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Chapter 2262: The Gates of Hell

Zhang Botang as frightened, after the panic to flee, leaving the box with Yash Nics Liu Zhenping et al.

Yash Nics and Liu Zhenping couldn’t help but laughed.

Liu Zhenping smiled heartily: “This guy, you don’t know who Brother Chen is, but he doesn’t ask me about your friendship with Brother Chen. It’s really outrageous that he even came to ask me to deal with Brother

Chen .” Yash Nics smiled and said, “This guy was beaten by you. I guess he was scared enough. He should be cautious when he goes back, and dare not mess around anymore.”

Liu Zhenping smiled and said, “Haha, that guy was here just now, and we were uncomfortable drinking. . ”

” come on, now we are brothers, no scruples, get drunk. ”

Ning laughed:”. well, I舍命陪君子”


senior hospital inpatient courtyard, pavilion.

Zhang Botang, who was in a wheelchair, was talking with Chris in a white hospital gown.

Zhang Botang sighed and said: “Yash Nics’s strength is greater than I thought.”

“He is unparalleled in his own combat power, and none of the masters I brought is his opponent.”

“He has a reputation as a god of war in the army, although now He is no longer the commander-in-chief of the Northern Territory Army, but many generals in the army gave him face and even praised him as brothers.”

“My roots are in Eagle Nation. In China, I really can’t deal with him.”

“Mr. Chris, of us. I’m afraid this will end here.”

Chris said angrily: “Mr. Zhang, why are you talking about this frustration?”

“No matter how great Yash Nics is, he is just a veteran general who is laid off at home. It’s worth you. Are you afraid of him?”

“Don’t you want Ningda Company? Ningda Company now has liver cancer vaccines and specific drugs, and there will be more cancer vaccines and specific drugs in the future. This is the biggest cash cow in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Zhang Botang certainly wants Ningda Company. , But Yash Nics could not solve this problem.

Chris said: “If you really do not have confidence, then Ning was to me to deal.”

“I’m looking for someone to kill Ning, then you and your daughter had, then rather large companies control down.”

“To At that time, Noah and you shared rent, and we made a

lot of money together on cancer vaccines and special medicines.” It was heard that Chris came to deal with Yash Nics, and Zhang Botang finally regained some interest.

Chris smiled and said: “I have reported the cooperation with you to our Mr. Chairman of Noah. He agrees with the cooperation and is very interested in you. He will probably arrange to meet with you later. ”

So our cooperation must be carried out, and we can’t give up halfway.”

“If you give up halfway, our chairman, Mr. Chairman, will definitely think that you are playing with us. Our chairman’s temper is already a fierce style of doing things, you Understand.”

Zhang Botang frowned slightly when he heard the words.

He suddenly felt like he was on a thief ship. Getting on the ship is easy, but getting off the ship is difficult!

Chris talked with Zhang Botang for a while, the two planned to continue their cooperation, and then Zhang Botang left.

After Zhang Botang left, Chris took out his cell phone and made a call.

The call was quickly connected, and a dull and hoarse voice came from the phone: “Your Excellency Chris, Hell’s Gate is honored to be able to serve you. I don’t know what can help you?”

Chris said indifferently: “I need You, the gates of hell, help me kill someone!”

“Who to kill?”

“Huaxia, once known as the Chinese God of War, Yash Nics.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

Chris raised his eyebrows: “Why, don’t you even dare to take Yash Nics’s life at the gate of hell?” At the

end of the phone, a hoarse voice rang again: “There is no one who dare not kill at the gate of hell, nor did he kill. People who can’t do it, but I’m worried that your Excellency can’t afford the price we opened.”

Chris said coldly: “As long as you can kill Yash Nics, money is easy to say, don’t you believe me, or don’t you believe in Noah’s financial resources?”

At the end of the call, he finally agreed: “Well, although our gate of hell has not fought against the Chinese God of War, he has a brilliant record. We must send the most powerful man to deal with him, and we must also bear the risk. So I opened the door The price is one billion U.S. dollars.”

Chris said: “The deal, but you must pay attention to the gates of hell and send the strongest killer.” At the

end of the phone, a hoarse voice responded: “As you wish, hell Zhimeng will send one of the strongest existences here, the Falling Angel, to let him harvest Yash Nics’s life.”

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