settle Renault, you must hide Xiangcheng. Tell me

wherever you are.” Catherine opened her eyes and smiled: “A word is settled.”

Not far away!

Renault had been staring at Yash Nics and Catherine. At such a distance, he couldn’t hear what Yash Nics and Catherine were talking about.

However, he noticed that Yash Nics had to leave several times, but was anxiously stopped by Catherine.

Finally, when he saw Catherine talking with Yash Nics more and more happily, Catherine opened her eyes and smiled.

His jealous anger could not help but burst from the bottom of his heart.


He scolded bitterly in his heart.

He confessed to Catherine in public more than once, but was rejected by Catherine.

But Catherine took the initiative to post an Eastern man!

The anger made Renault’s eyes scarlet.

He couldn’t help it anymore, leading a team of men and walking towards Yash Nics and Catherine with a dark face.

“Oh, isn’t this our beautiful Duke Catherine?”

“What’s the matter, your Excellency Duke Catherine has a fancy to this Oriental Yellow Monkey?”

“Haha, guys, you said this Oriental Monkey can satisfy our Wannian The old maiden Duke of Iceberg?”

Renault’s vicious voice attracted the attention of the people around him. The people around them all looked at Yash Nics and Catherine with evil expressions.

Catherine’s face sank, but she did not have a seizure, but looked at Yash Nics.

Yash Nics glanced at Renault and said faintly: “Did your mother teach you basic politeness?”

Renault grinned and said, “Teached, but didn’t teach me to be polite to your yellow-skinned monkey, hahaha.”

Renault All of his subordinates laughed loudly.

Catherine shook her head secretly. Yash Nics was good at everything, but the Chinese were too polite and lacked a bit of tough man temper.

But, just when she thought so.

Yash Nics had already raised his hand and slapped Renault’s face with a severe slap.


There was an explosion, like a grenade blasting mud.

The muscles of Renault’s face could not bear Yash Nics’s horrible hand strength, and he was directly drawn to pieces with blood spattering.

Renault’s huge body also flew out at an angle and fell heavily to the ground.

Catherine couldn’t help but widen her eyes, looking at Yash Nics with surprise and joy.

Everyone at the reception was also stunned.

Yash Nics looked at Renault who fell to the ground like a dead dog, and said coldly: “Your mother probably forgot to tell you that

if you owe your mouth, you will be smoked.”

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