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Chapter 2224: Do you agree with them?

The next day!

Yash Nics bid farewell to his family, took Dianchu and Bahuwei, and set off for the capital.

Yash Nics has always been low-key, and when he entered Beijing this time, he did not choose to take the special plane of the military, but instead chose to take the ordinary flight.

As everyone knows, Hong Men has arranged countless thread eyes and has been secretly staring at Yash Nics.

Therefore, the news that Yash Nics was leaving for Beijing quickly reached the Hongmen headquarters in Beijing, and reached Lin Changan and others.

Liu Yi said to Lin Changan in surprise: “Haha, Master, although Yash Nics is crazy, but he also knows how powerful your old man is. He really came to Beijing to meet your old man and accepted punishment on his own initiative.”

Lin Zhengmao also sneered: “I thought he was the best player to the end. I didn’t expect him to be a bully and fearful of hardship. When his father said something, he was so scared that he came to punish him.”

Lin Changan didn’t make a comment, but was just drinking tea slowly. , But it’s hard to hide the color on his face.

One sentence scared the fanatic Yash Nics into Beijing to receive punishment, and he was quite proud.

In the afternoon, Yash Nics’s passenger plane landed safely on the Beijing Suburb Airport.

Yash Nics took Dian Chu and Eight Huwei, just came out of the airport.

Liu Yi showed up with a hundred men in strong outfits and blocked Yash Nics’s path.

Liu Yi said with a sneer: “Yash Nics, we have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Yash Nics was shocked: “Who are you?”

Liu Yi said with a high face, arrogantly: “We are all from Hong Clan. My name is Liu Yi, my teacher. It is the head of Hongmen.”

“You came to Beijing this time, you are here to plead guilty to our Hongmen, right?”

“I’m here to take you to see my master. Obediently follow me.”

When Liu Yi spoke, eight black jeeps approached, and a dozen men in black suits came down. These men in suits were all about 1.8 meters tall. Everyone kept a soldier’s head and moved swiftly.

These are actually Hu Benwei of the Metropolitan Governor’s Mansion, and they are the ace fighters of Hu Benwei.

They are here to meet Yash Nics.

Because Yash Nics has always been used to low-key, this time when Yash Nics returned to Beijing, the Metropolitan Government did not publicly send a guard of honor to greet Yash Nics. Instead, it sent 16 Ace Tiger Warriors, wearing suits, driving a jeep, and using the lowest key. Way to meet Yash Nics.

Yash Nics saw 16 ace tiger ben fighters who appeared not far away. The corners of his mouth raised slightly, and said to

Liu Yi and others: “I’m sorry, I don’t have time to meet your Hongmen leader.” Liu Yi sneered, “I’m afraid you can’t help it. Forget it!”

Yash Nics smiled: “You want me to meet Lin Chang’an with you, you have to ask them if they agree?”

Yash Nics said, pointing his finger to the side.

Liu Yi and others discovered that a group of men in black suits had arrived.

Liu Yi squinted his eyes and looked at the group of men in suits in front of him with unkind eyes, and said coldly: “Hongmen is doing business, our Hongmen leader wants to see Yash Nics. I don’t care who you are. If you are interested, it is best to take the initiative now. Disappear.”

“Otherwise, I will treat it as an enemy of our Hongmen.”

“You should know what will happen if you are an enemy of our Hongmen!”

Liu Yi thought that moving out of the Hongmen title would definitely be scared. These men in black suits fled in front of them.

But what he couldn’t believe was that these men in black suits in front of him, after listening to him, not only did not panic at all, but showed a playful smile on their faces.

16 ace tiger fighters, the leader of the team, named Gao Shun.

Gao Shun stood upright like a javelin, looking coldly at Liu Yi and the others, and said indifferently: “We are ordered to pick up Mr. Yash. I don’t care if you are a red door or a black door. Now you’d better give me the fuck, otherwise, don’t Blame me for being impolite to you.”

Liu Yi smiled angrily: “Haha, you are impolite to us, you dare to say you are impolite to us, come, come, I want to see how you dare to be impolite to us? ”

I’ll stick my face here now. You can try to touch me?”

Liu Yi really didn’t believe that someone in the capital would dare to be rude to them. In his anger, he directly turned his face towards Gao Shun. Provoked Gao Shun in the past.

When Gao Shun saw this, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, and there was even someone who took the initiative to find it!

When Liu Yi saw the sneer at the corner of Gao Shun’s mouth, he felt bad and realized that it was not good.

However, before he had time to retreat, Gao Shun had already taken a shot and slapped it like lightning.

Rao is Liu Yi and Lianjiazi, but he can’t escape Gao Shun’s slap.


With a loud bang, Liu Yi was directly slapped away by Gao Shun.

Gao Shun said coldly: “I took the initiative to find a smoker. This is the first time I have met such a person.”

All the Hongmen students at the scene were dumbfounded.

Gao Shun respectfully said to Yash Nics at this time: “Mr. Yash, please get in the car, and let the subordinates handle it here.”

Yash Nics smiled and

said, “Okay!” Yash Nics took Dian Chu with a smile. One line left.

Liu Yi was supported by two of his men. He clutched his blood-filled left face and said angrily: “You dare to touch me. I really eat the courage of the bear and the leopard. Let’s do it together. Take them down. Don’t let Yash Nics run away. “

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