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Chapter 2209: An Elegy to play you

in the Opera House!

On the stage, the symphony orchestra is playing.

In the audience, thousands of spectators are enjoying it seriously.

Yash Nics is not very interested in symphony, but he also rejects it. He sits leisurely, watching the performance with his family.

However, he suddenly realized that Song Pingting beside him seemed to be absent, so he asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter?”

Song Pingting smiled forcedly: “Nothing?”

How could she keep her secret? Yash Nics, Yash Nics asked with a smile: “Are you still worried about Zhang Yingyang?”

Song Pingting whispered: “At the gate of the opera house just now, he was obviously unwilling to give up, and he just now I threatened to retaliate against you tonight. I was a little worried.”

Yash Nics just wanted to comfort Song Pingting that it was okay, he was the one with the big things.

However, before the words were spoken, there was already a commotion in the opera house, and the performance on stage stopped.

It turned out that someone broke into the stage.

It was two elderly men who broke into the stage and interrupted the performance.

The two old men, one bloated and short, the other tall and thin, both wore cloth shoes.

The short and stout old man is carrying the guzheng; the tall and thin old man is carrying the erhu.

At first glance, it looks like two old men who work together to make a living.

The members of the symphony orchestra on the stage were dumbfounded.

The audience in the audience were also dumbfounded.

What’s going on here?

Catherine looked at Zeng Shixiong next to him curiously, and said with interest: “Are these two old men, folk musicians, come here to play or to challenge the symphony orchestra?”

Zeng Shixiong was also confused.

But he vaguely felt that the scene before him was not normal.

For the sake of safety, he was about to order the staff and security personnel around him to send out the two old men who had made trouble on stage.

However, Catherine stopped and said: “Don’t drive them away, I’m curious what they are here for, and I think it’s more interesting than watching the symphony orchestra.”

Zeng Shixiong frowned when he heard the words, but had to tell his men not to intervene for now. Let’s take a look at what those two old men in commoners are here for?

They didn’t notice that Zhang Yingyang next to him, from the time the two old men in commoner appeared, there was a smile on his mouth, and he glanced at Yash Nics in the distance, intentionally or unintentionally.

It turned out that these two elders were not others, they were just devouring the world.

The bloated and short body is Tuntian, and the tall and thin body is Miedi.

It is estimated that many people at the scene would never have imagined that the two hawker-like old men in front of them are actually the honorary elders of Hongmen, or the fierce reputation of the Hongmen headquarters, and the double red sticks that killed countless people, swallowing the world.

The symphony orchestra performing live is an orchestra from abroad, and many of them are tall men.

When they saw that the show was interrupted by two old men, they were very angry.

Several of the white men stepped up toward Tuntiandi aggressively, and viciously cursed in unfluent Chinese: “What do you two old guys do? Are you looking for a fight?” The

voice just fell off!

Tuntian and Miedi shot at the same time.

Bang bang bang…

The few white men did not even see the movement of swallowing the heavens and the earth, they had been knocked into the air by the swallowing heavens and the earth, all flying out, smashing the musical instruments on the scene.

The audience exclaimed.

Yash Nics also frowned slightly.

Dianchu next to him whispered: “Young marshal, these two old men are masters, and you can feel them with their hands and feet. They are very strong, and they might be coming at us.”

At this time!

The members of the symphony orchestra on the stage had panicked and helped their injured companions, and left the stage as if fleeing.

On the stage, there were two people left.

Tuntian set up the guzheng and set up the erhu. The two looked around the audience, then their eyes fell on Yash Nics.

Tuntian said with a smile but not a smile: “Foreign melody is noisy and annoying, let’s play an elegy for everyone, let you feel the charm of melody in peace!”


This is not mourning music, or the music used in funerals!

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