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Chapter 2284: Suffering? nonexistent!

Yash Nics beckoned, called the sanitation worker, and gently asked the sanitation worker to restore the ins and outs.

The female sanitation worker did not expect that the person who gave her her head turned out to be the legendary young marshal!

She had a strong sense of security for the soldiers, and she was not afraid of Lin Daorong and others at this time, so she just told the matter briefly.

After Lin Daorong listened, he was shocked and angry.

Although it was the first time he met Yash Nics in Mannity City, he heard a lot about Yash Nics’s deeds. He knew that Yash Nics was jealous and hateful, and his son and Xiao Yueer hit Yash Nics’s gun this time. There was definitely no good fruit. eat.

He gritted his teeth and thought that now he had to start first and resort to a bitter plan to save his son.

Thinking about it this way, he pretended to be very angry, and said to Lin Xiaotian and Xiao Yueer: “You two have done a good thing. I have to kill you two today. It is better than you two getting into trouble and being beaten outside. Die!” After

he finished speaking, he directly pulled out the belt around his waist, carrying the belt as a whip, and drew the whip at Lin Xiaotian fiercely.

The whip made a loud whistling and breaking wind, and it drew on Lin Xiaotian with a loud snap.

Lin Xiaotian yelled instinctively!

But when the belt was pulled on him, he was surprised to find that it was not very painful.

Soon he understood that it must be his father’s thunder and the rain. It seemed scary to pull the belt, but it didn’t hurt or itchy.

Lin Xiaotian is not stupid, knowing that his father was acting for Yash Nics and the others, so he pretended to scream.

Seeing the tacit cooperation of his son, Lin Daorong became even more vigorous. He waved his belt vigorously, and kept drawing it on his son. His son kept jumping and screaming…

everyone around was watching. Silly.

Even the female sanitation workers and Xiao Yue’er were frightened.

Everyone was shocked and thought: They all say that Director Lin protects his shortcomings, but it does not seem to be the case now. Director Lin is still very strict and ruthless in educating his son!

Lin Daorong’s trick has fooled the audience at the scene, but Yash Nics can’t be fooled.

Yash Nics has been fighting for half his life, and I don’t know how many times he has been fighting. Is it true that he is fighting against the fake? Can he still not tell?

He looked at Lin Daorong, who was pretending to be pretending, and Lin Xiaotian who was really serious, couldn’t help but raise his mouth slightly, revealing a sneer.

He suddenly spoke, and faintly said to Lin Daorong who was vigorously fighting: “Director Lin, the beating is not like this.”

Lin Daorong couldn’t help but stop, and looked at Yash Nics in amazement: “Marshal, you said. What?”

Yash Nics smiled: “I said that you weren’t hitting people like this, Dian Chu, you can teach Director Lin how to use a belt!”

Dian Chu said: “Yes!”

Lin Daorong was shocked when he heard this. , He hadn’t reacted yet, and with a flower in front of him, Dian Chu had already stepped forward to him, and grabbed the belt in his hand.

Before he could stop him, Dian Chu had already swung his belt and yanked Lin Xiaotian’s back fiercely.


With a loud bang, the clothes behind Lin Xiaotian were pulled to shreds in an instant, and his back was also covered in flesh and blood dripping with blood.

Ah— ” Lin Xiaotian pierced the eardrums of everyone at the scene with a scream like killing a pig, and saw the kid thump to the ground, like a mud loach sprinkled with salt, rolling and wailing desperately.

Lin Daorong looked with sullen face, shocked and angry.

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Director

Lin , you see, it’s right to hit someone like this!” The people around looked at each other. They also found that Lin Xiaotian’s reaction to this belt was very real. They guessed that Lin Daorong was practicing just now. , It’s waterproof!

Yash Nics ignored the angry Lin Daorong, turned his head and looked at the shivering female Internet celebrity Xiaoyue’er, and said coldly: “I will give you one last chance now. You can either kneel down and talk to this sanitation worker. Apologize, and clean up the garbage on site.”

“Or you, like Lin Xiaotian, also bear a whip.”

“How to choose, you decide for yourself.”

Xiaoyue’er watched Lin Xiaotian’s belt pulled off by Dian Chu. She had been scared for a long time after she was half-lived.

How dare you choose to accept the punishment of a whip now?

She hurriedly said: “I apologize, I choose to apologize.” As

she said, she threw herself down and knelt down to the female sanitation worker, crying: “Auntie, I was wrong. I shouldn’t throw garbage. I don’t. I should tear up the pieces of paper to bully you, and I shouldn’t insult you. I apologize to you now, please forgive me once.”

Female sanitation worker, the first time she encountered this situation, she was at a loss and didn’t know how. manage?

In the end, Yash Nics stood beside the female sanitation worker and said solemnly, “I will accept your apology instead of the sanitation worker.”

Xiaoyue’er was amnested and quickly said: “Thank you, thank you Mr. Yash, thank you auntie! ”

Yash Nics said coldly: “Go clean your sanitation, remember that you must not insult sanitation workers in the future.”

“Yes, yes!”

Xiao Yueer hurriedly did it.

Yash Nics turned his head and looked at Lin Daorong: “Okay, the young people’s problem has been solved, now let’s keep the criminal suspect private!”

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