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Chapter 2279: Unauthorized release


action is allowed , whoever dares to act rashly, kill him !” As Dian Chu’s voice fell, the large number of soldiers behind him came up with submachine guns in a sharp move. , Surrounded Chris, Zhang Botang, and the masters of Hell’s Gate.

Chris and Zhang Botang did not expect to alarm the Chinese military, and their faces were extremely ugly.

Those masters at the gates of hell are still immersed in the aftermath of the horror of the underworld being killed.

According to their past style, even if they are surrounded by the army, they will resist without fear and break out of the siege.

But this time, Pluto was shot to death by Yash Nics, and the psychological impact on them was too strong.

Yash Nics stood before them like an invincible great demon. At this time, no one could summon the courage to continue fighting.


The scene was controlled by the troops brought by Dian Chu.

The masters of Hell’s Gate were arrested one by one.

When the soldiers were about to arrest Chris and Zhang Botang.

Zhang Botang couldn’t help but yelled: “I am a citizen of Eagle Nation. I was also knighted by the Queen of Eagle Nation. I am not your Chinese. You Chinese soldiers are not qualified to arrest me.”

Chris also yelled, “I am American, I have diplomatic immunity, who of you dare to arrest me?” The

voice just fell!

Dian Chu appeared in front of Chris, raised his hand and slapped him on his face.


With a loud bang, Chris was directly knocked over by Dian Chu.

His cheeks were swollen, his mouth was full of blood, and a few teeth flew away.

When Zhang Botang next to him saw this, he was so scared that he shut up quickly.

At this moment, Yash Nics walked over unhurriedly.

He looked at Chris and Zhang Botang indifferently, and said coldly: “I have given you advice a long time ago and told you not to provoke me, but you are not only disobedient, but you are getting worse.”

“This is China, whether you are an eagle. The country is still American

. If you

cause trouble here, you must be punished.” “Your country can’t save you.” Chris and Zhang Botang were shocked and angry, but they dared not speak.

Yash Nics waved his hand and instructed Dianchu

: ”

Catch it and hand it over to the relevant departments.” Dianchu said : “Yes!” Soon, Chris and Zhang Botang were also taken away.

Song Pingting looked at Zhang Botang’s captured back with complicated eyes.

She came here tonight. She wanted to give Zhang Botang an opportunity to explain, listen to her life story, and see why her biological father and mother abandoned her. Is it worth forgiving?

Unexpectedly, Zhang Botang was so mean and cunning that he set up an ambush here in an attempt to harm Yash Nics.

At this moment, she was completely desperate for her biological father.

Just when Song Pingting was frustrated by what her biological father had done, Yash Nics appeared next to her, took her hand, and softly comforted: “People like Zhang Botang have only benefits in their eyes. The rest is insignificant in his heart.”

“This kind of people don’t care about him in the future, we just need to live our own lives.”

Song Pingting nodded: “Yeah!”

Yash Nics went home with Song Pingting.

What Zhang Botang did this time also made him very angry.

So he intends to let Zhang Botang take a lesson.

According to his idea, Zhang Botang was handed over to the relevant departments to deal with, and what Zhang Botang did was at least three to five years in prison.

Chris is the same!

But he did not expect that things did not proceed as he expected.

The next day is the weekend!

At noon, Yash Nics is accompanying his family to lunch and enjoying a rare warm weekend.

But at this time, Dian Chu hurriedly rushed to see him.

When Yash Nics saw Dian Chu’s expression, he knew something had happened.

He quietly put down the bowls and chopsticks, and said to Dian Chu: “Come to my study.” The

two entered the study.

Dianchu immediately said: “Master, it’s not good.”

Yash Nics frowned: “What’s the matter?”

Dianchu said depressedly: “We handed Zhang Botang and Chris to the detention center last night. We wanted to go to justice. Procedure, wait for the court to convict the two of them, and then send them to prison for labor reform.”

“Unexpectedly, the detention center released Zhang Botang and Chris in the middle of the night last night.”

“Moreover, Zhang Botang and Chris also left China by plane overnight. “

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