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Chapter 2263: boast

the next two, in addition to taking the time to Ning, instructions viceroy file, the rest of the time is spent with his family every day.

In the afternoon of the third day!

Song Zhongbin went to school to pick up Song Qingqing.

Yash Nics drove to Ningda Company to pick up Song Pingting and Tong Ke.

He had just arrived at the gate of Ningda Company when he saw Song Pingting and Tong Ke coming out with Qin Que.

Song Pingting is a majestic style, Tong Ke is pure and moving, and Qin Que is heroic.

As soon as the three beauties came out of the company building, they attracted the attention of many passersby.

Everyone looked at the three beauties with envy and got into Yash Nics’s ordinary Hongqi car.

Yash Nics smiled and looked back at Song Pingting: “Is there anything I need to buy, or should I just go home now?”

Song Pingting said sweetly, “We won’t eat at home tonight, why, didn’t mom tell you? ? ”

Ning bit surprised:” mom told me that nothing Yeah, we do not eat at home, on where to eat “?

Song Ping Ting smiled and said:” Xiao Ke has come to talk of marriage age, she was in no hurry, Her family and my mother are anxious for her.”

“My mother recently introduced him to a man. It is said that the conditions are very good.”

“We will accompany Tong Ke over tonight, have a meal with that man, and match him up. Two.”

Tong Ke, who was already reluctant and obviously reluctant to attend the blind date meeting next to him, immediately glared at Song Pingting angrily when he heard Song Pingting’s matchmaking.

Song Pingting smiled and changed her words: “It’s not a matchmaking, anyway, it’s just to check on Xiao Ke.”

Soon, they came to Mannity City, the newly opened restaurant, the famous restaurant, Royal Palace.

It is said that this Royal Palace is a restaurant newly invested by Dong Tianbao.

Yash Nics had previously told Dong Tianbao that he should no longer run a gray business.

Dong Tianbao did not dare to forget Yash Nics’s words, so although he is now the underground overlord of Mannity City, he is not involved in any gray business, but has become a catering tycoon wholeheartedly and invested in many high-end hotels and restaurants.

Yash Nics and his party walked into the restaurant but did not see Dong Tianbao.

Instead, it was a man wearing a white shirt and black trousers, with her hair combed and well dressed. He walked up quickly and said hello with a smile: “Hello Miss Tong, I’m the one that your relative mentioned to you. Li Zifeng.”

Tong Ke said lukewarmly : “Oh, hello.”

Li Zifeng greeted Tong Ke with a smile. He could not help but stealthily aim at Tong Ke while he was delighted that Tong Ke was more beautiful than the photo. Song Pingting and Qin Que next to Ke.

Especially when he saw Song Pingting, he was screaming for the best in his heart.

A thought emerged from the bottom of my heart: even if the blind date with Tong Ke failed, the two beauties who came with him are not bad, especially this superb beauties wearing professional uniforms and hip skirts, really beautiful!

With evil thoughts in your heart, your eyes must be wretched.

Yash Nics and Song Pingting are good at observing words and colors. When they saw Li Zifeng’s wretched eyes, they probably guessed the wretched thoughts in this person’s heart, and suddenly felt a little disdainful of this person in their hearts.

Li Zifeng didn’t realize that his first image was shattered.

He pretended to be curious about the identities of Song Pingting and Qin Que.

Tong Ke said lightly: “This is my cousin Song Pingting, this is my brother-in-law Yash Nics, this is my friend Qin Que!”


The most beautiful woman is already married.

Li Zifeng was a little disappointed, while looking at Yash Nics’s eyes, in addition to envy, there was also a little jealousy.

However, although you can’t get to Song Pingting, if the blind date is successful, It is also good to be able to marry a beauty like Tong Ke.

He immediately smiled and invited with a smile: “Come here, I have booked the best private room here, please come with me.”

“You probably don’t know, this Yujinghaoting restaurant is very popular recently. Usually three days in advance, you may not be able to book a box.”

Tong Ke said faintly: “So, Mr. Li, you are pretty good, and you can book the best private room here.”

Li Zifeng was proud of his words. He fiddled with his hair and said with a smile: “It’s nothing. The owner of this Royal Palace is called Dong Tianbao, and he is also the number one person in Mannity City.”

“But what you don’t know is that Dong Tianbao is actually just Li family for me. It’s just errands.”


Does Dong Tianbao run errands for your Li family?

Not only Tong Ke was surprised.

Song Pingting and Qin Que also showed suspicious expressions.

They all know that Dong Tianbao was once a personal soldier under Yash Nics’s. After he retired from the army, he worked in Mannity and treated Yash Nics with great respect.

The person in front of him actually said that Dong Tianbao was running errands for the Li family. Tong Ke was naturally surprised and suspicious after hearing this.

However, the expressions of shock and suspicion of several beauties were shocked in Li Zifeng’s eyes.

He was proud of it. In his opinion, detaining girls is cheating. As long as it is necessary, let alone lying, even if it is renting an office building, renting a luxury car as a storefront, or pretending to be a company boss, he dares to do it.

Just take the first step and coax the woman into the bed, and after the raw rice is cooked, the rest will be discussed.

Besides, there are many women’s traditional concepts. As long as they have a relationship, they will be very dedicated, even if the other party is a scumbag, they will forgive.

With this method, Li Zifeng succeeded in harming the ignorant girl.

Unfortunately, he met Yash Nics this time.

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