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Chapter 2246: capitalists

next day!

Zhang Zhiping was investigated by the Commission for Discipline Inspection and he was brought under control.

At the same time, Zhang Zhiping’s wife’s Huafeng Company was also under investigation by the commercial crime department. Not only was the company ordered to stop its business under investigation, but Zhang Zhiping’s wife was also arrested.

Zhang Tianyu was originally a rich second-generation, but his parents were arrested and his family company was frozen.

He immediately became extremely desolate.

Zhang Xiaoqing still followed her, but he became less rich, and his temper became more grumpy, and he lashed out and scolded Zhang Xiaoqing.

Zhang Xiaoqing also paid a heavy price for her choice.

Beijing Suburb Airport!

A large plane landed slowly on the airport.

Immediately afterwards, a very imposing middle-aged man dressed in a black suit and black coat, squinted his eyes, and brought hundreds of entourages and got off the plane.

He is Zhang Botang, the head of the Zhang family of overseas chaebols.

Zhang Botang brought Fang Zheng and more than a hundred capable men back to China with great fanfare, with only one purpose, and that was to teach Yash Nics and to force Song Pingting to recognize his ancestors.

This large plane is the private plane of the Zhang chaebol.

There are many rich people who own small airplanes, and there are really few rich people who can afford and actually use large airplanes for a long time.

When he goes abroad, he takes his own luxury plane. This is Zhang Botang’s usual style. He likes to tell his business friends how rich and powerful he is. The subtext is that he welcomes cooperation with me.

Zhang Botang took Fang Zheng and waited for his men before leaving the airport.

He asked faintly: “Fang Zheng, have all the people responsible for picking up the airport arranged for you today?”

Founder knew that the boss likes ostentation, he smiled: “Boss, this time I return to China, I did not arrange a big ostentation, but I notified you of the Zhang family to welcome it.”

Zhang Botang was astonished: “My family?”

Fang Zheng said: “Yes. People from Zhang Zhiping in the capital will come to greet you.”

Zhang Botang smiled and said, “I have moved overseas for a long time. My relatives in China don’t remember it very much. Now people from my own family come to meet me. You can talk to these relatives. catch up, is good. ” ”

Founder, this time you did a good job. ”

Founder laughed:” as the master service only. ”

a pedestrian out of the airport.

Then he was stunned.

Because the airport exit is only a row of taxis parked on the street, and there are no other vehicles, there is no greet by their imagined luxury caravan.

Zhang Botang frowned: “Fang Zheng, where is my home, where is Zhang Zhiping, where is the team that greeted me?”

Fang Zheng also wondered!

According to his understanding, although Zhang Zhiping’s position is not high, Zhang Zhiping’s wife is the chairman of Huafeng Company, and Zhang Zhiping’s family is still very rich.

Logically speaking, it is not difficult for Zhang Zhiping to get more than one hundred luxury cars and bring his relatives to meet Zhang Botang.

And Zhang Zhiping agreed two days ago, why is there no figure now?

Just when everyone was wondering, Zhang Tianyu suddenly appeared with Zhang Xiaoqing, sweating profusely.

Zhang Tianyu was full of excitement and said with a flat smile: “Hello everyone, my name is Zhang Tianyu, Zhang Zhiping’s son.”

“If I guess right, this is my legendary uncle, and also the pride of our Zhang family, overseas Zhang family. The family advocates Botang, Uncle Zhang, right?” Zhang

Botang frowned: “You are Zhang Zhiping’s son, why didn’t your father come?”

Zhang Tianyu said with an awkward expression: “My father and my mother had some accident. They can’t come, so I can only let me meet my uncle.”

Can’t you?

Zhang Botang was a little unhappy, he lowered his face and asked, “Well, what about your fleet?

Zhang Tianyu pointed to the taxis on the street: “These are!” Zhang Botang was dumbfounded.

Founder was dumbfounded.

People from the Zhang family abroad were dumbfounded.

Zhang Botang rage: “Are you kidding me?”

Zhang Tianyu scared splash knees, quaver said: “! Uncle, killed I do not Ganshua’s you.”

“I honestly tell you the truth, my family recently Offended a guy named Yash Nics, Yash Nics caused my parents to be arrested.”

“I have never tried to be as miserable as I am when I grow up. Uncle, you have to help my family be the master!”

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