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Chapter 2258: ironic

Song Zhongbin with Repairation went Ning, first ask Yash Nicsgang before the fight was not injured?

After confirming that Yash Nics was not injured, Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli sighed quietly: “Yash Nics, that guy is Xiao Ting’s biological father. If Xiao Ting recognizes him as his father, you will still be Zhang Botang’s son-in-law in the future!”

“Why do you fight? Broken his leg?”

Yash Nics said with a smile: “Then I have to wait until Xiaoting is willing to recognize him as his father.”

“And with the strength of the overseas Zhang family , they have to find out Xiao Ting’s whereabouts in the past two decades. , If you wanted to find Xiaoting, you would have found it a long time ago.”

“They just waited until now, and judging from their previous attitude, it was clear that they came for the Ningda Company under Xiao Ting’s control.”

“This kind of ruthlessness. The family, the people of these forces, and their decision to abandon Xiao Ting cruelly at the time, I believe that Xiao Ting’s character will not recognize their relatives.”

“Besides, he bullied you, he bullied my parents. How can I allow him to be presumptuous.”

Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli felt warm when they heard Yash Nics’s words.

The two said again and again: “Good son-in-law!”

Yash Nics picked up the insulated lunch box next to him, smiled and said, “I heard that turtle soup is very good. I specially packed a portion, turned it back in the middle, and gave it to your parents to try. ”

Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli both had tears in their eyes.

It is said that the son-in-law is half a son. From their point of view, Yash Nics is more intimate than his son, more careful than his son, and more filial than his son.

Yash Nics asked the two elderly people to enter the house to continue eating.

He made a phone call and called the Tiger Guards and ordered them to take turns during this period of time to protect his father-in-law and his mother-in-law.

After everything was arranged, he rushed to the fishing village restaurant to continue eating with Song Pingting and others.

Song Pingting wondered how Yash Nics sent soup home for a long time?

Yash Nics didn’t tell the truth, because he was afraid that his wife would be worried, so he just casually said that there was a traffic jam on the road.

In the hospital!

Chris is waiting for good news from Zhang Botang.

However, the good news did not come, but there was a news that made him dumbfounded and dumbfounded.

The news is that Zhang Botang went to find Yash Nics’s moldy temperament. Instead of teaching Yash Nics, Zhang Botang was interrupted by Yash Nics.

What is even more speechless is that Zhang Botang was also admitted to the same private high-level hospital as Chris, and the ward was arranged next to Chris.


“You said that Zhang Botang not only failed to teach Yash Nics, he was taught by Yash Nics instead, and he lived in the ward next to me?” All of his

staff nodded with embarrassment.

The ward next door.

After the operation, Zhang Botang had just passed the anesthetic, and he just woke up.


Very angry!

The world’s most famous chaebol bosses, no matter where they go to any country, all countries are the existence of officials and businessmen to flatter themselves.

Unexpectedly, when he returned to China to recognize his daughter, he was interrupted by his cheap son-in-law Yash Nics.


He was really shameless to pass it out, and he had to find it back, and he had to avenge the grudge.

At this time, just after the effect of the anesthetic, he ordered his subordinates with an angry face: “You immediately call me the secretary of General Liu Zhenping, the commander-in-chief of the Jiangnan Military Region, and say that I want to visit General Liu and ask General Liu for help if I have something to do.

” Yes, boss!”

The General Command of the Jiangnan Military Region.

In the office!

Liu Zhenping is reading the file.

Suddenly a guard walked in and saluted: “Report to the chief.”


Zhen said flatly : “What’s the matter?” The guard said, “Mr. Zhang Botang called and asked to visit you. I wonder if you plan to see him? ”

Liu Zhenping said: “Zhang Botang?”

“I used to be an elementary school classmate with him decades ago. It has been a long time since

I saw him . I heard that he is a world-class rich man.” “Why is he coming to see me?” The

guard Said: “It seems to be related to the young marshal!”

Liu Zhenping frowned upon hearing this, and immediately asked in detail.

Soon, Liu Zhenping understood the cause and effect.

He squinted his eyes: “I didn’t want to be nosy, but if I ignore Zhang Botang, it is estimated that Zhang Botang will change other methods and cause trouble to the young

marshal .” “Well, you let Zhang Botang come to see me tomorrow.”

The guard said: “Yes!”

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