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Chapter 2270: I have come

before rather large group company building.

A red Ferrari and three black Dodge Challengers roared.

Several sports cars stopped in front of the building, and Manzhushahua and nine of his men got out of the car.

The two security guards at the entrance of the Ningda Company’s lobby looked at each other, and then walked forward to meet Manzhushahua together.

“Sorry miss, parking is not allowed here at the entrance of our company. There are open-air parking lots and underground garages over there. Please move your car.”

The words of the two security guards just fell off!

Manzhushahua’s entourage banged two punches and flew directly.

This change caused the front desk clerk in the lobby to scream.

Several security guards, holding walkie-talkies, carrying swing sticks, rushed over.

But not yet approached, Manzhushahua raised his hand.

A red line flicked between his fingers, and, with a sigh, several bodyguards raised the right hand of the swinging stick high, and they were all cut off, and several arms, together with the swinging stick, fell on the floor.


Screams sounded continuously, and several bodyguards clutched their broken arms and fell to the ground wailing.

Stepping on high heels, Manzhu Shahua walked through the blood in the underground, and walked straight to the trembling front desk clerk. He stretched out his hand and raised the chin of the female clerk, smiled and looked at the frightened female clerk, and asked: “Can you tell me which floor your chairman is on?”

“Two… the twenty-eighth floor, the office floor of the chairman…”

Manzhu Shahua said with satisfaction: “Very good.”

After speaking, he took a few of his men and walked towards the elevator.

The female clerk watched Manzhushahua and his party disappear into the elevator. She finally recovered and quickly took out her iPad. Finally, she found Yash Nics’s contact information from the company’s important contacts, and then she was extremely anxious. To call Yash Nics.

“He is, big bad, there are thugs broke into our company, injuring a bunch of security, they went straight to the chairman floors away, and is estimated to be directed to the chairman of ……”

was driving Yash Nics, who was about to go to school to pick up her daughter from school, changed her face slightly when she received a call for help.

He said in a deep voice, “I see, let the company security department take emergency measures, and I will be there immediately.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone and suddenly turned the front of the car. The car roared like a beast, and roared towards Ning University. The company flew away.

Ningda Group, Chairman’s Floor.

a mess!

Qin Que’s arm stab was confronting Manzhu Shahua. She and Manzhu Shahua had already fought each other. Their strengths were equal to each other. For a while, no one could do anything about it.

But what made Qin Que extremely anxious was that she was entangled by Manzhu Shahua and could not get out of her body and could not protect Song Pingting.

And Manzhushahua’s nine capable men had already broken into Song Pingting’s office murderously.

Just then.

Song Pingting and Tong Ke, both of them had been put around their necks with a knife, and came out of the office.

Manzhu Shahua looked at Qin Que with a sneer: “Your master has fallen into my hands. Give up resistance.”

Qin Que’s face was pale: “If I give up resistance, will you let Miss Song? You treat me as I am. Stupid?”

Manzhu Shahua raised his eyebrows: “Isn’t you willing to give up resistance? Well, ponytail, cut off Song Pingting’s ear.”

Qin Que’s face changed drastically when he heard this, and said quickly: “Wait! I surrender. !”

After speaking, she gritted her teeth and threw away the army thorn.

At the moment she had just thrown away the army thorns, Manzhu Shahua had already flew a kick like lightning, kicked Qin Que in the heart, and directly kicked Qin Que flying with a bang.


Qin Que, who flew upside down, smashed the desk to pieces, couldn’t help but vomit a mouthful of blood, obviously injured.

Seeing that the situation was under control, Manzhu Shahua turned his head and sneered at Song Pingting: “The white man your husband killed two days ago is my lover. Call your husband. If he doesn’t want to lose his Beloved, hurry up and die.” As

soon as she finished speaking, a tall and straight figure walked in from the outside.

It is Yash Nics.

Yash Nics said coldly: “No need to call, I’m here.”

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