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Chapter 2248: Golden Retriever, you scared my wife.

In the meeting room!

The tall, blond and blue-eyed Chris, with his subordinates, and a group of Ningda Group executives headed by Song Pingting, sat clearly on both sides of the conference table.

Chris was using a bit blunt Chinese, yelling: “In a word of your Huaxia, you are shameless.”

“Our company cooperates with your company. It already gives you a lot of face. You must agree to cooperate with us. , To share the results of cancer research with each other, and your Ningda University must also give up 51% of the shares to our Noah. This can be regarded as a reward for our Noah’s support for your company.”

Song Pingting and a group of Ning Dagao Regardless, all of them will be angry and laughed.

It is true that Noah is a super large company, and the market value of Ningda Group is not as good as that of Noah.

However, in terms of cancer research results, the Ningda Group has achieved results that Noah’s company can’t catch up.

Now Noah wants to share the research results of Ningda Group under the pretext of cooperation, and even has the reputation of supporting Ningda Group to divide most of the shares of Ningda Group.

This incident was a robber entering the house, grabbing money and robbing things, and said to take care of you!

Song Pingting’s face was frosty, and she said coldly: “I’m sorry, we didn’t intend to cooperate with you, but now you make such an unreasonable request, not only will we not agree to it, and we are not interested in talking with you. So, let’s end it here today, I won’t send it off.”

Song Pingting stood up after speaking.

A group of executives of Ningda Group also stood up and prepared to leave.

Upon seeing this, Chris turned to a burly, strong man next to him.

This subordinate is the strongest bodyguard around Chris, named Gao Bo, who was born in the Marine Corps and nicknamed the Sea Lion.

Gao Bo knowingly walked towards the opposite group of Ningda Group executives with a grim face, and pressed behind him on the shoulders of a male Ningda Group executive. He grinned and said, “Hehe, our president, Mr. Chris, not yet Say the conversation is over, you all sit down for me!”

He said, pressing his strong hand down.


The senior male executive of the Ningda Group was directly pushed down and sat back on the chair, his face full of pain.

Everyone in the Ningda Group was shocked and angry!

Song Pingting said with a calm face: “Security!”

The two Ningda Group security guards at the scene immediately pulled out their swing sticks and rushed towards Gao Bo.

Gao Bo grinned: “Looking for death!”

After speaking, both fists blasted out at the same time, and Ssangyong went out to sea.

Bang bang!

The two security guards were beaten directly into the air, fell to the ground with blood on their faces, and fainted on the spot.

Song Pingting and the others were shocked.

Chris said slowly: “Ms. Song, my bodyguards are either from the Blackwater Company or retired from the Marine Corps. All of them are killer-level existences. The little security guards of your company are not enough to look at them.”

“I advise you to sit down obediently and talk to me so as not to be uninterested.”

Song Pingting was startled and angry, secretly worried, her bodyguard, Qin Que, was a little uncomfortable today. She just happened to make Qin Que feel uncomfortable. After a day off during the holiday, I didn’t expect that there was a problem in this section.

She glared at Chris: “I told you very clearly that we will not accept your terms. Is there no possibility of cooperation between us? What else can we say?”

Chris smiled proudly and said lightly: ” Ms. Song, you probably didn’t figure it out. I am not here to ask for your cooperation, but you must agree to my terms.”

As he said, he threw out a contract, like giving a banknote to the street beggar’s board and throwing it in front of Song Pingting, arrogantly said: “We Noah’s strength and background, you know, if you don’t want to suffer the immediate loss , And don’t want to be retaliated by us in the future, then you sign this contract obediently, and promise to cooperate with us!”

Song Pingting said coldly: “What if I don’t sign it?”

Chris sneered, “Then you guys.” These people are going to be unlucky today, and you Ningda Group will be unlucky from now on!”

Song Pingting and the others changed their expressions.

At this moment, the door of the conference room was pushed open with a bang, and Yash Nics brought Dianchu and Tong Ke stepped forward.

Yash Nics said indifferently: “Golden Retriever, your barking scared my wife.”

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