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Chapter 2259: guests

the next day!

In the Jiangnan Military Region headquarters, the chefs are busy in the canteen kitchen.

It turns out that Liu Zhenping is going to entertain VIPs today!

The chefs in the kitchen, while using the simplest ingredients to cook exquisite dishes, while curiously discussing, what kind of distinguished guest actually makes the chief take so seriously?

You know, Liu Zhenping is notoriously upright and has a frugal lifestyle.

Under normal circumstances, it is rare to see Liu Zhenping ordering the kitchen to add dishes to entertain guests.

In the office.

Liu Zhenping is reading the military newspaper.

The captain of the guard, Ma Long, walked in and said respectfully: “Chief, you have almost prepared everything you ordered.”

Liu Zhenping nodded, “Very well, today the marshal will be here. I must be considerate in the hospitality, not let the marshal think. Neglect.”

Although Yash Nics’s status as the chief governor is known to everyone at the top of the military, very few people know this secret in society.

Therefore, on most occasions, Liu Zhenping always calls Yash Nics the young marshal, instead of Yash Nics the general governor, the purpose is to try not to let outsiders know this secret.

It is not good for foreign enemies to retaliate against the family of the governor after they know the true identity of the governor.

Ma Long’s expression was a bit hesitant, and he stopped talking.

Liu Zhenping noticed Ma Long’s expression, he glanced at Ma Long, then leisurely flipped over the other side of the newspaper, and said faintly: “What do you want to say?”

Ma Long whispered: “General, the marshal and Zhang Botang compared things. Complicated.”

“Moreover, Zhang Botang is still Song Pingting’s biological father. If the father and daughter recognize each other, Zhang Botang is still Yash Nics’s father-in-law.”

“This matter is a hot potato. It’s not easy to deal with. Maybe both parties will blame you in the future.”

“Why should you join in?”

Liu Zhenping said with a smile : “The marshal saved my life before. I told him privately. Brothers are commensurate, his business is mine. Since Zhang Botang is looking for trouble with the young marshal and he has found me here, I naturally have to come forward to mediate.”

“Of course, mediation is the best, if not, then I will do my best. , Have a clear conscience.”

Ma Long nodded when he heard the words: “What the chief said is!”

At this time!

A Rolls Royce drove slowly into the compound of the military headquarters.

After the vehicle stopped, Zhang Botang was in a wheelchair, and several entourages carefully removed him from the vehicle.

Zhang Botang looked at the magnificent military buildings around him, as well as the soldiers on guard who were holding submachine guns with straight waists and not looking squint. They felt a little bit of oppression from the barracks.

At this time, two barracks guys passed by.

The two guys glanced at Zhang Botang’s car, and then whispered that the chief hadn’t paid so much attention to the guests for a long time, so that we made an exception in the kitchen and prepared special tobacco and alcohol for the military.

Are they the VIP guests that the chief will entertain today?

Zhang Botang vaguely heard the two men’s whispered discussions, and he couldn’t help showing a smug expression.

Hehe, he Zhang has a face, no matter where he goes, whether he is an official or a business person, he must be respectful and respectful.

Isn’t this?

When I came to the headquarters of the China Jiangnan Military Region, I was also treated by the commander-in-chief Liu Zhenping.

Zhang Botang did not know that the distinguished guest Liu Zhenping was talking about was Yash Nics, not Zhang Botang.

If he knew that Liu Zhenping’s guest was Yash Nics at this time, he would have to vomit blood on the spot.

At this moment, Ma Long came over with two soldiers.

“Mr. Zhang is here, please follow me in to see General Liu!”

Zhang Botang said hastily: “Okay, Chief Lao will lead the way!”

Soon, Zhang Botang came to Liu Zhenping’s office.

“Old classmate, long time no see, your style is still the same!”

Zhang Botang gave a flattery as soon as he entered the door, and pushed the wheelchair forward with a smile on his face, actively bending over to shake hands with Liu Zhenping.

Liu Zhenping smiled and shook hands with Zhang Botang, and said faintly: “We were elementary school classmates. When we met, we were only seven or eight years old. They were all

wicked children. What kind of style is there?” Zhang Botang was slightly taken aback.

He felt a trace of something wrong with Liu Zhenping’s words and attitude.

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