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Chapter 2250: Do you dare to be presumptuous in front of Mr. Yash?

Chris finally held back a laugh, and said to Yash Nics with interest: “Boy, I also have to admire your courage. I have been to countless countries in the world. If you dare to talk to me like you, you are still number one. a. ” ”

I do assure you, if you promise us Noah obediently rather large condition, then nothing to say. ” ”

If you do not fulfill it, I promise not take six months, your rather large companies turn to ashes. ”

Song Ping Ting heard this, he faces serious.

The senior executives of Ningda Group also have solemn expressions.

Because they know what Chris said, it’s not just as simple as intimidation.

Chris represents Noah, and behind Noah are the U.S. official and military.

Noah has used its strong national background more than once to suppress his competitors, and every time he has beaten his opponents to pieces.

Therefore, Chris’ warning is indeed very deterrent.

However, Ning still without blinking an eye, a light: “So, I’ll give you a chance, you do not cherish.”

“Now that give you the opportunity, you useless, it is no wonder to me.”

G Reese raised his eyebrows: “Take this kid!”

“Yes, Mr. Chris!”

The dozen or so tall bodyguards beside Chris walked towards Yash Nics at the same time.

Dian Chu, who was next to Yash Nics, stepped out and shouted in a deep voice: “Kill the chicken with a sledge-knife, Master,

let the subordinates take care of these guys’ deaths!” After speaking, Dian Chu suddenly speeded up, swish, like Rhinoceros crashed into an opponent’s arms.


The opponent was directly smashed into bones all over his body and flew out with a distorted body, falling to the ground with a bang.

Dian Chu descended like a demon, and fought fiercely with his opponents.

All of Chris’s bodyguards are elites from the Blackwater Mercenary Company, or veterans of the Marine Corps he has hired with high salaries.

The combat effectiveness of these people is not a problem against ordinary people.

But they never expected that they would meet a king of soldiers from the Northern Army today.

Bang Bang Bang…

Chris’s dozen super bodyguards were all knocked to the ground by Dian Chu in a short time.

Right now, Chris was dumbfounded.

All of his bodyguards are top masters. Once, when he attended a business event of an African tribe, he was attacked by thousands of local armed men.

He was relying on the super bodyguards around him to forcefully break out of the siege. He and his bodyguards were safe and sound, but when they broke the siege, they killed more than three hundred militants.

Therefore, he has an inexplicable trust in his group of bodyguards.

I thought that with these bodyguards, he could come and go freely anywhere outside of the China Military Base, and no one could stop him.

But what made him stunned now was that his group of super bodyguards had been beaten to the ground by a small subordinate of Yash Nics.

Huaxia is really Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!

While Chris was shocked, he regretted it in his heart. If he had known it earlier, he should bring more bodyguards so that he would not fall into an awkward situation now.

After Dian Chu overturned Chris’ bodyguard, he walked towards Chris with unresolved anger.

Chris was so frightened that he could not sit still, stood up hurriedly, and while backing up, he sternly warned: “What do you want to do, I remind you, I am the president of Noah’s company, behind me is the United States, and I am a member of the State Council, and I have diplomatic immunity.”

“Your country can’t move me, do you dare to mess around?”



Dian Chu raised his palm, slapped Chris over with a slap, and cursed: “What are you, do you not watch the news on weekdays or something? Don’t you know that Simon, the commander of your troops stationed in Dongying, has been Did our young master personally slaughter it?”

“Just do you dare to be presumptuous in front of our young master!”

Chris heard this, covering his face, looking at Yash Nics incredulously, and said in disbelief, “What, you are the God of War of China. …..”

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