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Chapter 2264: I heard that a young gentleman

Ning Li Zaifeng first glance intention is not to hear this guy threatened Lee Dong Tianbao is to give them errands, Ning I am a little dissatisfied.

Yash Nics asked intentionally or unintentionally: “I don’t know what kind of work Mr. Li is in, and which industry does your Li family work in?”

Li Zifeng knew that Yash Nics was the husband of the most beautiful beauty on the scene, so he told Yash Nics. Secretly harboring envy and jealousy, when he heard Yash Nics’s question at this time, he also said lukewarmly: “I just returned from overseas. I used to work in finance in the United States.”

“As for our Li family .” , The old family is engaged in shipping, but our house rules are strict and have always been low-key. Therefore, except for the people in the top circle, Mannity City knows that our Li family is not very good.”

Yash Nics asked with a smile: “You just said Dong Did Tianbao run errands for your Li family?” Li

Zifeng was stunned, but saw Tong Ke and several beautiful women looking at him, listening carefully to his answer.

He didn’t blush and said, “No, don’t look at Dong Tianbao’s prestige in front of others. In fact, he runs errands in our Li family. I let him do it, but he dare not dare to go west.”

Yash Nics’s face sank slightly upon hearing this . under.

Dong Tianbao used to be his personal soldier, and his performance has been good. The kid who didn’t know where he had appeared in front of him even dared to be silly, and Yash Nics was a little angry.

Li Zifeng noticed that Yash Nics’s expression was strange, but he thought Yash Nics was shocked by his words.

He thought triumphantly: Haha, did you hear that Dong Tianbao is my dog ​​leg, scared you?

He enthusiastically seated everyone, and then called the waiter to order.

After the order was over, he started chatting with Tong Ke in an attempt to arouse Tong Ke’s curiosity about him.

It’s a pity that no matter how he brags about himself, Tong Ke seems to be amused, as if he doesn’t catch a cold with him.

On the contrary, did Tong Ke leaned over, whispered a few whispers to her brother-in-law Yash Nics, and put him aside.

At this moment, Li Zifeng hated Yash Nics even more while embarrassed.


At this time, the waiter began to serve dishes.

When the first dish came, Li Zifeng was dumbfounded.

A wild large yellow croaker estimated to weigh 8 kg.

Li Zifeng was shocked, he didn’t order this dish, and the fish is estimated to cost hundreds of thousands!

Soon, Aolong, half abalone, and king crab were brought up one after another.

Only then did Li Zifeng realize that he must have had the wrong drink.

He hurriedly said to the waiter: “You seem to be mistaken, the dishes I ordered are not these…” The

waiter smiled and said, “Sir, our supervisor said, these dishes are our boss’s knowledge of his young master. Here comes, personally asked us to send it, this is our boss’s respect to the young master. ”

Young master?

Li Zifeng was a little confused, thinking that I was just bragging to Tong Ke that Dong Tianbao was running errands for me. How come the restaurant really regarded me as Dong Tianbao’s young master?

He then thought: No matter how he caused the misunderstanding, anyway, it is a bastard to take advantage of it.

Besides, with such a tinkering, Tong Ke and others must believe that Dong Tianbao was running errands for themselves. With the aura of Master Dong Tianbao, won’t it be a matter of minutes to win Tong Ke tonight?

He immediately said triumphantly: “Haha, Xiaobao is interested, go back and thank your boss for me.”

Upon hearing this, the waiter mistakenly thought that Li Zifeng was the young master Dong Tianbao said, and immediately said: “Yes!”

When the waiter left, Li Zifeng blushed and smiled and said to Tong Ke and Yash Nics and the others: “Haha, you think Xiaobao is so polite, knowing that my young master is here, I have to give us so many good dishes. ”

Come on, everyone, eat quickly, you are welcome.”

Song Pingting looked at each other with Tong Ke and Qin Que.

Yash Nics’s face was calm. He glanced at Li Zifeng and picked up his chopsticks. At the same time, he said to Song Pingting, “Let’s eat, Dong Tianbao’s little intentions, we can’t live up to it.”

Now, Song Ping. Ting and Tong Ke Qin Que moved the chopsticks.

Li Zifeng didn’t look at it. He thought to his mother that Dong Tianbao’s wine and food honored me. What kind of costume are you kidding?

He couldn’t help it anymore and deliberately made trouble with Yash Nics. He looked at Yash Nics, who kept picking up vegetables for Song Pingting, and sneered: “Hehe, what does Mr. Yash do?”

Yash Nics replied lightly. : “Soldier!”

Damn, poor soldiers, why do they come from?

Li Zifeng immediately ridiculed: “Hehe, although the allowances for soldiers are good, but they are also very limited.

Soldiers are too poor to die.” “It is estimated that Yash Nics is reluctant to eat and wear. This kind of half-headed abalone is wild. Have you never eaten large yellow croaker or king crab?”

Now, even Song Pingting, Tong Ke, and Qin Que could hear Li Zifeng mocking Yash Nics.

Song Pingting was going to be angry immediately!

However, at this time, the door of the box opened creakingly. The burly Dong Tianbao appeared at the door of the box with a bottle of top-quality Conti red wine worth more than 100,000, and said with a big smile: “I heard My master is here!”

Li Zifeng’s expression quietly changed when he said this.

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