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Chapter 2175: five-star war

Simon heard, mouth slightly higher:. “Oh, really interesting, I have not come across one dared to talk to me of the ‘ ‘

do not you know Is this what you Huaxia often say, Yelang is arrogant?”

Yash Nics said indifferently : “It’s not that Yelang is arrogant, but you have been used to bullying our Huaxia.”

“Until today, you still treat China as such a bully before. . ” ”

tonight I do not mind letting you live in these dreams of a megalomaniac awakened. ”

Simon heard haha laughed:” I’d like to see in the end is that you seek death, or we are arrogant Crazy?”

Yash Nics faced Simon, with a calm expression on his face, even with a faint contempt in his eyes, without paying attention to Simon and the others at all.

He calmly said: “I’m still the same as the previous sentence. Tonight, if you have any ability, you can use it. If you can’t take it, I will lose.”

Simon sneered: “Okay, this is what you said.”

“Five-star warrior, McGrady Wen!”

As Simon turned his head and shouted loudly, a white man wearing a military uniform with a lot of medals on his upper body and shaved head, as strong as a robot, appeared next to Simon and replied in a deep voice: “Subordinates are here! ”

This strong white man with a shaved head is not only as strong as a robot, but his eyes are as cold as a machine, and his voice is like a machine without a trace of emotion.

He is Medivh, a prestigious five-star warrior who is known as a harvesting machine on the battlefield among the American troops stationed in East China.

Medivh is the presence of the American army stationed in East China, second only to Simon in combat effectiveness.

During the years he was stationed in Dongying, he had killed many Asian powerhouses, including those in the Huaxia Jiangnan Military Region.

He is infamous in the Chinese Army.

Many Chinese warriors wanted to kill this guy and avenge their sacrificed comrades.

Yash Nics did not expect that he would meet the most hated enemy of Jiangnan naval soldiers in this way.

At this time, the more than 2,000 soldiers of the Dragon Fleet behind Yash Nics waited for Medivh with extremely hateful eyes.

Medivh’s naturalism came to the hostility of those Chinese soldiers in the Dragon Fleet.

However, he disagrees, and even looked at the dragon badge logos of the soldiers of the Dragon Fleet, then raised his brows and said: “China Dragon Fleet, I remember you.”

“The commander of your Dragon Fleet a few years ago, The guy named Meng Wei was the one who left me the first drop of blood since I was stationed at the Dongying base.”

“However, although this guy had two attacks, I broke his neck in the end and threw it into the sea. ” ”

Gee, that’s the only thing I’ve ever met in Huaxia Jun strong, but nothing of. ” ”

Long war fleet no Meng, you guys, in my eyes like a group of ants. ”

Meng Wei!

The former commander of the Dragon Fleet of the Jiangnan Military Region was killed by Medivh during a conflict. He was buried in the sea and sacrificed heroically.

Now the soldiers of the Raptors fleet, hearing Medivh’s sarcasm, were filled with outrage.

If it were not for strict discipline, they might have rushed forward desperately, desperately fighting Medivh.

Yash Nics looked at Medivh who was even more arrogant than Simon, frowned slightly, and said coldly: “You are the American wild dog stationed in Dongying, who often bites people madly and killed Medivh by Major General Meng Wei’s heroic sacrifice?”

Medivh held his head high, scorned Yash Nics, with a defiant voice: “I am not a wild dog, I am a five-star warrior of the United States, Medivh, I killed people, how are you doing?”

Yash Nics said: “Either I will send you on the road tonight, or you will send me to hell.”

Medivh grinned sneer after hearing the words,

“That’s what I meant.” He finished speaking to the people around him: “I will fight Yash Nics, this It’s a matter between the two of us. Don’t intervene in either of you. Whoever intervenes, I’ll turn your face off with whom, I’m going to kill him, the Chinese God of War, by myself.” The

voice fell, and he strode towards Yash Nics.

Yash Nics did not evade and strode forward.

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