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Chapter 2272: waiting for it to bear my father’s anger

Ning action neatly stepping back a little back, escaped that road designated for that red lines.

The red line crossed!

Huh, the bookshelf next to Yash Nics has suffered. If it has been cut by laser, it will be cut into two pieces by the red thread in an instant.

Manzhu Shahua didn’t expect Yash Nics to move so agilely that he would be able to dodge her attack.

She also got serious, waving her bare hands continuously.

In an instant, the red threads were intertwined, and the surrounding things were chopped up.

However, despite the fact that Manzhushahua’s attack was like a violent wind and tsunami, Yash Nics was like a small boat driven by an old fisherman in the sea. It seemed dangerous, but in fact it was easy to do.

next to!

The battle between Dianchu Qinque and Manzhushahua’s subordinates has ended.

Manzhushahua’s men have all fallen in a pool of blood.

Dianchu and Qin Que rescued Song Pingting and Tong Ke. They were hiding on the side at this time, watching the battle between Yash Nics and Manzhushahua nervously.

Manzhu Shahua’s strength is very strong, she is the existence of Hell Gate’s strength second only to the Underworld God.

A small red thread turned into a terrifying killer in her hands.

Red lines are flying all over the sky, like ten thousand red snakes, attacking Yash Nics.

Yash Nics didn’t dodge or dodge, but suddenly his figure drew closer, and swept towards Manzhushahua like a white horse passing a gap.

As it approached, Yash Nics’s right sleeve flashed with a knife, and the red lines all over the sky were cut instantly.

“Xiu Baixue!”

Dian Chu cried out in surprise when seeing Qin Que.

Dian Chu and Qin Que, the old men of Yash Nics, knew that when Yash Nics was awarded the title of the God of War of China, he was rewarded by the former lord of the country and received a sharp army dagger.

This dagger will always be hidden in Yash Nics’s sleeve and will not be shown to others.

Yash Nics would only use the dagger when he encountered an opponent worthy of being taken seriously, but Yash Nics often only made a single shot, a glimpse of it.

Yash Nics came out very fast, and often only saw a flash of white light on the cuffs, so this trick was named Xiu Baixue.

Manzhu Shahua didn’t expect that her intertwined red lines in the sky would be cut by Yash Nics. Her expression changed in an instant.

A bad feeling arose from the bottom of my heart.

At this moment, Yash Nics had appeared in front of him, raised his hand and punched her in the chest.


She was directly beaten to a spout of blood, flew out, and fell heavily against the French window.

Yash Nics defeated her opponent and didn’t bother to pursue it any more

. She looked at Manzhushahua coldly and said: “You have already lost!” Manzhushahua was covered with blood. She looked at Yash Nics with hatred and said bitterly: I didn’t want to live anymore when I knew the bad news about my lover. After I died, you waited to endure my father’s anger, and waited to meet the stormy revenge of Hell’s Gate!”

She finished speaking, and then The broken French window jumped and committed suicide by jumping off the building.

The expressions of Yash Nics and others changed slightly.


Song Pingting, who was still in shock, rushed over and rushed towards Yash Nics’s arms.

Yash Nics comforted Song Pingting and then instructed Dianchu to deal with the scene immediately and block the news so as not to cause panic.

Immediately afterwards, he inquired about Qin Que’s injury and asked Qin Que to receive treatment immediately, so as not to have any sequelae.

Because Song Pingting and Tong Ke are not emotionally stable.

Yash Nics accompanies the two to go home first.

Before long, Dian Chu came to see Yash Nics after handling the scene.

Yash Nics called Dian Chu into the study.

Dian Chu said to Yash Nics: “I just found some news. It seems that it is Noah’s Chris. He contacted Hell’s Gate and hired a killer from Hell’s Gate to deal with you, Young Master.”

“Also, the guy named Fallen Angel is A beloved disciple of the leader of the Hell’s Gate organization.”

“The woman just now, named Manju Shahua, is the daughter of the leader of the Hell’s Gate.”

“Master, I don’t think Hell’s Gate will just let it go, they will come again.”

Yash Nics said coldly: “The gates of hell!”

“They also irritated me thoroughly. Even if they don’t come, I will visit their nest in person and level down their headquarters.”

“If they come, they will save it .” I have a lot of trouble.”

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