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Chapter 2269: lilies

beach house!

Chris and Zhang Botang, with his own men, are talking with a woman wearing big red wavy curly hair.

This woman with big red wavy curly hair, about thirty or forty years old, looks pretty good, comparable to Hollywood stars, but her cold face and eyes without any emotion make people shudder when looking at each other.

She is the daughter of Hades!

The people at the gates of hell have only codes and no names.

The daughter of the goddess, codenamed Manzhushahua.

Chris knows that Manzhushahua is second only to Pluto in the gates of hell, and because she is the daughter of Pluto, Chris is very respectful at this time.

He accompanied carefully asked: “Man Chu Miss Sha Hua, I do not know offerings of God Excellency, has arrived in China yet?”

Lilies Huaping Jing said:. “I was here first step, my father and other people then went to the”

g Reese laughed and said: “Haha, the god of the underworld is coming out in person, and the death of the Chinese God of War is approaching.”

Manzhushahua said coldly: “I will kill Yash Nics with a sledgehammer. I will do it. There is no need for my father to

act .” Chris and Zhang Botang were dumbfounded.

Chris hurriedly said: “But the god has already led the crowd to come?”

Manzhushahua held up a glass of champagne on the table, opened his bright red lips, and sipped a mouthful of red wine, calmly said: “You probably don’t know that the fallen angel killed by Yash Nics two days ago is actually my lover!”


Chris and Zhang Botang looked at each other. They were shocked, but what else did they realize?

Chris was surprised: “Miss

Manzhushahua , don’t you want to act alone, don’t wait for the arrival of Pluto, go find Yash Nics moldy, right?” Zhang Botang also persuaded: “Miss Manzhushahua, Yash Nics strength Strong, we don’t recommend you to take risks.”

Chris also said: “Yes, if you don’t follow Pluto’s plan and act alone, in case of any accident, we can’t explain to Pluto…

Manzhushahua’s eyes suddenly turned cold: “Are you cursing me?” After

she finished speaking, she raised her hand!

There seemed to be a red line between the fingers and disappeared. The rock slate coffee table in front of him, with a click, was cut in half and fell to the ground crashingly.

too horrible!

The pupils of Chris and Zhang Botang suddenly dilated.

Chris hurriedly said: “We didn’t mean to curse Miss Manjusawa. We were just worried about your safety. If you have an accident, we can’t explain to the underworld.”

Manjusawa stood up and said coldly: “You are not my hell. The people of Zhimen, we are just a pure employment relationship, not a superior relationship, so you don’t need to be responsible to me, and you don’t need to explain anything to my father.”

“My father will arrive in China tomorrow night . I believe that at that time, I have already I took off Yash Nics’s head.”

“You just wait here for my good news!”

After finishing speaking, she stepped on red high heels and left curly and Nana.

Several subordinates with different appearances hurriedly followed.

Come out from the beach house.

As Manzhushahua walked towards her red Ferrari, he asked the entourage around him: “Let you inquire about Yash Nics’s whereabouts, have you all inquired clearly for me?”

Several hands looked at each other, and the last Chinese man with a ponytail bit his head and said: “Miss, I don’t know what’s going on. It’s hard for our hackers to find information about Yash Nics from the Internet. We can’t collect Yash Nics. Effective information…”

These people at Hell’s Gate didn’t know that Yash Nics’s other identity was the Governor of China. All Yash Nics’s information was actually high-level secrets. There was a special military department that dealt with Yash Nics’s various information was deleted.

Therefore, even hackers at Hell’s Gate cannot effectively collect Yash Nics’s intelligence.

When Manzhushahua heard the words of his men, he immediately stopped, and looked at Mawei’s men with a deadly gaze.

Ma Wei quickly said: “Although we did not find out Yash Nics’s itinerary, we know that Yash Nics’s wife is the chairman of Ningda Company, and he loves his wife very much. As long as the lady kills directly to Ningda Company, she will not worry. I can’t see Yash Nics.”

Manzhu Shahua raised his hand, moved his fingers, and said coldly: “Next time, it’s better to finish talking at once. This is good for keeping your head on your neck.”

Mawei A few panicked faces.

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