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Chapter 2276: god forbid

Song Painting angry and said: “! Shameless,”

she said, reach for a glass of wine desktop, directly poured Zhang Botang face.

At this moment, there were crowds of people around, and countless people walked out of the darkness and surrounded Yash Nics and Song Pingting with murderous aura.

Of these murderous guys, a few are Asian, and more are European whites or African blacks.

All of them are burly, sharp-eyed, and they are obviously top players.

They are all masters at the gates of hell!

At this time, there was also a crisp sound of footsteps at the top of the stairs.

I saw a tall and stalwart underworld wearing a bronze beast mask, accompanied by Chris, and accompanied by a few powerful soldiers, walked down the stairs unhurriedly.

Underworld slowly said: “Mr. Zhang, your task has been completed, let us

leave it to the people at the gates of hell to solve it.” Zhang Botang took out a white handkerchief, wiped the stains on his face, and then As he stepped back, he said: “Your Excellency Lao Mingshen, but you must not hurt my daughter.”

Mingshen and his men walked to a place eight meters away from Yash Nics and stopped.

He looked up and down Yash Nics with interest: “It’s you who killed my lover and daughter?”

“Do you know that according to our rules, anyone who offends us will die miserably?”

Yash Nics said faintly. Said: “Do you know that the Huaxia area is a restricted area for mercenary killers. Mercenaries or killers who dare to step into our Huaxia area must be prepared to be severely punished.”

“Including you!”

Hades sneered. Said: “I heard that you Huaxia do not allow mercenaries and killers to move here, and your Huaxia is also called God’s restricted zone by mercenaries and killers.”

“But it’s a pity that we are from hell, God’s forbidden zone, but we messengers from hell can come and go freely.”

“By the way , we can take your life away!”

Yash Nics said indifferently, “It’s just yours. A group of lice thief, it is not enough to kill me.” The

lice thief?

Mingshen’s face sank: “Arrogant, I want to see if you have the strength to match it.”

“Come on, take him down!” As

soon as the Mingshen’s words fell, a black master with dirty braids, Take the lead in attacking.

The black man with dirty braids set off a rock-board coffee table weighing two to three hundred kilograms.

The coffee table whizzed and flew towards Yash Nics like a cannonball.

The black man with dirty braids used the cover of the rock-board coffee table and then shot at Yash Nics.

The man with dreadlocks knew that Yash Nics was good at strength, so he played some tricks.

If Yash Nics’s attention is only on the flying coffee table, the moment Yash Nics dodges or catches the coffee table, the man with dirty braids will take the opportunity to kill him and give Yash Nics an unexpected blow.

This guy has a good abacus.

Unfortunately, the opponent he encountered this time was Yash Nics, the God of War of China.

In Song Pingting’s exclamation, Yash Nics stood still, staring coldly at the coffee table that was howling.

Seeing that the coffee table was about to hit him, he kicked it high, shockingly shocked.


Two or three hundred jin of rock slate coffee table was directly shattered by Yash Nics’s kick.

Yash Nics kicked the coffee table to pieces, without losing strength, and violently kicked at the dirty black man behind the coffee table.


The black man with dirty braids was directly kicked in the face by Yash Nics, his facial bones were instantly shattered, his entire face sank deeply, and blood splashed.

This guy couldn’t even scream, so he threw his head down and was killed on the spot.

Upon seeing this, Underworld frowned slightly.

Both Chris and Zhang Botang were shocked.

The masters of the gates of hell on the scene, all of them became solemn, as if they were facing an enemy.

They knew that Yash Nics was very strong, otherwise they wouldn’t need to set up an ambush to deal with Yash Nics.

But the combat power that Yash Nics showed now still made them dumbfounded.

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