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Chapter 2261: beat

Zhang Botang alarmed Zhuantouwangxiang Liu Zhenping: “General Liu, he ……”

Liu Zhenping smile and said: “He is my brother who said, , Is also the

distinguished guest I will entertain today.” Zhang Botang was dumbfounded!

Listening to what Liu Zhenping said, not only did he admit that Yash Nics was a brother, but the VIP Liu Zhenping was going to entertain today was also Yash Nics, not Zhang Botang.

This discovery made Zhang Botang’s face even more ugly.

At this time, Liu Zhenping enthusiastically greeted Yash Nics, and said affectionately: “Brother Chen, you can count, but my brother is looking forward to the stars and the moon, looking forward to your arrival, this time we will not be drunk.”

Yash Nics With a smile, he said, ”

I should be with him .” Zhang Botang saw that Liu Zhenping’s relationship with Yash Nics was so close, which was far better than his friendship with Liu Zhenping, and he was too embarrassed.

Liu Zhenping said to Yash Nics: “This is Mr. Zhang Botang. You should know Brother Chen?”

Yash Nics glanced at Zhang Botang and said calmly: “Yes!”

Zhang Botang glared at Yash Nics, thinking that of course you know me. The feet are given by you and interrupted by you.

Liu Zhenping smiled and said, “This Mr. Zhang has been a classmate of elementary school with me for decades. This time I am going to talk to me.” After

Liu Zhenping finished speaking, he smiled and said to Zhang Botang, “My brother is Yash Nics, the god of war in the army. Saved my life before, had a life relationship with me.”

This said.

Yash Nics knew about the relationship between Zhang Botang and Liu Zhenping, and also knew that Zhang Botang had come to Liu Zhenping for help.

And Zhang Botang finally understood the relationship between Liu Zhenping and Yash Nics!

Yash Nics and Liu Zhenping are seated!

The meal has just begun.

Liu Zhenping personally poured wine for Yash Nics, then picked up the glass, and said to Yash Nics and Zhang Botang: “Come on, I will toast you two. This meal is considered to be a

bit of the friendship of the landlords.” Liu Zhenping’s face, Yash Nics and Zhang Botang still want given.

The three picked up their wine glasses and drank a drink.

Yash Nics’s face was calm, but Zhang Botang was sitting on pins and needles.

After Liu Zhenping finished a glass of wine, he even mentioned it intentionally or unintentionally: “By the way, old classmate, you said that your left foot was interrupted by a bully. Which bully was so domineering and dared to take your foot? Interrupted?”

Yash Nics narrowed his eyes when he heard this, and took a look at Zhang Botang.

Zhang Botang was so embarrassed for an instant that Liu Zhenping really didn’t open the pot and lift which pot!

Zhang Botang already knew about Yash Nics’s relationship with Liu Zhenping, so how dare he sue Liu Zhenping, and he was in front of Yash Nics.

He smiled far-fetched and hesitated: “That, in fact, it should be said that I deserved the crime and asked for hardship.”

“It’s not worth mentioning it or not mentioning it…”

Liu Zhenping is actually Those who deliberately beat and beat Zhang Botang to avoid Zhang Botang’s endless trouble with Yash Nics.

At this time, he saw Zhang Botang’s embarrassed appearance, and he was amused. He thought that Zhang Botang was a former classmate, and now the world’s richest man, might still be Yash Nics’s father-in-law in the future.

So, he said in a calm tone: “Since I asked you if you didn’t tell me, and you admitted that you were at

fault , then I won’t ask too much.” Zhang Botang repeatedly said: “Good, good…”

Liu Zhenping Then he said: “Yash Nics has a life-long friendship with me. He is my brother. You can try to get acquainted with my brother as an old classmate. There are multiple

paths and multiple choices.” Liu Zhenping heard this in Zhang Botang’s ears. He was warning him not to hit Yash Nics’s attention again.

And it also means a layer of persuasion. Get along well with Yash Nics. If the two of them can clear up their previous suspicions, it will be a better choice for the overseas Zhang family.

Zhang Botang had realized at this time that Yash Nics was not the legendary god of war, nor was he not waiting to be seen or reused in the army.

Yash Nics still has a very strong network in the army.

For the first time, he began to think about his relationship with Song Pingting and Yash Nics in this way.

This meal lasted for half an hour.

Zhang Botang left early on the excuse of being unwell.

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