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Chapter 2268: the offerings of God

at this time, a burst of rapid footsteps.

It turned out that Dong Tianbao came with a group of men.

Dong Tianbao asked nervously: “Marshal, are you okay?”

Yash Nics said lightly: “I’m okay, this assassin from the gate of hell, you can deal with it.”

Dong Tianbao said: “Yes!”

Li Zifeng’s eyes The stare was even bigger, and the sky thundered in his heart. It turned out that Yash Nics was the young marshal, the Chinese God of War!

After figuring out Yash Nics’s identity, he recalled that he laughed at Yash Nics in the restaurant just now, and acted forcefully in front of Yash Nics. His face turned pale, and he was afraid after a while.

Yash Nics didn’t mean to care about Li Zifeng.

He glanced at Li Zifeng and asked nonchalantly: “If you have nothing else, go to the hospital to deal with the injury by yourself, and don’t

tell the truth about this matter.” Li Zifeng trembling hastily: “Yes, yes, little Shuai, I don’t dare to talk nonsense about killing.”

Yash Nics handed over the mess at the scene to Dong Tianbao to deal with, and then he got in the car with Song Pingting, Tong Ke, and Qin Que and drove away.

Back home!

Song Pingting and Tong Ke are still a little frightened.

Yash Nics called Dianchu into the study, and ordered Dianchu to check, who hired the killer at the gate of hell?

Dian Chu said: “Yes, the subordinates will immediately send someone to investigate.” On

Yash Nics’s side, who was the killer who hired the gate of hell to order people to investigate?

And in a seaside villa in Mannity City, Chris is also calling the Gate of Hell.

He also knew the news that the Fallen Angel mission had failed. At this time, he was furious with the Hell Nine Headed Dog, the connector of Hell’s Gate.

Chris said angrily: “How did you handle the gates of hell? You took our money, but didn’t get things done. Are you kidding us Noah, or smashing your own signs?”

Nine Heads The dog said in a low voice: “Your Excellency Chris, this is our first mission failure at the Gate of Hell in these years.”

“But don’t worry, our Gate of Hell will be restored.”

Chris narrowed his eyes: “Restore, what do you guys do? Save it?”

Nine-headed dog said in a deep voice: “Our master of the gate of hell, Lord Underworld, he takes this matter very seriously, and the fallen angel is his most beloved disciple.”

“He has decided to summon all of the gates of hell. Master, go to China in secret to punish Yash Nics.”

“One is to restore our reputation at the gates of hell, and the other is to avenge the fallen angel.”

Chris heard this, showing a shocked expression.

The Falling Angel mission failed, and he furiously asked the Gate of Hell to give him an explanation.

But he did not expect that the gates of hell should be so important.

Moreover, the god of hell, the god of hell, led the masters of the gate of hell out of the nest, secretly coming to China to deal with Yash Nics.

Pluto, I heard that 20 years ago, he had beaten Invincible Hand all over the West.

Unexpectedly, this time, the Underworld God, for the sake of a Chinese God of War, would wear his shirt again and personally come to kill the Chinese War God.

After Chris was shocked, all that was left was joy.

He grinned and said: “Hehe, the god of the world is going out in person, I naturally believe in the sincerity of the gates of hell. Okay, I will patiently wait for your good news.”

At this moment!

Hell’s Gate headquarters.

The Underworld has summoned the three hundred strong men at the gate of hell.

He sat on the black throne, condescendingly looked down at the men in the hall, and said indifferently: “China is a forbidden place for mercenaries and killers. Yash Nics was once known as the God of War of China.”

“Our trip to China must be low-key. Some, can’t alarm the Huaxia military.”

The powerful said: “Yes, Lord Pluto!”

Pluto said calmly: “From now on, you will be divided into parts, either by plane, or by cruise ship. Go to Huaxia.”

“When I arrive in Huaxia, you will come and gather with me and act in unison.”

The strong people said: “Yes!”

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