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Chapter 2286: Make tea

at this time, Zhang Ziqing secretary was in a hurry to come, Zhang Ziqing stare a secretary, he told Secretary of boiling water.

Soon, the tea is ready.

Zhang Ziqing and Yash Nicsdian Chu both poured half a cup of tea, and then poured themselves another half, and then smiled and said: “Marshal, Captain Dian, please!”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Please!”

Dian Chu also took the cup: “Zhang Shizun is polite.” The

three of them took a sip of tea.

Yash Nics said: “Good tea!”

Zhang Ziqing laughed: “The tea that the tea farmer gave me tastes good. The young handsome likes it. I’ll let the secretary give you half of it later.”

Yash Nics shook his head: “The gentleman is not loved by others.” , Lao Zhang, you tea, I can drink a cup occasionally, and drinking and taking it is not interesting enough.”

Zhang Ziqing is good at observing words and colors, he can see that Yash Nics really doesn’t want it.

So he stopped turning around on this topic, but asked casually: “By the way, the young marshal came to me today, is it really just for tea, is there nothing else?”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Yes. Just come here for tea.”

“However, I also called two other people to come here for tea. I guess they should be there too.”

Zhang Ziqing was stunned: “The marshal also called other people to come here. Drink tea, who is it?”

Yash Nics hadn’t spoken yet, and his secretary suddenly hurried in.

Zhang Ziqing hates uninvited subordinates the most!

He suddenly lowered his face: “Little Zhong, what did you do? Didn’t you see that I was serving the young marshal? Didn’t I tell you that no one sees you? You rushed in in a panic, so how proper?”

Xiao Zhong sweats profusely, and whispered: “Master Shi, Vice Governor Xiao Haiming is here.”


Vice Governor Xiao Haiming is here!

Zhang Ziqing stood up in shock when he heard the words, and said with a flustered face: “Quickly, quickly, go out with me to meet.”

Zhang Ziqing heard Xiao Haiming’s coming, and was more panicked than knowing that Yash Nics was here.

No way, although Yash Nics is a young marshal, he mistakenly thought that Yash Nics was already at home and had no real power.

Moreover, Yash Nics is in the military, and he is in the government affairs department. They are not systematic people.

But Xiao Haiming is different.

Not only is Xiao Haiming a member of the same department as Zhang Ziqing, but Xiao Haiming is also directly under Zhang Ziqing’s leadership.

How can Zhang Ziqing not panic when he learns that Xiao Haiming is here?

Zhang Ziqing was about to take the secretary out to greet him in a hurry, but at this time, Xiao Haiming had already taken Lin Daorong and a few entourages and came in from outside.

Xiao Haiming said coldly: “You don’t need to be greeted, I’ve already come in.”

Zhang Ziqing said nervously: “Vice Provincial Honorary Xiao, how come you come to Mannity in person, and you won’t say hello in advance. I will organize everyone to welcome you. ! ”

Xiaohaimingang face, coldly said:”! was named to the 6 o’clock I come to you tea, ” ”

are named invited me to tea, and I tell you? ”


Zhang Ziqing was dumbfounded.

He only knew at this time that Yash Nics had said that he had invited two other people to come here for tea. The other two were referring to Xiao Haiming and Lin Daorong.

Zhang Ziqing didn’t dare to be angry with Yash Nics, but he scolded Lin Daorong’s ancestor for the eighteenth generation from the bottom of his heart.

The marshal didn’t say hello to me, and the vice governor came over and didn’t tell me in advance, why didn’t you, Lin Daorong, bastard tell me in advance to embarrass me?

When Zhang Ziqing was reprimanded by Xiao Haiming, he blushed, and he stubbornly didn’t know what to say.

Yash Nics spoke lightly.

Yash Nics casually picked up the teapot on the table, poured a full cup of hot tea, and smiled at Xiao Haiming: “I asked Lin Daorong to invite Mr. Xiao to come over for tea. Mr. Xiao don’t blame others. Come, please drink. Tea.”

Xiao Haiming looked at Yash Nics coldly.

He is the newly appointed deputy governor of Jiangnan Province, and he can be regarded as a big official.

He used to be regarded as a protégé of the former cabinet’s first auxiliary Xiangcheng, so he was not cold with Yash Nics.

In addition, he didn’t know that Yash Nics was the chief commander of the military, so he didn’t pay attention to Yash Nics, the “god of war” who was idle at home.

He glanced coldly at the cup of hot tea that Yash Nics poured him, and was annoyed in his heart: Damn it, all said that the wine is full and the tea is full of deception, Yash Nics, you fucking pour such a full cup of hot tea for me to drink, Want to burn me to death?

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