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Chapter 2183: Ning your ancestry of the mortal catastrophe


Simon knelt weakly, his head drooped, kneeling to death.

Lord Commander Simon was actually beaten to death by Yash Nics.

Everyone was silent and quiet to the point where the needle drop could be heard.

Catherine was shocked by Yash Nics’s strength.

Nakajima Shenlong and the others looked at Yash Nics in awe like an ant, all shivering. The fighting power of this Chinese God of War was really terrifying.

quite a while!

Dian Chu, the Eight Tigers, the Eighteen Horses of the North, and the more than 2,000 navy soldiers of the Dragon Fleet took the lead to recover and burst into cheers.

“God of War!”

“God of War!”

“God of War!”

Dian Chu and their excitement contrasted sharply with the frustrated look of Nakajima Shinryu and others.

Yash Nics raised his right fist!

The cheers of Dianchu and others stopped immediately, but Dianchu and the others had been excited and proud.

Yash Nics looked at the corpse of Simon who died on his knees, then glanced around at the scene of the soldiers from a hundred nations, and said coldly: “Now, there are still people who want to point fingers at me, and will anyone stand up and fight me?”

Yash Nics Wherever they looked, Nakajima Shinryu and other soldiers from a hundred countries couldn’t help lowering their heads, not daring to look at Yash Nics.

Just now countless strong men died in front of Yash Nics.

Now even the first-generation biochemical warrior, Commander Simon, has been beaten by Yash Nics. Who would dare to step forward and challenge Yash Nics?

Dian Chu and the others saw soldiers from a hundred nations and nearly 100,000 enemies trembling in front of Yash Nics. They were all silent in front of Yash Nics, and each one became more excited.

They looked at Yash Nics’s eyes as if they were looking at God.

Dian Chu said in his heart: You deserve to be a young marshal, you deserve to be the God of War of our China, one person can suppress the enemies of a hundred countries and dare not raise their heads. It’s so handsome.

When Yash Nics saw that everyone at the scene was silent, no one dared to fight again.

His gaze fell on Renault, and he said coldly: “Renault, now are you standing up to fulfill the betting agreement, or I will help you?”

From the moment Simon was shot to death by Yash Nics, Renault tried his best. I wanted to hide my figure, and tried my best to keep my figure from being exposed under Yash Nics’s eyes.

But what made him desperate was that Yash Nics still remembered him and did not intend to let him go as the “culprit.”

Everyone on the scene, their eyes fell on Renault’s body, with different expressions.

Some people are worried about Renault;

some people think that things started because of Renault, that Renault should have stood up long ago to endure Yash Nics’s anger, and will not cause so many people to be killed by Yash Nics.

Others are holding the mentality that the dead daoist is not a poor daoist, and they start to stand on the sidelines.

In the end, Renault was the commander of the Gaul Kingdom’s Far East Fleet. He was a human being. He was named by Yash Nics at this time, and he walked out without a word.

Although his bet with Yash Nics was lost to Yash Nics, he had to kneel down and apologize to Yash Nics according to the bet.

But in the presence of soldiers from a hundred nations, he would not kneel anyhow. If he kneels, then his country will be ashamed.

Therefore, when the bastard can only be hard to the end.

He bit his head, looked at Yash Nics, and slowly said: “Yash Nics, you killed Lord Commander Simon, you have already caused a terrible disaster. The U.S. will not let you go, and the U.S. allies will not let it go. you.”

“As far as I know, you are no longer reused in the Huaxia military, and even the post of commander-in-chief of the Northern Army has been withdrawn.”

“Huaxia sent you to participate in this Hundred Nations maritime joint exercise, which is actually sending you. I came to die.”

“If Huaxia knows that you killed Lord Simon, I guess Huaxia will not protect you, and will definitely hand you over to the United States.”

“If I were you, I won’t make enemies anymore… …You, now you should think hard about how to end it, and shouldn’t trouble me anymore.”

Renault said here, and immediately said again: “If you are willing to clarify the past with me, I may help you with the U.S. side. A few good words, you may not be able to reduce their anger, you still have a chance.”

Yash Nics’s mouth raised slightly: “If I insist on you to fulfill the gambling contract?”

Renault was frightened and angry: “Then you will not only be The number one enemy of the United States will still be the number one enemy of my Gaul country. I promise you will die miserably.”

Yash Nics said lightly: “In front of me, you’d better put away your face as a world rogue. Because it doesn’t work for me.”

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