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Chapter 2229: Yash Nics’s strength

“A fanatic!”

“He must pay the price.”

“Kill him!”

Three thousand Hongmen children at the scene, everyone was angry, everyone shouted Call and kill, the scene will get out of control.

Lin Changan raised his hand at this time.

Everyone in Hongmen calmed down.

Lin Changan looked at Yash Nics indifferently: “Since you are given a chance and you don’t cherish it, then no wonder I used the rules of the rivers and lakes to deal with you.” After

Lin Changan finished speaking, he looked at the big horned man next to him: “Xingtang Hall Master Ma Wanli, Tell me, according to the rules of our Hongmen, what should be the crime of being good at Hongmen and killing Hongmen’s children?”

Ma Wanli, the big horned man, glanced at Yash Nics and said in a deep voice: “According to Hongmen’s rules, we should cut first. Break your hands and feet, and then smash your head again!”

Lin Changan nodded in satisfaction, and then looked at Yash Nics: “Can you hear the rules of our Hong Sect?”

Yash Nics smiled: “I never care about the rules of others, because I No matter where I go, I am the rules.”

Lin Changan narrowed his eyes and said, “What are your rules?”

Yash Nics raised his right fist and smiled: “My rules are it!” The

fist is the last word!

Provocation, this is a provocation to Hongmen Chiguoguo.

Lin Changan said coldly: “A fanatic, I want to see if you have the ability to match it.”

“Who wants to take this fanatic for me?”

As Lin Changan’s voice fell, the scene The Hongmen masters of Hongmen are about to enthusiastically apply to play.

But Ma Wanli, the big man with a beard, has already stepped out and said loudly: “No one should snatch me. Mazi is my apprentice. This guy killed Mazi, and I must kill him myself.”

Dian Chu and Bahuwei were talking. Go forward and intercept.

Yash Nics had already stood up and said faintly: “You don’t need to take action, I will come to meet Hongmen personally tonight.” With that

said, Yash Nics had already greeted Ma Wanli straight away.

Yash Nics is tall and tall, Ma Wanli is burly, and in terms of body shape, Ma Wanli is a circle bigger than Yash Nics.

Ma Wanli is a killer when he makes a move. He raises his horse’s hoof, opens his arms, and hits both temples of Yash Nics.

If it is compacted, Ma Wanli believes that Yash Nics is as strong as a cow and will be killed on the spot.

However, before his fists fell on Yash Nics’s temples on both sides, Yash Nics had already raised his hand, and his fist first fell on Ma Wanli’s face.


It is like a big axe smashing a tree, and like a sledgehammer hitting a rock.

Blood spattered on Ma Wanli’s face, and without even screaming, he straightened his head and fell down.

Beat with one move!

Everyone at the scene opened their eyes wide and gasped.

Xingtang Hall Master Ma Wanli, although he is not the most powerful expert in the general rudder of Hongmen, he is still a master. Everyone would never expect that Ma Wanli would be defeated by Yash Nics.

Even Lin Changan couldn’t help frowning slightly.

Soon, the Hongmen masters all recovered.

A tall and thin man screamed: “I, Li Bin flying on the grass, come to meet your Excellency.”

After speaking, his figure abruptly ran towards Yash Nics.

With the momentum of running, he stamped his left foot on the ground fiercely, and then his whole body flew high, followed by a volley, like an electric light poisonous dragon drill, and fiercely kicked Yash Nics’s chest.

“This kick is good!”

“Kicked well!”

“Kicked croak!”

The Hongmen disciples at the scene, seeing this scene, watched with great effort and cheered.


Li Bin flew on the grass and kicked Yash Nics.

But they didn’t kick Yash Nics into the air or break Yash Nics’s chest bones like Li Bin imagined.

Li Bin felt that his foot was like kicking in the sea, and the huge power contained in his foot had disappeared without a trace.

Yash Nics’s chest was touched by Li Bin’s foot, and his figure was slightly bent. In the next instant, Yash Nics suddenly straightened his chest.

Li Bin instantly felt a strong rebounding force, which came from Yash Nics’s chest and then to his feet.

Kaka Kaka…

a sound of broken bones sounded.

Li Bin’s right foot bones were directly shattered by the rebound force.

He was so shocked that he flew out, slammed, and fell heavily to the ground.


The Hongmen disciples at the scene couldn’t help but gasp.

Yash Nics was so tough that Li Bin volleyed his foot. Instead of hurting Yash Nics, his foot was broken.

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