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Chapter 2244: remorse

fact, the general wearing apparel man is Dudufu Lushao Cong.

The soldiers Lu Shaocong brought were all tiger soldiers from the Dudu’s Mansion.

Zhang Zhiping bit

his scalp and greeted him with a flattering smile. He said flatteringly : “General, my own…” Before he could finish his words, a guard next to Lu Shaocong directly stretched out his hand, as if carrying a chicken. , And forcibly carried him aside.

Lu Shaocong kept walking, and quickly came to Yash Nics, raised his hand to salute, and said solemnly: “Hello,

sir! ” Sir!

Zhang Zhiping widened his eyes and looked at Yash Nics in disbelief.

Zhang Tianyu and Zhang Xiaoqing were also dumbfounded.

Including the security team members who just wanted to handcuff Yash Nics, all of them were full of horror.

A thick question arose in everyone’s mind.

Didn’t it mean that Yash Nics was a member of the underground circle? How could he become a member of the military?

Moreover, the major general in front of him even wanted to call Chief Yash Nics, wouldn’t Yash Nics’s rank be higher than that of the major general?

Thinking of this, all Zhang Zhiping’s scalp numb, and an ominous premonition rose in his heart.

Yash Nics calmly said: “Hello Xiao Lu, keep busy with you!”

Lu Shaocong said: “Yes!”

Lu Shaocong appeared here, not accidentally, he came by Yash Nics’s order.

At this moment, he looked around the audience, his majestic gaze fell on Liu Ming, and he said in a

deep voice : “Former Northern Army Political Department guard veteran Liu Ming!” Liu Ming couldn’t help but subconsciously hear the call from the chief. Standing up straight, he raised his hand in salute and responded loudly: “Yes!”

Zhang Xiaoqing looked at Liu Ming suspiciously. She only knew that Liu Ming had been a soldier before, but she never knew that Liu Ming had been in the North Border Army Guard. Generally speaking, the guards were soldiers next to the chief!

Her eyes became complicated, and there was a vague feeling in her heart, did she choose the wrong thing, did she miss something?

At this moment, Lu Shaocong had already taken out a document and read it out loud in public: “I have Liu Ming, a veteran of our department. Now because of the major deployment of the Northern Army, Liu Ming is called to return to the ranks. No individual or organization is allowed.

Stop , the commander-in-chief of the Northern Army, greedy wolves .” Liu Ming couldn’t help widening his eyes after hearing Lu Shaocong’s reading of the document.

The commander-in-chief of the Northern Territory Army, General Greedy Wolf, personally signed him to recruit him to return to the army.

Liu Ming immediately turned his head and looked at Yash Nics. If he didn’t guess wrong, this must be what Yash Nics meant.

Otherwise, the commander-in-chief of Greed Wolves manages everything every day, so how can he have time to take care of his little veteran?

After Lu Shaocong read the document, he asked Liu Ming with a smile: “Liu Ming, the Northern Army wants to recruit you to return to the team, let you serve as an instructor, teach new recruits, and continue to contribute to the warm-up of the army. I don’t know if you want it?”

Liu Ming subconsciously looked at Zhang Xiaoqing not far away, and then said: “The troops need it, they must be recalled, report to the chief, I am willing.”

Lu Shaocong nodded in satisfaction, then waved to the soldier behind him.

Immediately, a soldier stepped forward with a brand-new school officer’s costume in his hand, and handed it to Liu Ming together with the military uniform and the military cap.

Liu Mingzhen enthusiastically took it over.

Yash Nics smiled and said: “Liu Ming, you return to the Northern Army, the rank is major, come on, there will be a lot of opportunities for promotion in the future!”


Liu Ming couldn’t help getting excited. He used to be a lieutenant in the guard and retired with injuries before he was promoted to colonel.

I didn’t expect to be able to return to the army and become a major now. This is simply not a dream!

Ordinary soldiers are the limit when they reach the rank of lieutenant. School-level and lieutenant-level are actually a gap that cannot be crossed. If they are not very outstanding talents or make great contributions, ordinary soldiers will never be colonel officers in their entire lives.

Zhang Zhiping, Zhang Tianyu and others looked silly.

Unexpectedly, Liu Ming was transformed into an officer of the Northern Army.

The person with the most responsible expression is naturally Zhang Xiaoqing. She never imagined that Liu Ming, who was betrayed by her, turned out to be an imposing military officer.

Her heart was filled with regrets. If she hadn’t betrayed Liu Ming, she would have become the officer’s wife that everyone envy!

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