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Chapter 2273: Underworld came to


“Miss Manzhu Shahua was killed by Yash Nics?” In the

beach house, Chris and Zhang Botang were both shocked.

One of Chris’s subordinates respectfully said: “Yes, Mr. Chris, I’ve confirmed this twice. Miss

Manjusawa is indeed dead.” Zhang Botang frowned slightly. He is a world giant. It shouldn’t have been mixed into these fights.

However, it is impossible for him to get away now.

Chris also had a headache. He thought he could get Yash Nics easy by finding the door of hell.

Unexpectedly, the killer of the gate of hell could not deal with Yash Nics, and now even the daughter of the master of the gate of hell is dead.

And the master of Hell’s Gate, Hades, will arrive here soon.

He wants to speak to Underworld like this and tell the other party that his daughter is dead?

At this moment, a subordinate trot in.

Chris said coldly: “What’s the panic?”

“Mr. Chris, a group of people came outside, saying that the god of darkness is here.”


Pluto has arrived.

Chris and Zhang Botang looked at each other, and then his opponent said: “Immediately follow me out to meet the Lord Underworld.”

“No need to meet, I don’t have the habit of standing at the door, I have already come in.” A

strong and powerful message came from the door . The voice of a man, a tall and stalwart figure, with a group of entourage, stepped forward.

The eyes of Chris and Zhang Botang and others fell on this stalwart figure.

I saw this man with blond hair, a bronze beast mask on his face, and a black suit.

Because his figure is too strong and his muscles are too flared, the black suit on him just wears out the visual effect of armor.

This one is the legendary leader of the gate of hell, the god of underworld.

Behind the Underworld, there were more than a dozen powerful warriors, and everyone was full of murderous expressions.

Chris and Zhang Botang hurriedly greeted them.

Chris smiled and said: “I am Noah’s president Chris, this is Mr. Zhang Botang, we finally have you looking forward to the

Lord Pluto .” Pluto is like walking into his own garden, just like the owner here, straight. Walking to the master seat, Da Ma Jindao sat down.

Then he looked at Chris and Zhang Botang with cold eyes through the bronze beast mask, and his voice seemed to come from Jiuyou Hell: “I received news of the death of my beloved disciple two days ago.”

“Today I just got off the plane and just listened. It’s my daughter’s bad news.”

“I don’t know how to describe my own feelings. I am probably angry that I can reach a little bit in front of me!”

Zhang Botang didn’t dare to look at the cold gaze of the Underworld God, and lowered his head.

Chris also sweated slightly on his forehead, and said quickly: “Master Pluto, we have long advised Miss Manjushahua not to be impulsive and wait until you come to act together, but she just didn’t listen, she had to go to Yash Nics alone. , I want to avenge the fallen angel…”

Hades said coldly: “This is the end of the matter, and it is useless.”

“The most important thing now is revenge!”

Chris repeatedly said: “Yes, yes, you must Let Yash Nics pay the price.”

Underworld God’s gaze fell on Zhang Botang and slowly said: “Mr. Zhang, as far as I know, Yash Nics seems to be your son-in-law?”

Zhang Botang said, “No, this is my daughter’s choice. I don’t approve of his son-in-law, and he has been against me repeatedly. He is now a thorn in my eye. I can’t wait to get rid of it and hurry up.”

Hades nodded: “Very well, then I would like to ask your Excellency to do a little favor.”

Zhang Botang frowned: “What is it?”

Underworld said calmly: “This Yash Nics is the most powerful opponent we have ever encountered at the gate of hell.”

“I.” I checked his information in detail. He was the commander-in-chief of the North China Army. He once defeated the allied forces of the 18 nations and was known as the Chinese God of War.”

Chris and Zhang Botang changed slightly after hearing this.

Hell God said again: “This time I led all the elites of the gate of hell and came out, but this is China, and I am afraid that Yash Nics will be able to summon countless strong men in the army to help.”

“So I want to kill him,

If you don’t want to be surprised, you have to use some means.” “I want to ask Mr. Zhang to use your name to request to meet your daughter Song Pingting. Then Yash Nics will not be relieved and will accompany Song Pingting to see you.”

“We. Set up ambush where you meet. Yash Nics is here, so don’t even want to leave alive.”

Chris clapped his hands and said, “Good idea!”

Zhang Botang said, “I have a bad relationship with my daughter, and she refuses to recognize me. , I’m afraid that she won’t come to see me.”

Underworld said with a smile: “You Chinese people value the most affection, especially family affection.”

“Don’t you have a saying that blood is thicker than water?”

“I believe it. As long as you are willing to think about it, Song Pingting will definitely agree to meet you.”

Zhang Botang hesitated.

Chris said: “Mr. Zhang, kill Yash Nics, your daughter can only follow you home, then Ningda Company will also be yours, and our opportunity to make money is here. Now is a good opportunity to get rid of Yash Nics. What are you waiting for?”

Zhang Botang finally agreed: “I will try!”

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