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Chapter 2218: What am I?

Tianhai City, Jiangnan Province.

Hongmen Jiangnan sub-rudder.

In the Zhongyi Hall, Zhao Qilin was sitting on the Grand Master’s chair with a golden sword, his eyes closed, and he didn’t know if he was asleep or closed his eyes and rested.

On his left is Lin Zhengmao with a blue nose and swollen face, and on his right is Zhang Yingyang in a wheelchair.

On the ten trades on both sides of the hall, there were ten deacons from the Hongmen Jiangnan sub-rudder, and there were countless Hongmen masters standing in the hall.

In the courtyard outside the Zhongyi Hall, there are many Hongmen disciples in strong costumes.

Tonight, at least thousands of Hongmen children gathered here, waiting for Yash Nics to come to bear Jing’s plea.

Seeing that the moon has been lifted into the sky, but has not seen Yash Nics’s shadow for a long time.

The Hongmen disciples couldn’t help but talk in low voices.

“What time is it now, why hasn’t Yash Nics come?”

“You don’t see how strong we are. I think that kid might not dare to come.”

“That’s right, it depends on us. The word “door” can make people hear it. After Yash Nics’s reckless man injured our young master, he must have inquired clearly about the origin of our Hongmen. It is estimated that he has been so scared now that he dared to die. . ”

just when everyone was talking about, I heard someone outside shouting:”! Ning to ”

loyalty synagogues all, heard all startled expression.

Yash Nics, really dare to come!

Both Zhang Yingyang and Lin Zhengmao became excited. The two of them now wish to eat Yash Nics’s meat and drink Yash Nics’s blood, and Yash Nics will come to die. This is really great.

Even Zhao Qilin, who had been keeping his eyes closed and rested, suddenly opened his eyes at this time, and his eyes flashed with surprise.

Under the gaze of Zhao Qilin and others, Yash Nics walked in from the outside without hurries with Dianchu and Bahuwei.

As we walked in, Hongmen divided the rudder and nearly a thousand people up and down, all glaring at Yash Nics.

The so-called Qianfu pointed out that you die without getting sick.

But Yash Nics faced the glares of the Hongmen crowd, but he was calm and relaxed, just like walking into his back garden.

Soon, Yash Nics and his entourage had already arrived in the Zhongyi Hall.

Zhao Qilin squinted and looked at Yash Nics.

Dian Chu saw Zhao Qilin sitting aloft, Lin Zhengmao, Zhang Yingyang, Deacon Hongmen and others were all sitting. This posture was similar to that of interrogating prisoners in ancient times.

He couldn’t help but snorted, suddenly shot, grabbed the collar of a deacon next to him, picked up the deacon like a chicken, and threw it out.


The deacon fell to the ground in embarrassment and a dog gnawed shit.

Dian Chu moved the deacon’s chair in the frightened eyes of everyone, and wiped it with a handkerchief before respectfully asking Yash Nics to sit down.

Yash Nics smiled and sat down at will, watching Zhao Qilin remotely.

Zhao Qilin frowned slightly, and slowly said: “Are you Yash Nics?”

Yash Nics did not answer, but instead asked: “You are Zhao Qilin?”

Zhao Qilin proudly said: “Yes!”

A deacon named Xu Donghai , Stood up and reprimanded Yash Nics loudly: “Seeing our second road marshal, do you still dare to sit down, don’t you hurry to kneel down and apologize?”

Yash Nics smiled upon hearing this and looked at Zhao Qilin: “I have seen the general marshal a lot, even I have killed a lot.”

“But what kind of thing do you dare to call yourself a marshal?”

“If you are a marshal, then what am I?”

Zhao Qilin frowned slightly and said coldly: “The Erlu Marshal is a name of our Hongmen, not a military rank. This name has been passed down for thousands of years. Please don’t sit down

and ask for trouble.” “You can ask me about you .” What’s the matter, you are no longer the commander-in-chief of the Northern Territory Army. Only you with a false title are left. In my eyes, you are nothing.”

“You better kneel down and apologize for your mistakes. Maybe I can consider treating you. Light hair fall.”

Zhao Qilin said such words, he did have his confidence.

Hongmen has been handed down for thousands of years and has always had a very strong influence. Even when it was brilliant, the Hongmen leader was often invited as a guest to attend the National Day military parade.

Hongmen’s influence is not limited to the arena, politics and even the military have friends from Hongmen.

Therefore, Zhao Qilin really did not regard Yash Nics, the “excessive” war god, in his eyes.

Ning smiled: “I also wish to tell you that I have come.” “In

the future you may no longer claim to be a freemason Duozhu marshal, you also need to strengthen management freemason, the door children stay out of trouble.”

“Yet With Zhao Qilin, you must apologize for your rude words to me.”

Zhao Qilin said coldly: “What if I don’t agree?”

Yash Nics said flatly : “Then I will take you tonight This Hongmen sub-rudder is flat.”

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